Your Phone is Another Dimension

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It’s time to Shift Your Vibration

This is a time of immense change. There is an energetic vibrational shift — a planetary shift — that is affecting everyone. But it is not the end of the world. It is positive! There is more Light now and that releases what has been held in darkness that must be seen and acknowledged to be lifted to the Light. The release may seem tumultuous, and the global pandemic is helping expose the dysfunction of structures and institutions. This is a time of personal and collective reckoning. A time to look at our human inheritance.

Navigating Family Contracts as a Starseed

Now at first glance, this may not be a big deal, may not even seem like a big issue in your own life, but trust me, as we break this down, you are going to see exactly how this affects you, and why it’s so important to understand this concept.