Welcome to the Awakening!

Welcome to Awkening

Let’s talk about the Awakening, and how we can all shift into the right vibrational frequency. A lot of us have been feeling the shift and have had symptoms of Awakening. But many of us don’t exactly know what’s going on. 

I’m going to be talking about the physical symptoms, energetic signs of the Awakening. As well as guide you on how to Awaken and how to shift yourself to that vibrational frequency level where you’re feeling content, happy, elevated, energetic, passionate, and motivated. That’s a place that I think all of us want to get to. And it’s not that far away, either.

So, what exactly is the Awakening? If I were to really summarize it, how would I define it? And a lot of people are starting to wake up, yet not a lot of people are aware of the terms. With that considered, I would define the Awakening is a shift in vibrational frequency. I believe that waking up (in a sense) is just simply shifting your vibration. And in shifting your vibration, a lot of things happen.

Essentially, if the shift happens the right way, your whole life changes, but the number one thing that I find that typically happens during an Awakening, is that you begin to be self-actualized. That’s a pretty cool term, but what does it really mean? From my own channeling and understanding, I believe that self-actualization is the awareness of oneself to the point where we can really be either subjective in one moment, coming from a perception, or we can be objective in one moment, coming from this third-party detached view. It’s really important for all of us as Humans, to hop in and out of our own perception.

Why is it important for us to hop in and out of our own perception? As you probably know, if we get too caught up in our own mind, and our own projection and perception, we really hold ourselves back from seeing things the way that they are. Rather than the way that we think they should be. If we get too caught up in our projection and our perception, then we lose sight at the bigger picture. The more and more we become self-actualized, the more we raise vibrational frequency or this Awakening, the more we see life from a different perception, which can be a really huge benefit! Through that different perception, we can also start looking and analyzing our life in a very different way as well. Part of that analysis comes down to the age old question… “Am I really happy?” Part of that analysis has a lot to do with questioning, not just everything and everyone around you, but questioning yourself. 

“Am I happy?” “Am I living the life that I’ve always wanted to live?” “Am I where I need to be or where I want to be?” “Am I doing things out of obligation or out of pure want and desire?” 

Once we start to raise our vibration, a lot of things in our life are called into question. To be honest, they’re called into question for good reason. When we think about waking up, it’s really just the understanding that we are starting to be much more aware of who we are in the grand scheme of things, rather than what we’re doing in the grand scheme of things. Unfortunately, a lot of people out there are living their lives on autopilot, they aren’t necessarily awakened because they’re not simply aware of who they are and why they’re here. To be honest, from my own perception and awareness of Humanity, people are scared to ask those bigger questions. I think that people are afraid to ask if they’re happy or not for fear of the answer to be “no… I am not happy.”

So what happens if that is the ultimate answer? Well, then we have a decision to make. 

Are you going to change your life for the better? Of course, but change takes work. Or, are you going to continue to live that mundane, rudimentary, day to day life, where you’re questioning everything, but you’re not doing anything about it? A big part of the shift in vibration is, it’s almost pushing us, all of us, myself included, to change, to shift, to awaken. You have to ask yourself, “Are you ready?” “Am I ready to shift, to change, to awaken?” 

Whether you know who I am or not, most likely you’ve been Awakening. There are a lot of dates that have come up, but I find that between 2016 to 2018 was a huge shift for everyone. A lot of people broke down and scraped back the layers of their life that no longer serve them. Maybe it was a relationship that crashed and burned, or a job that was lost. Even if it is perceivably out of your control, you are always creating your own contracts. 

Let’s talk about the physical and the energetic symptoms of Awakening. It’s important that you are validated in what you’ve been going through so that you don’t feel: A) alone and, B) crazy. And I know, trust me, I’ve been there too. The main physical symptom of Awakening from my own perspective is exhaustion. Once again, the Awakening is a shift in vibrational frequency. As we are shifting, we are raising our vibration, we’re raising our energy, as we do so, we’re still dealing with the lower vibrations or the lower energies that are around us. In the middle of your Awakening shift, you will constantly be hopping from a high vibration to a low vibration.That’s why a lot of us have been hibernating. I don’t know about you, but I have been hibernating for the past couple of years. It’s because it’s too exhausting to deal with the outside world when I’m going through my own thing, but it’s getting better. 

Second physical symptom of the Awakening is body pains. This is important because having weird aches and pains all across your body, especially when they come on very suddenly, has a lot to do with your body releasing energy, that does not serve you anymore. Part of that is intermingled with karma and past lifetimes. So, we’re actually releasing a lot of old injuries or old traumas to our body now from past lifetimes and that’s a huge part of the Awakening as well. 

If you think about trauma, pain, and injury in your body in past lifetimes, or this lifetime in the past, it’s a low vibrational frequency or it’s a low perception that we have attached to that area of our body. That’s why the pain has to come up again, just to release anything else that you’ve been holding in there.

The third symptom of Awakening is developing weird eating habits. This is really funny, and I’ve really been going through this myself in the past couple of years. Sometimes, I’m really, really hungry for pistachios. Sometimes, I’m really, really thirsty. And other times, I’m so nauseous, I can’t eat a thing. It’s just weird, either over hungry, lack of appetite, and also nausea. These are big symptoms of Awakening. It has a lot to do with your solar plexus shifting. I also have headaches as well, which has a lot to do with your third eye and crown chakra activating.

Let’s talk about energetic signs of Awakening. If you have been more emotional in the past three years or even just more emotional in the past couple of months, then you are definitely feeling the signs and the symptoms of Awakening. One of two energetic signs are at play here. The first is that we are living our lives on the surface level. So, you’re going to work, you have a family, you’re listening to podcasts, you’re doing your thing, and that’s great. You’re living life on the surface level. We deal with things, or maybe not, on the surface level at a moment-to-moment, day-to-day basis. However, there is actually a whole other layer of energy, vibration, and emotion that we cannot perceivably or tangibly see in front of us, yet it is still always affecting us.

The other energetic sign typically, you might hear, “Oh, you’re just being sensitive.” But really, it’s your empathic qualities and empathic abilities, heightening. What’s happening is that you’re getting more and more sensitive to the world around you because you are more in tune with your own energy. If you are becoming more and more self-actualized, which is really just self-awareness, then essentially you are becoming more aware of the energies that affect you.

Have you ever heard of nature versus nurture?  Let me pose another question… When you’re growing up and what has the bigger impact?  Is it nurture and how your parents raised you? Or, is it your nature, being your genetics and your predispositions? I believe that not only are we dealing with the effects of nature and nurture, but I also believe that we’re dealing with past lifetimes.

Now, unlike nature and nurture, there are things that affect us energetically and we move on. With past lifetimes, they affect us and we perceivably move on at the surface level, but they still follow us and affect us on a day-to-day basis. Think about an irrational fear of the ocean yet never having a bad experience in the ocean. This is one of those layers that I’m talking about that are always there, but we cannot perceive it. 

In the past couple of years, not only have we been dealing with the world around us as it is, but we are also dealing with the rush of past life karmic energy that is coming up to the surface that we are being forced to deal with. Once again, when moving on to this higher vibrational state, we cannot take any energetic baggage or low vibrational frequency with us.

I just want to mention that it is quantum physics that states that two vibrations, two energies, of a different frequency cannot coexist in the same space creating polarity. Within this scientific understanding of polarity and energy, a tangible example is the radio. A radio doesn’t work without stations right? You think about 91.7 and 105.5. That’s fantastic, two great radio stations!  Those two radio station frequencies cannot coexist on the frequency. You’ll hear both frequencies interrupting each other with an incohesive mix of heavy metal and country… It’s just the laws of physics. We have to think about this with energy and vibration as well. We’re purging out all of the low stuff in order to really live that high vibrational life. 

Let’s dive into a few other energetic signs like experiencing anxiety and depression. Let me just start by saying that it’s okay if you’ve been feeling really sad, or really lonely, or really disconnected, or really freaking anxious. It’s a huge part of raising your vibration and ascending to the next level. The reason why it’s a huge part of raising your vibration is because we have to deal with the low vibration before we step into the high vibration. We have to deal with our old selves before becoming our new selves. We can’t take any of that old, limiting stuff with us. I feel for the poor people out there who have no idea there’s something called ‘New Age Spirituality” or Awakening. They’re just going through all of these symptoms, and they have no idea what’s going on with them. They’re going through this phase of feeling everything, experiencing this rollercoaster ride of emotions on their own, and feeling they’re absolutely crazy. 

The feeling of thinking that you are the only one going through this shift or wondering “why aren’t I strong enough to deal with this?” or “why am I all of a sudden so sensitive” or “why am I eating everything in my fridge?” Can create a lot of depression. Mostly the feelings of anxiety, and the fluttering in the stomach comes from shifts in the solar plexus. We have to realize that these things have a very logical explanation as far as why they’re happening. There is a lot of Ego pushback, strong mind thoughts, negativity, and a lot of old habit patterns are coming back. This is all a part of your shifting signs of Awakening.

I bet the whole shifting process doesn’t really sound like a great experience does it? Well, that’s because we are forced to deal with the stuff that we haven’t dealt with for years. I think we can all agree that we haven’t been properly dealing with our emotions, our energies and our traumas of the past, (whether or not you’re aware of them) very well. Then the main reason why we haven’t been dealing with our shit is because in reality, we were never taught how to deal with our shit. We were busy in school, engulfed in the education system, learning about geography and history and bullshit that we’re never going to apply to our present moment. What we weren’t taught is how to properly deal with things like abandonment or anger or jealousy. Which can affect us in our present moment. 

So, How do we overcome all of that? I would say the number one thing is just surrender. Try not to push back on the emotions that you’re feeling. Just accept and love yourself, no matter what. That’s the number one thing. Surrender to it. You’re not waving a white flag. You’re not throwing in the towel. You are just openly surrendering, and within that surrender, you can actually be vulnerable. Within that vulnerability, it’s a lot easier to break down your walls to actually shift. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. 

The other thing to help you shift is let everything go that doesn’t serve you. If you go into work every day and you tell yourself, “I hate what I do. I hate my job. This isn’t serving me,” or, “This doesn’t make me feel good,” or, “My boss makes me feel disempowered,” that’s pretty much a good indication that all of that isn’t serving you and it’s about time to move on, to move forward.

The last is trust and listen to your intuition. Super, super, super important. You are the only one who knows what you need. You’re the only one who is able to get you to where you want to go. That is not a teacher, that is not a guru, that is not your boss, that is not your wife, that is not your husband, it’s not your dog. No one is going to show you what you need. No one is going to tell you how to live your life. It really comes down to you. Therefore, in taking full responsibility for the life that you are living, you have to make choices that really do serve you. 

You may be thinking “how do I make that choice? How do I make that right choice?” It all comes down to trusting yourself. Do not externalize your power into anyone or anything else other than you. That’s it. So, trust and listen to your intuition. At all times, your intuition is telling you, “This is good. This is not good. This feels right. This doesn’t feel right.” It is with our projection, our autopilot, fears and our walls, where we actually refuse to listen to our own intuition. 

Say, for example, you walk into a grocery store, to do your weekly shop.  You look around and think, “Well, Wednesdays, we have spaghetti. Friday is meatloaf,” You get all the things you usually get. But what if you were to stand there and just say, “Okay, intuition, lead the way. Show me what I need to make the kids this week.” All of a sudden, you’re going down the pharmacy aisle. All of a sudden, you’re looking at the cough medicine. You’re like, “Oh, no one is sick right now. I don’t need this, why would I spend extra money?” You forget about it, you go home. Two days later, your little boy is coughing on the couch. You’re like, “Ah, dang. I wish I listened to my intuition.” We all have those moments, but if we catch ourselves in those moments, and we just trust the intuition that’s coming through, our life is going to be a lot easier because there’s a lot of back and forth that we all do, not listening to our true intuition.

The last step is to find new things that excite you. We’re letting go of stuff that doesn’t serve us. We’re surrendering to the emotions that are coming up. We are trusting and listening to our intuition. After you’ve done all of that, it’s time to really start anew. It’s time to really live the life that you deserve to live. A part of that is doing new things, meeting new people, trying new foods. If I were to ask you what excites you, you are probably so in between two different vibrations, you don’t even know what excites you because all you know is that the stuff that used to excite you a year ago or 10 years ago, no longer fuels your fire, no longer pushes you forward. So, you’re kind of at a loss, and that’s okay. 

The reason why you have no idea what excites you right now, is because you haven’t rediscovered/discovered your new self. Who is the new you at a new vibration? What do you like to eat? What don’t you like to eat? What movies do you like to watch? All of this has changed with your vibration. You are a new person, and it is finally time to start asking yourself, who am I? Why am I here? What do I want? And what’s really going to fuel me every day? What’s really going to challenge me and wake me up and bring me into the present moment and excite me? What is that? What is that ideal life that I promise you all could be living? 

Let’s review our steps to overcoming the process of Awakening. Step number one, surrender. Step number two, let go of everything that doesn’t serve you, that could be a job, that could be a friend, that could be unhealthy dynamic with a parent. Number three is trust and listening to your intuition. Lastly, number four, how do you shift? How do you awaken? Get excited and try something new.

I hope this inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and really start questioning the reality you have created. You have the power within to make that SHIFT to a higher vibration.

Are you ready for the experience? 

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Welcome to the Awakening!

Let's talk about the Awakening, and how we can all shift into the right vibrational frequency. A lot of us have been feeling the shift and have had symptoms of Awakening. But many of us don't exactly know what's going on.

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