TIME… What is it?

Elizabeth April Time what is it
Today, I want to talk all about time. What is it? How can we understand it in a different way that will elevate our experience here in this reality? Time is an aspect of this reality that I have contemplated, worked with, and explored pretty much this whole life. When I had my big reawakening at 18, I really started to deep dive into this concept.

Today, I want to talk all about time. What is it? How can we understand it in a different way that will elevate our experience here in this reality? Time is an aspect of this reality that I have contemplated, worked with, and explored pretty much this whole life. When I had my big reawakening at 18, I really started to deep dive into this concept.

I want to start off with a tattoo that I got at 20. It’s three words on my back: Ignorance, Ego, and Time. If we want to fully master this reality, those three words are the blueprint.

Mastery comes through overcoming. In order to master ignorance, we first need to overcome it, which means we really have to take a look at ourselves. We have to be aware of our ignorance, of our limitations, of our blocks, and of our lack.

The second step after really observing our own ignorance and overcoming that autopilot programming, is to move onto the ego, the identity, the attachments, the subjective understanding of who you think you are. Once again, same thing. In order to master the ego, we need to overcome it completely.

The third step is definitely the most difficult: mastering time itself.

When I channeled this years ago, I had no idea what it even meant to overcome time. Now I understand roughly how we can do that, but I’m definitely not there yet.

I don’t really have a definition of time for you. Obviously, you know, in your own subjective ways what time is to you. Minutes, hours, seconds, days, weeks, months, years. Time is a fluid movement or a fluid measurement system we all adhere to on this planet. When we start to raise our vibration, when our reality begins to shift, there are a lot of things that we no longer adhere to. We stop adhering to relationships that don’t serve us. We stop adhering to a boss that doesn’t serve us, or a 9 to 5 job that doesn’t serve us.

Being an old soul and a Starseed, one of the biggest things I personally strive for is freedom. At first, it was freedom to be myself, freedom to speak my truth. But now it’s freedom in all of the ways. I need to feel free in my relationship. I need to feel free financially, with abundance. I need to feel free within my time, and my use of time. When we become free from time, we begin to exit the matrix.

Obviously, I’m not currently dealing with one huge component of life that’s essential to mention:  children. There is only so much freedom we can have when we choose to have children, and I want to assure that is okay for any readers who might be parents.

That being said, right now in my life, there is no concept of time – and that might be the same for a lot of you who are entrepreneurs, who do work on your own business. This is a pro and a con, especially as an entrepreneur and a hustler. I love when my wife asks me, “Oh, so what are we going to do this weekend?” I say, “Oh, what’s the weekend?”

That’s the downfall of being an entrepreneur, the lack of structure; you’re always hustling because you live to work and work to live. I’m working right now, but I’ve made my job my passion. I love doing this. I love speaking my truth.

With the freedom from the traditional 9-5 schedule, I look back on certain things and think, Oh, shit, did that thing happen yesterday? That’s crazy. It felt like it happened a week ago, felt like it happened two months ago. That means we’re packing so much into what “little” time we have, it tends to stretch out. Sometimes time speeds up. It all becomes really freaking wonky.

I’ve said for many, many years that I believe time is an illusion because I experience it that way.

Well, what do you mean? some people ask. The time right now is 10:01 AM. What do you mean time is an illusion?

To actually explain those experiences is a little bit trickier. The easiest way I can explain or define time as an illusion, is to say that time is subjective. I believe that it was Albert Einstein who mentioned the relativity of time, which is basically the same thing I’m mentioning; time is subjective. Depending on the situation, depending on the environment, depending on the observer, time is going to act differently. One “real” hour may feel like three hours to one person, where that same hour could feel like five minutes to someone else. I’m sure at this point, if you found your way to my content, you’ve absolutely experienced time in a very nonlinear way.

Another great example for the subjectivity of time is dreams. I don’t know if you’re a dreamer; I definitely am. In my dream space, it can feel like I’ve lived an entire lifetime in one dream – and I have 5, 10, 15 dreams a night.

Supposedly, an average dream last like ten to twenty minutes. It’s pretty quick, which is crazy, because as I mentioned it feels like some dreams last lifetimes, rather than just a couple of minutes. So, I don’t know, it just feels like there’s no way that all happens in such a short period of time, unless time itself is subjective.

Déjà vu is another good example of time being an illusion, but also experiencing the fast forwarding or the reversing of time. If you have had a déjà vu moment in your life, then you have experienced simultaneous time – which means right now in this present moment, there is a future moment already taking place. By experiencing this incredible aspect of time, we can move into the future before it happens.

I remember when I got really deep into déjà vu and simultaneous time and precognition. I would tell everyone who was a part of my déjà vu experiences, because I was having so many of them. Instead of just waiting for a déjà vu moment to happen, I would create a déjà vu moment.

What I mean is I would sit down, close my eyes, quiet my mind into a meditative state, and ask for a mundane moment in the future. The reason why I asked for a mundane moment in the future is because I wanted to abide by the laws of time, because there definitely are laws.

Imagine if you went back in time and changed World War Two, which I’m sure is the obvious thing that we would all want to do. If the events didn’t take place and happen the way that they did in this timeline, it could be positive, but it could also mean that the entire world was taken over by Germans. We’re here at this time for a reason, despite all of the really monstrous events that have happened in history.

When you ask for a mundane event, you are practicing your skills and abilities with time. You’re not trying to change time; there’s no shock factor, there’s no expectation, there’s no attachment. There’s none of that. That, I believe, is why we have mundane déjà vu moments. There’s no emotion attached to a mundane moment, which allows us to objectively experience it rather than add in our ego and our attachments and perspective to it.

I used to do this all the time.

Like I mentioned earlier, in order to prove my precognition – to myself really, not to others – I told everyone that was a part of my future moments, future visions. One time I told my friend I saw this future moment of us sitting at a Pita Pit. It was late at night, we were sitting by the window. I even said what they were wearing, specifically a scarf.

A couple weeks later, we naturally stepped into that moment. I’m in university at the time, so one night we go out for a beer and end up a Pita Pit, which was kind of our usual thing, so that wasn’t a huge shocker. We got to Pita’s, we sat at the window. In that moment, I’m like, “Oh, my God, this is what I saw.” They turned to me, but then I looked at them and realized: they weren’t wearing the scarf. 

Every time I told someone about that precognitive moment, the moment had changed ever so slightly. Even by telling them it was going to happen, I was changing the future. If I didn’t see that future moment, I wouldn’t have had the intention to tell them it was going to happen, which inevitably changed it. From there we get into a lot of time loops and paradoxes, and honestly things that just hurt your brain.

I want to relay these experiences to give you a good understanding of how powerful we are to change time itself. How we can truly master this reality by doing so.

When my wife and I first got together, it was incredible, just these two long lost souls reconnecting. For at least the first year, every single time we would go out – which was often, it was Los Angeles –  we would get sucked into this bubble – just her and I. It was so wild. There was no sound ever. Sitting in the middle of busy restaurants being outside and Los Angeles, cars, everything going on, we would just focus in on each other and have these incredibly profound conversations, and nothing else in the world existed. 

One time we went to Mexico, once again in that first year we were together, and it was just her and I in this restaurant. Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed. Anytime the waiter would come over, it would burst the bubble a little bit. Then we would bubble again.

The next day she got really, really sick. While she was stuck in bed I went back to that restaurant the next night to pick her up some plain rice and eat something myself. I’m in this restaurant alone, noticing all of the sounds and the flies buzzing and the other people at the restaurant and dishes clinking. I was just sitting there thinking, Yesterday, there was none of this. I started to realize that when we got together, we went into this bubble, this time warp, and sometimes we still do.

Another time we went to the west coast of Seattle, which was just so gorgeous – I mean, the trees and the moss and the rivers, it was just so incredible. We were sitting one morning on the bed at our Airbnb, and I remember looking at the time, it was something along the lines of like 8:58 AM. We proceed to have this really incredible conversation.

I would say 30 to 45 minutes go by in this conversation, before we decide to go and get on with our day. When I turn around to look at the digital clock, it literally changes over to 8:59. My jaw dropped.

I looked at her and said, “Oh my God, this is insane.”

She doesn’t understand. “What? What happened? What is it?” So I explained it to her, and she responds, agreeing that we must have been talking for forty five minutes.

And not one frickin’ minute went by.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding my experiences with time, not to mention the ability to view an entire lifetime in about five minutes, and take fifteen minutes to it to another person. That in and of itself is just really freaking mind blowing. Time is an illusion in the way that it is subjective. It is how you perceive it.

The less we adhere and align to the matrix, the 9-to-5, the typical positions in society, the want and need for more material bullshit, the freer we will be. When we want and need for material bullshit, we’re locked into needing a certain amount of money. Then we’re just hustling our whole life to get more money, to provide the things we think we need – because society tells us we need it. It’s this game of locking us in and keeping us away from our sovereign freedom. The more we make our own schedule, the more we have our own business, the more we’re in a relationship that enables us to feel safe enough to explore these revolutionary concepts; the more you remove yourself from the matrix and experience time in a different way.

That was especially true during quarantine.

What day is it? Monday, Tuesday, Sunday? Who cares? Did that thing happen a year ago or five years ago? It’s almost so lucid for me. I get a bit frustrated trying to figure out when things happened -especially when relaying stories, because that’s what I do for a living. But it’s fascinating.

When we start to work with time in this different and subjective way, we start to experience more lucidity of time and begin to plan when they occur. Most likely, the weird lapses, loops, quantum conundrums you’ve experienced have happened to you, rather than controlling them.

However, we have the ability to say, “I want today to last.” I’ll give you a little trick. Be present.

If you want time to elongate – maybe you’re at an amusement park, maybe you’re sitting with your grandma, maybe you’re having an incredible conversation with someone, maybe you’re meeting a brand-new person for the first time and it’s a beautiful experience that you want it to last; be present.

The more presence we have with a moment, the more time we have with that moment, because you’re adding more layers to that moment. Wow, this creamy, iced, latte is so incredible. Smell it, taste it, feel it, swirl it around in your mouth, spill it on your hand a little. I don’t know. But take your time with it, create an experience with it. I promise you, that time will stretch out.

I also believe time is directly correlated to memory as well, which is really cool, but I’m not even going to get into that here. If you’ve read my book, which I really recommend you do, I have a whole chapter on memory and how we’re moving from third dimension memory to fifth dimension memory. These concepts light me the fuck up. I’m just saying right now, like I could cry, I feel so excited about breaking through the barriers of this matrix reality. I think it’s my gray side.

We’re not going to touch upon memories now, but it’s all related.

If you want a moment to last, be with that moment. If you want a moment to go by faster, if you’re like, “Oh my God, I’m waiting in line at the DMV,” split your attention. I’m sure that you do this naturally because I do this as well. This can be a positive and a negative thing, which is why I want to do a whole article on that in particular.

If you feel like you want a moment to go by faster, you split your focus, you split your attention, and you focus on multiple things at the same time. All of a sudden, time goes by a lot faster because you’re not present with one thing at a time. You’re out of body. You’re like, “Oh, look at that woman’s hair. Oh, let’s scroll on Instagram. Oh, let’s listen to music.” All at the same time. Let’s do anything but this present moment. It will go by faster. It’s actually really bothering me these days, the scrolling culture.

The children that I encounter – Gen Z, alpha generation, but millennials too for sure – are experts at doing this. Most of us are deemed ADHD, and we’re hit with a shit ton of drugs and pharmaceuticals.

These younger generations, their brain works a different way. It’s like their brain works on hyper-speed, processing multiple things at the same time. If they are under stimulated, an anxiety rolls over them. You might be the same way because honestly, the culture and society right now is creating a whole system of people who are distracting themselves.

I try to never bring out my phone in a social situation. I never carry my phone with me when I go places, which is funny because I’m a content creator. Half the time I’m like, “Oh, I should really capture that.” And then most of the time, I end up deciding, “No, fuck it. Just be in the present moment.”

I’m usually really good with that, but I’m getting into this awful, awful habit of frickin’ scrolling. It drives me nuts. An hour goes by and I realize I just wasted an hour of my precious life on this planet. Part of the problem in my eyes is because I’m wanting to be productive all the time, I am an entrepreneur, it’s like, “Oh, I could have put that hour behind work.” I don’t want to get into it too much, but I’m trying to focus on doing nothing in that hour. Doing nothing at all, is way more productive than scrolling for an hour and wasting that time.

Ultimately, in order to reset our understanding of our reality and time itself, it’s super important to ask yourself how you want to experience your day-to-day life? What experiences do you want to have?

I want you to really focus on what you do and why you do it. Are you taking that extra second to really smell your food before eating it? Are you taking that extra moment to take a deep breath of fresh air in the woods? What are you doing? How are you behaving at a very subtle and subconscious level?

Are you distracting yourself most of the time throughout your day? If you are, why are you doing that? Do you feel you don’t have enough time for yourself? Do you feel you’re unhappy in your relationship, but you don’t know how to proceed with it, so you distract yourself?

It’s important for all of us to ask ourselves those questions. Why are we distracting? Why are we choosing not to be present, what is and what is not working in our life? Then we can change it, grow from it, and choose to live our best life, without attachment or distraction, or constantly pivoting to a different aspect.

The more you wake up in the morning and relive your dreams, the more we take the option to meditate for 10 minutes, rather than scroll for 45, the more that we’re going to be able to tune into time, to tune into space, to tune into our reality, and to live the fullest that we can. That’s really important.

I want to remind you that time is what you make it.

One last thing, my team has been working so diligently on this brand-new membership program. Basically, we are going to be taking the YouTube membership off YouTube, and we’re putting it into my website, which is incredible. That allows me to say what I want to say without any sort of censorship. I’m super, super, super pumped about it. I have so many offerings: monthly coaching calls where I channel your information, a 30-minute free session giveaway, tons of brand-new content, and I’m doing a monthly meditation as well that’s going to really activate your DNA. So, definitely check out my brand-new membership program, you can join the waitlist or just join up right now off of my website elizabethapril.com. Then check out my book, You’re Not Dying, You’re Just Waking Up.

With that, beautiful beings of light, thank you so, so much, as always for being here and supporting me and being a part of this community. Be sure to share this article with all your friends and family because people need to know the answers are out there. For now, I will see all of you in the fifth-dimension frequency.

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  2. I’ve been a Creator now since the end of December ’22 (it’s currently April ’23) and I’ve only JUST discovered the blog section. YES! I’m a reader. Thank you for posting your musings 👩🏼‍💻, EA


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