The Vaccine is Killing Us

Today, I’m going to talk about a very controversial topic. I want to preface this, by saying “take this or leave this.” What I’m about to go into is my own opinion.

I need to repeat this.

This is my human personal opinion of what’s happening on the planet right now. This is not some incredibly, amazing download from galactic beings. This is me. Let’s be super real about this. Opinion is subjective. You may be totally triggered or you may be totally on board – secretly, of course, because you don’t want to let anyone know that you are on board with this.

So, let’s talk about the vaccine. Let’s talk about the virus. Let’s talk about what-in-the-freaking hell is happening on the planet right now.

I want to start off with a story from a friend of mine named Zach, a hairstylist in Toronto. He just told me this story the other day about a person on a public bus in Toronto who had their mask below their nose. Everyone on the bus started yelling, “Get off the bus. You’re going to get us all sick.” Eventually this person got off on the next stop, basically kicked off the bus. It’s just absolutely insane.

Then Zach tells me one of his coworkers at the salon is super triggered by him. He overhears these conversations with coworkers to their clientele saying, “I’m not hanging out with my family anymore, because they’re not vaxxed. How could they? They’re putting my life in danger.” No one wants to hang out with him or be next to him at the salon because he’s not vaccinated.

He’s just like me, he’s really kind of neutral, flowy, down the middle. He’s not super anti, he’s not super pro. There really isn’t a whole lot about him that’s triggering in that way, but he’s not vaccinated. Of course, they’re going to start mandating everyone who works at the salon has to be vaxxed.

Then, I have my mom and her friend. They’re in an older age, 60 plus. My mom’s vaxxed, her friend is vaxxed. Her friend was like, “How could you see your children? They’re unvaccinated, and they’re putting everyone else at risk. I don’t think that I want to see you because you’re seeing them.”

This reminds me of my own awakening, way back when I was 16 and just starting to realize energy and consciousness ran through everything, and everything else was basically an illusion or just a momentary impermanent aspect of the greater whole.

Both then and now I’ve had this mindset of either, A) I am the only batshit crazy person that I know of in my entire life that thinks that this is the truth, or, B) the world is crazy, and I’m actually onto something.

I don’t really care what side you’re on. I hope that you’re not on a side, that’s my honest to God hope, that you have not chosen a side.

The only side that I am ever on, no matter what the hell is breaking down and going through humanity, is the side of prochoice. As long as we have the freedom of choice, I’m good. That is my main concern on a political, rudimentary third dimension level: prochoice.

Yes, a lot of our choices are being taken away from us, and I’m not even going to get into that. No matter what side you’re on, can we not just observe this dynamic that’s happening in humanity? What’s happening here is this: the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus, and I am absolutely not talking about the physical components of the vaccine or the virus itself. I am purely talking about the vibrational, energetic, emotional aspects of the vaccine versus the virus.

Your family thinks you’re crazy. Your emotions are all over the place. Your body is hurting, and it really feels like you’re dying. Well, don’t worry, “you’re not dying, you’re just waking up,” is actually the title of my recently published book, which details all of the stages and steps during your awakening.

Just search Elizabeth April in the search bar, and you will find my book on Amazon in every country today. It is time to question your reality and wake up to infinite possibilities.

One of the very first videos that I did in February or March of 2020 about the Coronavirus was, The Media Is Killing Us. This was long before all of the fear. Nowadays, it’s crazy. You can tell who watches the news, who consumes garbage and who doesn’t because they’re so fearful. Even children these days, if their parents are watching the news, are wearing masks, saying, “Mom, mom, is that wiped down? Or am I going to get sick? Or are we going to die because we’re visiting grandma and grandpa?” It’s insane.

The vibration and frequency around death and the fear of death with the virus, is so astronomically blown out of proportion, so that the world governments can come together to convince all of these people who haven’t gotten the vaccine to get the vaccine. The people who haven’t gotten the vaccine are the ones who are just not fear based. Just not scared of that. That’s pretty watered-down statement, but I want to be like super real with you guys. This is a personal statement of where I’m at with it.

I have a whole course out there, where I go through along with a friend of mine, Sharma, we go through different techniques to basically transmute and release the negative harmful effects of the vaccine in our body. Now if I were to be teaching people how to neutralize and transmute the negative effects of this, and was cowering in a corner scared of it myself, then I would be the biggest hypocrite of a teacher around. I have no fear around it.

I’m in a position where I live half of the year in Los Angeles and half of the year in Canada. A lot of you who watch my content believe that I’m already vaccinated with my wife because we’re in Canada. Luckily, we got into Canada and onto our property before all of the mandates in the vaccine passports roll out. We were able to get in and just quarantine being unvaccinated. If we want to leave Canada ever again and we want to come back to our land, we’re going to have to be vaccinated.

Yes, I may have asked my wife to look into the dark web and to check out fake passports and whatnot. And then not too long after, the universe was like, “Ah, they will catch you and they will find you and it will not be good if you do that.” So, I was like, “Okay, cool, I’m not going to do that.”

But ultimately, when I take a step back in my own life, if I wasn’t supposed to go down this road of getting vaccinated I ultimately wouldn’t be in a position where I would live half in Canada and half in America. In 2021, we wouldn’t have bought this property, it wouldn’t have been the perfect timing, it wouldn’t have been the perfect place. I ultimately trust the higher contracts.

Ultimately, we are powerful enough to override any of those negative effects.

We’re going back to California, unvaccinated, and we are most likely going to get vaccinated while in California, unless something happens.

Also, we want to get pregnant and I’m going to be the one carrying. Ultimately, I don’t want to get vaccinated while pregnant, and I don’t want to get vaccinated after pregnancy because of breastfeeding. We want to have the baby in Canada and do an at home natural waterbirth, but there is no period within that 9 to 12 months where I will be able to come back into the country without being vaccinated.

I have channeled about infertility and the V. I do believe that things like heavy metals can absolutely affect fertility ratings, but I also haven’t necessarily channeled specific aspects of depopulation or what have you. This is where I’m at, just personally.

Please don’t think that I’ve joined the Illuminati, the dark side, I haven’t. There is nothing or no one else telling me that I need to do this, other than this very logical aspect in my mind to say, “Yeah, you know what? I am in a position based on my contracts, based on where I’m at in life, where I’m forced to get this.”

A lot of people who are so strongly anti-vax would automatically assume that I am leading people into getting a vaccination because I’m vaccinated myself. And that’s simply not the case. If you really truly know my content and know where I stand, I am so objectively neutral. I have zero judgment around either side. I just hope people can find neutrality in their own vibration around this topic, so we don’t have to keep feeding this chaos energy and this fear energy, or this attachment energy into the system.

We need to realize this is all taking place for a reason. I’m not very clear on what the reason is yet, collectively. I really do hope that all of these mandates end. I hope that vaccine passports, all of that bullshit, I just want it to end. We all do. That’s where I stand.

I’ve been wanting to kind of just explain that for a while. I just wanted to basically relay all of that where I’m at with that, so that maybe you feel a little bit less shameful. It’s funny, because if you’re a part of the spiritual community and you’re vaccinated, you’re going to get persecuted within this community. And then if you are unvaccinated, you’re going to get persecuted by society at large. It’s a lose-lose. That’s why we just have to not give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks and do what feels right for you, like straight up.

Understand, above any decision you’re making, you are powerful enough at a physical level to get rid of what no longer serves you. I will say that the course that I have, you can find on my website, you can also find it on School of Awakening, or Elizabeth April School of Awakening, it’s called System Override, it’s $22. It is so incredibly affordable. It has so much amazing information and content in there. There’s no reason for you to be in fear on either side of things.

I’m so removed from those dynamics of fear within society. I see who I want to see, no matter if they’re vaccinated or not. Why do we have to choose a side? It is so detrimental to do so. I want you to be on the side  of your own intuition. That is what I am asking you to do, is tune into yourself. You can make a partially intuitive and partially rational logical decision. No matter what decision you make, it should not be out of fear. I don’t care if you’re choosing not to get the vaccine out of fear. I don’t care if you’re choosing to get the vaccine out of fear. Don’t make a choice based on fear because it’s going to skew your actual intuition and awareness of your own contracts in this.

I have struggled for such a long time with what side I’m on, or what role am I taking as a teacher and a student. Ultimately, I realized that I’m not taking sides. My role is to help people understand we don’t have to be on one side or the other no matter what choice you make, just because I eat meat doesn’t mean I’m anti-vegan. Come on. It’s ridiculous.

I really want you to check yourself. If you have resistance, if you have resentment, if you have fear, if you have reaction in any way, please check out the course. Please watch some my free videos on YouTube about the V. The best video I have out there is called 5D & The V. It’s incredible and it’s on YouTube, and it’s free, ad-free even. Please watch that and just understand that there’s actually a third option here. It’s not a yes or a no. You can choose not to participate in the polarity or duality. You can choose that. That is an option for you.

With that being said, hopefully this wasn’t too triggering for you. I hope that you actually feel less guilty, less shameful, relieved, even and honoring your greatest truth, who cares what else the world is saying. Honor how you feel. Period, full stop. But also check your own feelings and make sure that they are coming from a neutral objective place in understanding the position  you put yourself in at this time on this planet. Thank you, as always, so, so much for being here. I will see all of you in the fifth-dimension frequency.

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Alexandra Apley

?????U’r friggin Awesome! The middle, where our Divine spark shines brightest because we’re embodying our “organic blueprint”, thus bringing all the fragments of our fractal, the higher & the lower, & the parallel collapse into one our body becoming the vehicle for ALL of our aspects to consciously “experience…” Our spark becomes activated “triggered” when one dwells in their own sovereignty, our unique individuality, says NO to the bi-polarity inherent in duality. It’s actually pretty f’n simple if we close our eyes, place a hand over the heart…deep breath n ask Spirit, Source (whatev tomato-tomoto…words?) “oh bother”said Poo bear (apologies if u don’t get the reference){I’m 58yrs with No filters…at least that’s what I’m Constantly told}
Great to know I’m not the only “Bat-Shit” B out here. Dude, I live in S.F.,Ca -swamp 2.0(Frisco & Hollywood)…smh…
An outta pocket question…how are Sasha n them?????
Sorry for the lengthy comment
Infinite, blessings of Love~Light?


Wasn’t this a topic the GFL didn’t agree on? Bacta? Even if you transmute it your DNA will still be affected. It’s a mRNA “retrovirus”, adding itself in. I think this is even public knowledge now.
I think everything will be fine regardless of what one do, but we’re watering out “humans” with whatever is in that shot.
Personally I don’t want to have the shot, and that’s just how it’s gonna be. If you give in you accept the v-passport and the social credit system, just for convenience.
If enough doesn’t take it, then what can they do.
That said, I’ve listen to your videos and have no fear around it or people who take it. Also I’m not shy about not taking it even when people are rude.
I stand my ground and tries to inform people if they’re interested.
So much love, Cheers. Eirik J.

Shirley Benton

So glad to hear your looking into a home underwater birth. I birthed my daughter at home underwater 39 years ago, assisted with a midwife. Best decision ever.
If anyone is interested in additional information on how to remove heavy metals; Anthony Williams, medical medium books are great.
Many blessings to you both

Lyn P.



I personally didn’t get vaccinated nor will I. Not because of fear but because I trust what my intuition has been letting me know. Years and years ago when anti-vax didn’t yet have an official name 😉 my intuition kept guiding me to the subject of vaccines. So I actually studied that topic for a few years on PubMed and other places. So, I kind of dare to say, I know quite a lot about the entire subject of vaccines and vaccine damage. But also, when this vaccine showed up with a whole new technology I haven’t studied it at all. I was totally not interested in all this shit show and crap that was taking place. Besides, I knew where I stand on the entire subject of vaccines. Only recently have I began to educate myself more about it and this whole genetic experimentation that was taking place and that just affirmed that decision not to vaccinate was a great one.

I don’t have a consensus about how I feel about the possibility to undoing the vaccine damage. Part of me thinks it’s possible and another part of me is not that convinced. But, I think my overall attitude is – why change my DNA (and possibly experience damage as the result) only to give myself additional work in trying to heal and undo it!? Why spend all this time and effort in attempts of undoing the damage when I can skip in all together by not taking the vaccine in the first place!? Yes, the pressures are great and our liberty and options are restricted as the result of this choice but I personally am not complying just because it’s made hard to say no. (I was never a good conformist, LoL) I personally don’t think changing my location on this planet is worth getting a vaccine for. That’s how I felt about it even before Corona. If the country I want to travel to has an extensive list of vaccines that have to be taken to visit it – I am no longer interested in going. LoL But that’s just me. 😉 I am lucky that I live in a gorgeous country so even if I never left it ever again in my life, I would be perfectly ok with it. 🙂 Again, it’s just me. Not everyone is or feels the same. And that’s perfectly ok.

But just as you said, I am all for freedom of choice. For instance, my parents are fully vaccinated, so is majority of my family. Not once, did I try to dissuade them from getting it. They are adults who can make their own choices about their own body. My mom was a health worker anyway. I did have a few conversations with my mom letting her know how I feel about the entire topic and why I personally will not be getting it, but that’s it. I know some family members, including my mom were so full of anxiety that getting the vaccine allowed them to release it. I understand that. Who knows, maybe if I felt the same, maybe I would decided to go that route too. Luckily, I occupy a whole different place internally that I was comfortable making the choice I did.

All together I agree that people should be allowed to make their choice and should not be punished and/or judged for making either one. I think certain rights and freedoms should be there – as an option. If someone wants to choose it, choose it, if someone is not ok with it, then simply don’t do choose it. No one is making you make that choice just because it’s out there. I never understood why people feel so threatened by an option they don’t ever have to take. LoL Make your choices and let other people make theirs, it’s that simple. (This is how I feel about the whole abortion subject too.)

Rosey Meads

So I got the AZ shots for no other reason than to utilise all the knowledge, downloads, wisdom codes and healing methods that I have to delete all aspects of the shots that were not positive for my body, my DNA and higher self. I can scan my body and truly as a part of Prime Creator – I have ( with no fear in my heart ) deleted all negative aspects. This is the new human, this is awakening to our true nature, this is the re-activating of the 12 strands of DNA.
If you need to get the shot due to 3d circumstances than enable you to survive in your current human container – then do it when you have left fear behind and are living in a state of grace/ LOVE/ power/ self-realisation and seek out chinese herbalists for herbs to neutralise the shot, use Reiki, energy medicine, talk to your cells as taught by Kryon, read Gregg Bradon, attend an online program with Dr Joe Dispenza, read Dr Christine Northrup, Meditate, ask Gaia to cleans your cells whilst walking skin to skin with her and above all else command out aloud to your cellular structure to only retain what is 100% neutral or positive for your cells and to eleminate and excrete all else – and so it is and it is so – love light blessings family xxx

Saundra L Davis

Love your wisdom Rosey. I had the V but asked for help from my healing angels, made and drank the pine needle tea and am still doing the meditation looking at 10 depictions of dots that my anti V metaphysical friends said I for sure needed.
I got it cause I wanted to fly internationally and that is the only reason. I have grandchildren who need to be seen by their grandmother. Of course it was easier to get into restaurants in Spain but they only checked for 2 weeks.

Carmel H

I’m also from Canada, and if you check the gov website, they can never turn Canadian citizens away, vaccine or no, you will have to test and quarantine upon re-entry but they can’t keep you out! Getting into the states without it, I can’t speak to but it sounds like you can. Just thought i’d let you know.
That being said, I do hear your bigger message here and fully agree with you!
Love & Light!

Farren Bell

Hey EA, love your content – I am also a Canadian citizen that was just in Florida for 6 months (Sept 2021-March 2022) and I can confirm you do NOT need a vax to enter as a citizen, please do not do this to your body prior to pregnancy.

The Vaccine is Killing Us

Today, I'm going to talk about a very controversial topic. I want to preface this, by saying “take this or leave this.” What I'm about to go into is my own opinion. I need to repeat this. This is my human personal opinion of what's happening on the planet right now. This is not some incredibly, amazing download from galactic beings. This is me. Let's be super real about this. Opinion is subjective. You may be totally triggered or you may be totally on board – secretly, of course, because you don't want to let anyone know that you are on board with this. So, let's talk about the vaccine. Let's talk about the virus. Let's talk about what-in-the-freaking hell is happening on the planet right now.

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