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Elizabeth April Navigating Polarity
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Hello again, and welcome back. I want to talk about what’s going on with the state of the world, this Atlantean state of being. Back in ancient Atlantis, we had all of the technology, the advancements, even genetic manipulation and engineering. We were really far ahead, especially compared to where we are now. We had far more advanced technology than what we see here today, and that’s pretty incredible.

With all of that power came a lot of responsibility.

Now, at this time on planet Earth in 2021, we’ve got all of these powerful, incredible S
tarseed and Atlantean souls flooding this planet, coming back to complete the old cycle: the fall of Atlantis.

I wanted to start with cycles and, more specifically, I wanted to start with this collapse 
we’re seeing right now. In my 2021 prediction video on YouTube, I was really talking about a lot of exposure, a lot of collapse, and ultimately a lot of confusion for 2021. And right now I am seeing it in my own world so intensely.

All of these YouTubers, these teachers and Lightworkers are coming out with videos 
saying that they’re “exposing me” for twisting the truth around, for being a false light, for feeding into the COBOL and the Illuminati plan and the new world order.

It’s funny because I make it my mission to expose this stuff.

This is exactly what the dark side does, right? They twist the truth. That’s what religion has been this entire time: the twisting of the truth, the distraction of the truth. Anyone who is aligned with source consciousness, with those higher vibrations and pure, authentic, true light are going to be the ones pegged as “Illuminati workers” or what have you.

It’s also tough.

It’s funny because I think people have these grand illusions of what my life is. And if you were ever a fly on the wall, I’d be sitting at my computer for like eight hours straight, drinking my coffee, doing podcasts, doing interviews, doing sessions, creating content, answering emails, that bane of my existence. It’s like, my life is so boring.

Even today in an interview I had with this really knowledgeable older man, talking about how people are saying I’m on the Illuminati’s payroll. I realized during the interview I was wearing this shirt that I thought was really cool – it has this giant eye on the front of it, like the third eye, and it has other symbols on it – and I was thinking to myself, This is feeding into the narrative.

Some other YouTubers have even been pointing out when I say zero. I love working with my hands, obviously. In videos I put my pointer finger and my thumb together, and all of a sudden it’s an Illuminati symbol. And I get that. I totally get that, because I used to be really into Illuminati symbolism, the black and white piles, the music videos, all of these things.

And once again, I get that, but it’s tough. It’s a tough reality. People who believe they have the truth want to call out the other side of things. For me, I have no desire to call anyone out. I don’t even have the time to figure out what other people have got going on. I trust the people who are consuming this content will have the discernment needed to navigate, but it’s about to get tough.

Like it’s about to get really tough.

Ego deaths, collapses of society and the systemic nature of this reality. It’ll be difficult not for the unawakened, but for the spiritual world too, especially for the individuals who are waking up. If you’ve seen one of my videos and then you see one other video of someone calling me out and saying, I’m an Illuminati slave, it doesn’t give you much backing on what is that truth for you? So it’s about to get confusing for both sides.

We’ve been preparing for this for quite some time. For me the question is how do I navigate this as a teacher? I’m really trying to ask the right questions and navigate the information that’s coming through me, while also trying to live my life and have that balance.

There’s not much I can say other than it’s up to you to discern. It’s up to you to figure out, and no matter what, I still love you anyway. I still have compassion for you because once again I was once there.

I can’t keep saying I’m not a part of the Illuminati. Like there’s no proof in that, but likewise, there’s really, truly no proof in the information that I gain access to. The only proof for the individual is resonating with the information at a deep level. And that’s all I can give. I can’t even promise that you’re going to resonate. Right? So I’m not surprised this whole false light paradigm is the information coming through me at this time, because it’s clearly also coming through other Lightworkers. They’re spending their time trying to pinpoint the false light rather than teaching about the difference.

Obviously, if they’re pinpointing or attempting to pinpoint the false light, they actually don’t have the discernment of the difference themselves. So how can they teach discernment if they’re not discerning within them? Right. So it’s tough.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been attacked by entities, by dark hijacked people, by entities without a body for quite some time now. What tends to happen with these hijackings and these dark entities is that they will twist the truth around to make you feel very confused.

So one of the discernment factors for me is to ask myself “How do I feel when I’m taking in this information?” Do I feel full of love and light when I’m in the presence of said being or information, or do I feel confused and anxious and achy?

I’m hoping that the world is able to turn that around. People like Jesus got persecuted all the time, not that I’m comparing myself to him, but he’s a very pure, pure, pure soul. And he got persecuted, right? I mean, Gandhi has gotten persecuted, even Dolores Cannon got hugely persecuted for the work that she did. These are individuals I know made an impact.

And I think ultimately you as well, listening to this podcast as a lightworker. Not even in the public eye, you have been persecuted in your beliefs and your awakening with your friends and family, right? So you know how it feels.

I’m holding the highest vibration that people are going to be able to navigate it. At the end of the day, there’s going to be a point in time – and I know I’m getting to that point – where I don’t have the capacity to engage with my audience as much as I’d like to, because it’s a lot. 99% of it is a lot of love, a lot of beautiful feedback and validation and changing people’s lives, and that’s always a great pick me up. However, I feel like I need to be at a place where I’m
completely removed from society. As you all know, I don’t do any external research. Especially if I do end up getting more mainstream (and with the opportunities coming to me, it does feel like I’m going in that direction) I need to be sure and confident within myself and aligned to the messages coming through, because stepping into the mainstream, I’m going to be attracting a lot more hate and trolling and projection, and claims that that aren’t true at all.

I honestly cannot wait until I’m in the middle of nowhere on a farm with my wife and our dogs and animals, because that is always going to bring me back to a place of neutrality.

Anyway, that was a little bit of a rant, but things are going to get intense. We’ve got this whole system collapsing right now, and ultimately you need to listen to yourself. Maybe you need to move to a new location. Maybe you need to change your diet and your body needs something new in order to upgrade. Maybe it’s like a silly thing, like instead of having your computer on wifi, you hard-wire it or you hard-line it.

There’s a lot of things that we could be listening to and a lot of messages coming to all of us all the time. This is the year to stop the commotion, stop the chaos, stop the projection and be quiet, be still and listen to the information around you. That’s the number one aspect of discernment moving forward.

Anyone who seeks information outside of themselves does not believe they have the information, or have the capabilities to access the information. The more people who are seeking information, the more confused they’re going to become. The more we are splitting this reality, the more we are stepping into polarity. The more we are stepping into polarity, the more we get wrapped up into a paradigm – paradigm being the illusion of this matrix.

There are many different timelines, many different realities, many different aspects of this matrix. A reality, that’s chaos, that’s confusion, that’s overwhelm. We need to be able to take a giant step back from friends and family members, from external research, from teachers, from news articles, from books, from courses, from all of that.

All of us are going to be doing this at our own time, right? Whenever it feels right for you to find that zero point, especially if you’re confused, if you’re confused, if you’re anxious, if you’re depressed, if you’re overwhelmed, you need to completely step back. Only consume content that uplifts you and puts you into that higher vibration, that higher frequency. The reason why you feel low is because you’re intaking a vibration that is not to the highest

Though most of society isn’t yet moving into the fifth dimension, we as individuals have the ability to gain access to that. Maybe you have to go through an entire month of being 3D, purging out the old and feeling awful and having all the symptoms. You have to go through that. Then you have this one moment, in the middle of all of that darkness, of gratitude and purity and love and light. That one moment makes the rest of it worthwhile.

We need to take a step back from this matrix.

We need to take a step back from this illusion.

We need to take a step back from the chaos and the projection.

Even my mom reached out today. She watches all my content, and even she’s like, “Oh my goodness, did you know that every five minutes, someone in LA is dying from COVID?”

So this is how I responded, and I think this is pretty brilliant. I said, “Thanks so much, mom, that stat really improves my life.”

And it’s so funny, she responded back, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I had a 3D moment.”

Right. It’s beautiful that she was able to catch herself and recognize that. She’s such an incredible soul. When were getting this stuff from our friends and family members who aren’t even awakened, you don’t have to say whatever your beliefs are. Instead of giving your friends and family members information that they may not be ready for, or that may not even matter.

All you can say is “That doesn’t really improve my life,” or you can ask them, “How does knowing how many people who have COVID every day improve your life? How is that bettering your existence? How is that propelling you into love? How is that benefiting any of us at all?”

And it’s tough, because there’s a lot of information about Q and Trump and conspiracies. And I get that. There’s some pretty awful stuff going on. And I get that there’s another side of the conspiracies, but I can’t feed into any of that. I don’t even do any research on any of that.

It’s interesting because a lot of the stuff that I channel is a lot of the stuff that maybe Q supporters are learning, right? Like the child sex trafficking. I mean, I channeled that 10 years ago and now it’s common conversation, which is so fascinating and interesting to me, but there’s a lot of other stuff going on within that information that can get very misconstrued.

Even my wife was like, “Hey, did you know that your followers and Qanon followers are really into the great awakening? How interesting is it that they’re using this terminology?”

I don’t really have an opinion on how to take that. It is difficult to navigate through that. The point at the end of the day I always bring it back to is: I signed up for this. It’s empowering to remind yourself of, while were in the middle of all of this collapse, chaos, confusion,projection, and false light.

Whenever it feels like too much, remind yourself, “I signed up for this. I’m prepared for this. Whatever it takes, I’m here. I’m strong enough. I can get through this.”

You chose to be here. You could have been here at any other time. The time when we were all blissfully ignorant and filled with illusion. The time where if you did speak up against God and religion, you were persecuted. The times where we were back in ancient Atlantis, it was beautiful for a while, but we got a little bit too greedy and Atlantis fell.

Remove yourself from the matrix by removing yourself from polarity, chaos, and projection. We have to step into neutrality. That’s when you get clarity. Nature is neutrality, animals are neutrality. That’s when you’re like, “Oh yeah, cool. That tree in my backyard, that tree is unaffected by quarantine. That tree is still existing. And you know what, when I’m gone in 50 years, that tree will still be around.”

That’s neutrality.

The awareness that everything else is a projected illusion is the only way we are going to not only survive, but thrive during this time. We are powerful enough and strong enough to move away from that. A lot of us are focusing on fear. Once again, I can’t blame you because it’s fearful out there. It’s a crazy world. If that’s what you’re looking at, and that’s all you’re seeing, I would be scared too. Absolutely. If you go a little bit deeper, you can take a look at some of the new world order agendas. You can take a look at some of the cabal and the Illuminati agendas, right. And that’s all happening. Absolutely. And that’s scary too.

It’s scary even to dive a little bit deeper and to know all of that stuff, but then we need to dive even deeper and understand that at the end of the day, we are here based on our own free will. We signed up for this for a reason, we have the tools to navigate through this.

And that’s what we have to hold firm. We have to rise above polarity.

I will say this again and again and again. I have to remind myself of this almost every week, because my human definitely gets sucked in. All of this material stuff doesn’t matter. As long as you are sitting in your highest truth, as long as you are feeling enlightened, free, liberated, high vibrational, and full of unconditional love on a day-to-day basis, you’re doing the right things.

If you’re feeling fear and chaos and confusion, you have to take a look at your life and ask yourself what is affecting you to create the chaos and confusion. We need to get rid of everything to realize where that’s coming from. Maybe you do get rid of all the teachers and all the books and all the courses and all the people and all the family members and friends.

And it’s just you.

You still feel this way, chaotic and confused. Maybe it’s a past life time. Maybe it’s a limiting belief. Maybe it’s an attachment from childhood. This is the time to purge it out. This is the time. It’s not a time to wait for the rest of the world to get on board. Regardless of who you are, you have to do the work. All of the people who are basically a false light, trying to target the real light, all of those people have a low vibrational, karmic energy that’s going to come back to them. The more that I feed into that, or worry about that as a teacher, the more that low vibrational energy affects me.

At the same time, I have a responsibility to do the work on my end to hold that discernment, to figure out what resonates with me or not. I have to be the student more than ever nowadays.

I don’t do any external research. I’m not actually taking a look at anyone else’s videos or content, I’m in a place where I’m pretty removed. And to be honest, guys, if you see someone hating on me, I would rather not know. There’s going to be projections. There’s going to be false light. There’s going to be this stuff out there in the world, and it’s only going to happen more and more. So please don’t send me the trolls and the haters. I seriously would rather not.
People create in their own minds about what my life is really like. People say a lot of things in anger. It is our choice, whether or not we want to listen. I know I’m doing the work myself. I know I’m checking myself from moment to moment. I know I’m authentically growing and being, while attempting to be vulnerable and figuring it out. I know people are always going to say things in anger, or from a limiting or place of lack, so moving forward, I’m going to choose not to listen straight up.

It is my choice what I want to focus on. And I choose to focus on love and compassion and holding space for humanity. I know I’m in alignment. It’s beautiful because I have validation that the information I’m sharing is so attuned with source consciousness every day. This polarity, this confusion has gotten really intense. When I’m navigating it, I always go back to the highest truth: unconditional love.

So beautiful starseed Lightworker please hold firm to your highest vibration. Be assured in your truth. Be assured in your consciousness and focus on what you want to create rather than what is, or what is not. It is up to you to create the future of your own life and up to you to create the future of humanity. And we need you starseed. We need you to think critically to open your mind, to not get sucked in and to always come back to a place of neutrality.

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