Coronavirus, Conspiracies, & Spiritual Awakening

We are currently experiencing the greatest awakening that this planet has seen since back in ancient Lemuria and ancient Atlantis. Now is the time that all of us have been waiting for. Now is the time that you are being pushed to step up and help the world awaken.

Today, I want to talk about a really important concept, and it has everything to do with the stages of your awakening, regarding, the current position of the pandemic on the planet. I want to talk about the coronavirus, but I really don’t want to talk about the coronavirus at all. If you are interested in hearing more information about what is really, really going on, on the planet, I have an incredible download from the Galactic Federation on YouTube. You can go check that out.

There are three levels of where people are at right now in their own conscious expansion related to the coronavirus and the huge worldwide pandemic. Everyone is affected. Everyone is feeling it. Everyone. Which is quite incredible that we have this global phenomenon that everyone is being affected by it, good, bad, or ugly. Now, there’s three levels that I want to talk about, the three stages of interpreting this pandemic really come down to your conscious awareness level. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised because all of you are reading this blog, which is basically you are resonating with a certain frequency that you’re currently at, which is the frequency that I’m at. So most likely, you’re not going to be stuck in the first level of the interpretation of the coronavirus. Every level of the interpretation also comes down to the different dimensional planes as well. We’re going to be talking about the third-dimension frequency, the fourth-dimension frequency, and the fifth-dimension frequency when we’re talking about the different levels of awareness related to the coronavirus. 

Now, I’m not going to describe or define the different dimensions. I have many, many videos talking about the different dimensions many, many times over. I want to talk about the effect of where your perception is based on your vibrational frequency level. Let’s talk about level one, or should we say dimension three, the third dimension. Now, as you all know, the third dimension or as you should know, we’ve all been living in the third dimension. Basically, the third dimension is this matrix system. We’ve got the polarity. We’ve got the money or the lack thereof. We’ve got the judgment, and the hate, and the obligation, and the fear, and the attachment to the physical material world. Really, when you think about the third dimension, you can look around in your room, in your quarantine space right now, and you can say this is it. This is the third dimension. 

In a lot of ways, we can’t just totally get rid of the third dimension, or else we literally would not be existing here on this planet. The third dimension is important, but if you have an overattachment, or you don’t really understand that in a way, this is all just an illusion, this is a video game that we’re playing, if you don’t understand that or you don’t have that perception around it, you will get sucked in, and that will lead to anxiety, that will lead to depression, that will lead to drinking a lot of alcohol, that will lead to things that are not in your best and highest interest. The individuals who are stuck in the third-dimension frequency are going to be freaking out right now. Freaking out. We all know, we all have at least one person, if not many, many people around us, that are all freaking out because of this coronavirus.

The interesting thing about what’s going on with this pandemic is, I truly believe that it is purging out all of our deep-rooted fears. What is the number one most realistic, let’s call it fear that society would have? It would be the fear of death, the fear of dying, which the coronavirus perpetuates, and that implicate and push over and over and over again. It’s this fear of dying. It’s really important that we understand that there’s probably at least 90% of the world out there that is stuck within this level of the third dimension. They’re so attached to their lifestyle, they’re so attached to their identities, whether that be the identity of being a mom, or having a job, whatever that job may be. Oh, well, I’m a mechanic, oh, well, I’m a lawyer. Oh, well, I’m a life coach, or whatever that job or a teacher, whatever that job may be. Every single thing that these people who have been stuck in the third-dimension frequency, everything that they’ve been attached to is collapsing right now. Every aspect of their life, or I go to the gym every other day. They can’t do that anymore. They’re collapsing their identity right now at this time. 

You remember, when you went through your last ego death and trust me, we go through a lot in one lifetime. It’s not just one. It’s many, because we constantly are creating and recreating an identity, and we’re constantly attaching ourselves to whatever identity it is that we’re creating. Ultimately, whatever you’re attached to is collapsing. The more work you’ve done on detaching yourself from attachments, the easier it’s going to be to exist in this state of the world right now. But it’s important that you understand that this is the worst-case scenario for the majority of people out there in the world.

I personally have heard stories of people’s bosses, or lawyers, a very like limited, say, perceptions people, have been having full on mental breakdowns, just a full-on breakdown of they just can’t handle this. Right now, they just want everything to go back to the way that it was. Once again, for those of you who have done that work, this is not going to be impacting you as much. You’re going with the flow. The first stage or the first level of where people are going to be at with all of what’s going on is this third-dimension frequency level. It’s the fear level. It’s the fear of losing everything, and moreover, the fear of losing their life as well. 

Let’s talk about the second stage. Because most likely, you can really have compassion for people who are in the first stage. But most likely, you’re not there right now, because you wouldn’t be reading this if you were. You’d be stuck in fear. Really, really stuck in fear. I have so much compassion for all the people out there who really have no idea what’s going on, and all they’re doing is consuming news, media, which is just perpetuating the falsity of what’s really happening. Let’s talk about the second level.

The second level of perception, let’s say, the second dimension that people are entering into right now at this time is the fourth-dimension frequency. Once again, don’t really have to know what this dimension is, but it’s like this in-betweener. It’s an in-between dimension, this weird liminal place between the third and the fifth, right? You’re awakening, but you’re not awakened yet. In a sense of, I don’t even think that I’m fully awakened yet. I really feel it’s always a journey that we’re always going to be on, is this awakening journey. Regardless, it’s just weird in-between phase. People who are at this vibrational frequency level of the fourth dimension are basically people who are not necessarily agreeing with or attaching them as to what’s going on in the mass media. These people are kind of a step above all of the fear. Yeah, things are still collapsing for them, yeah, life still probably sucks in a lot of ways, but at the same time, there’s something greater going on, and they feel it. These people who are a step above the third dimension are really starting to question things. Even one of my parents the other day, we were on call and my dad was like, “This is just weird. This is weird what’s going on. It’s not normal. There’s something else going on here,” is basically what he was hinting at. I was like, “Oh, very interesting that he’s coming to this conclusion,” and a lot of people are. It’s so interesting!

The word ‘conspiracy’ comes through here. It takes something like this mass quarantine to drive people to really question what we’re being said. If you get yourself out of the overwhelming sense of fear of loss or whatever that fear may be, then you start questioning. Well, why is this happening? What else could be another explanation of what’s going on and what’s happening? Well, why is there a discrepancy here? Well, why is every mass media outlet literally saying the same thing verbatim? Oh, because one family owns all of the mass media. Hmm, that’s interesting. I wonder what their perception on everything is. I wonder what kind of agenda they’re pushing. What’s happening in this fourth-dimensional luminal plane is people who have never questioned anything before in their entire life are starting to question things.

In one of my recent videos, I told people I said, now is the time to become a conspiracy theorist. Now is the time to question everything. I hate that term ‘conspiracy theorist.’ Because it was put out there by the elites to discredit the people who question the government. That’s all it means. Conspiracy theorists, all that means is people who are questioning what’s being said. The black sheep, because you’re not a sheeple, if you’re questioning things. You’re the black sheep. You’re exiled, you’re persecuted. And that’s okay. That is completely okay, especially now.

A lot of these people, it’s like, “Oh, well–” I want to go through maybe to some of the layers of the conspiracy theories as well,” because a lot of you will be at this place of really questioning things, and I hope that you are. I really hope that you are. You have to, especially at this time. These concepts, I’m not going to dive right into it, but I’ll just briefly mention. If you’re not questioning, if you are in the third dimension, you are in fear, and you stumbled across this blog, welcome to the greatest awakening we’ve ever seen, first of all. Secondly, here are some things to look up. I just want you to google. Google, google, google some of these things, and even googling will not get you the answers that you’re looking for.

I want you to look up 5G. The symptoms of 5G technology and the coronavirus. I just want to say that there’s a huge correlation. There’s a huge, huge correlation. There are doctors and scientists all over the world right now, who are making this correlation. One more thing I want to say about 5G and then I’ll let you do your own research is, I think about three years ago, 26,000 scientists all over the world signed a petition against 5G, because they knew it was going to be that harmful for the people. I’m just going to leave it there. 

There’s other theories, other concepts as well, other conspiracies that are floating around. One of them is that this huge cabal, shadow government is being taken down. They’re being taken off the planet at this time, and the reason why they needed to keep everyone in quarantine is because they didn’t want these one-percenters, these members of the elite, celebrities, newscasters, very wealthy families, politicians, you name it, they didn’t want them running across borders or going to some safe house, so they had to shut down all the borders and really keep it very tightly monitored. Basically, what I’ve heard, and this is just research I’ve done, this is not a direct channel by any means. But what I’ve heard is that there’s over 500,000 indictments, basically arrest warrants, for these individuals who have all participated in genocide crimes, in drug trafficking, in weapons trafficking, also major, major, major arrests being done in the pedophilia ring on the planet. Really wild stuff. 

Personally, I 100% resonate with this. I’ve known for a while that this stuff is going on, and I really truly believe that this is happening, and it is proven, proven, proven, proven that in the past year alone, over 1700 major CEOs have all stepped down from their position. It has been the biggest amount of CEO step-downs, and that’s just a nice way of saying, they were either going to get arrested or fired, and that’s just the PR version of them leaving their company. In January alone before this coronavirus hit the rest of the world, over 200 top CEOs, I’m talking about CEOs from Hulu etc. Major stuff like Google people, YouTube people, Bill Gates stepped down from his own company he hasn’t been the president for a while, I believe but he’s stepped down from being like the chairman or being the head of the board. Major people are stepping down. You have to ask why? You have to really wonder why are all these CEOs being stepped down or stepping down? Also, on top of that, the media isn’t covering it? Why? Because we’ve got something bigger to cover. You know what I mean? That’s interesting. Then, it gets really crazy, guys. Then, it gets really, really insane. 

Once again, I’m just going to let you do your own research and look into this on your own, but I do say that there’s another conspiracy here. The other conspiracy is related to basically the reptilian agenda, the reptilian shapeshifters, and what the conspiracy theory is, is that these reptilian shapeshifters, these elites of society who look like humans, but they’re actually these giant, ugly reptilian beings, that they actually torture and drink the blood of children who they’ve tortured because it releases a chemical compound called adrenochrome. Basically, what the white hats, which are the good guys, the Galactic Federation, whatever you want to call them. What they’ve done is they’ve tracked down all of the elites who are buying this adrenochrome, which is like a drug and also anti-aging for them, and so they’ve tracked down all of the people who have been buying this, and they’re trying to arrest them, and kick them off the planet or “They die because of the coronavirus” or what have you, but they’re being taken down from their power. That’s the biggest thing. 

The other thing too, to think about, along with the adrenochrome, actually this is what they say, that they are freeing mass amounts, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of children who have been a part of the pedophilia ring for the global elites, for this drug, adrenochrome. They’re being freed from these underground tunnels all over the world. Like I said, take it or leave it! This is pretty wild stuff, but I just figured and just put it all out on here. You’re really going to be hard pressed to find information about the children underground. That’s really, really closed up right now. But anyway, it does really resonate with me. They’re talking about a lot of the tents that are especially in New York City have things like Pampers in them. They have little baby incubators, and a lot of people are taking these pictures inside the hospitals saying, “Why is this IV bag filled with nutrients for people who are malnourished, not necessarily for people who have coronavirus?” There’s a lot of questioning that’s going on. They’re thinking that these tents in New York are actually housing these children. It’s super interesting. Super, super interesting. 

Another thing you’ll find too is there’s videos from people all over the world who are walking into hospitals, whether it be in Sweden, in Germany, in Brooklyn, New York, I’m telling you, all over the world, and they’re walking into hospitals, and they’re saying, “Where is everyone? No one is here. This is the corona testing tent. Why isn’t anyone in here?” It’s just really interesting. You’ve got to look at the other source of information.

Then, there’s another kind of conspiracy going on too, which is part of the global currency reset. They really have to shut everything down in order for the global currency reset to take place, because America has been printing money without any gold standard or backing whatsoever, which is definitely a little bit ridiculous. Yes, definitely some things to think about. Take it or leave it, guys. Do your own research. 

Let’s talk about the fifth-dimension frequency of people. The third dimension is fear. You’re believing all the numbers, you’re believing everything being said. The fourth-dimension frequency of people are people who are questioning things. This doesn’t seem. You know why? Why am I hearing alternative facts or what have you? Then, the fifth-dimension level of people, this is pretty much where I feel like I’ve been, but I can’t say that I’ve been upholding the system engine frequency this entire time, because it can be quite exhausting, battling the frequency of the third dimension right now. But, man, it’s exciting. The people who are entering into the fifth-dimension frequency in observing and perceiving what’s happening on the planet, they’re excited. I’m excited. These people are excited for what’s happening because they know that this destruction needs to happen in order for this epic and incredible awakening to take place. They don’t really even care which conspiracy is true, which is not true. They’re actually not allowing themselves to get roped into any polarity. No matter if it’s light, or dark, or good, or bad, or what have you, they’re just excited that this is finally taking place, and they have been waiting for all of this to happen for quite some time. 

The fifth-dimension frequency, these people are happy, they’re doing their own thing. Now, I just want to say once again, that just because you’re feeling this way, it doesn’t mean that you have to feel this way all the time. You may have days where you’re fricking depressed and anxious, and you feel you can’t catch your breath, and you feel sweaty, and then you freak out a little bit, because you think you have the virus. That’s okay, I’m telling you. I also want to say too things like sleepless nights, and feeling exhausted, and having pressure on your chest, and waking up unable to breathe, these are actually all symptoms of a huge shift in vibration. Even anxiety is a very big symptom. Just like my other blog stated, anxiety is your superpower. These are actually huge, massive amounts of awakening symptoms that people are feeling. They’re going into the hospital with an anxiety attack thinking they have coronavirus, and they don’t. 

One more thing about the conspiracy is basically because coronavirus is one strand of virus that includes anything from SARS to the flu, to even just a common cold, what they’re saying, and I’m just going to leave you with this, and then I’ll let you go do a bunch of research, and maybe binge-watch some of my videos. What they’re saying about this is that everyone or 80% of people on the planet, all will test positive for coronavirus if they have ever had the flu before, if they have ever had a common cold before, they’re going to test positive for coronavirus, because that strand of virus is actually in their body. Yeah, it’s really interesting. 

One more thing is, there’s a lot of videos of people calling out the authorities saying, “My grandma went into the hospital with a broken hip, and she ended up dying because of her injury, and you said that she died because of coronavirus.” “Oh, well, my neighbor went into the hospital, because he had a bad fall, and you come over in hazmat suits saying that he has coronavirus.” It’s just really interesting. I just want you all to question things, and ultimately the number one thing that each and every one of you need to know is everything is happening exactly the way it needs to. You are exactly where you need to be.

That being said, I’m going to leave you for now, but thank you all for reading. 

Bye for now!

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Coronavirus, Conspiracies, & Spiritual Awakening

We are currently experiencing the greatest awakening that this planet has seen since back in ancient Lemuria and ancient Atlantis. Now is the time that all of us have been waiting for. Now is the time that you are being pushed to step up and help the world awaken.

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