This Will Give You Chills

Hello again beautiful beings. Today I’m going to do something a little bit different instead of teaching, I actually just want to explain and go into detail about some really cool experiences that I’ve had in this lifetime. Even though I’m 26 years old at this time in this incarnation, I have not only lived many lifetimes on and off of this planet, but I have had many experiences in my short 26 years that has really allowed me to tap into other worlds, realms, places, dimensions, and vibrations which really allows me to have a full type of human experience.

So today I’m going to be talking about a lot of my non-physical experiences. There are so many things to talk about, I have decided to just focus on my first’s. You know, so the first in every aspect of spirituality, especially since a lot of my clients and a lot of the people out there have been having a lot of their own first experiences with spirituality and with the non-physical energy. And you know what? I teach a lot, but I don’t always explain how I’m able to receive that information or how I’m connected to spirituality through my own experiences.

The “Alien Girl”

So let’s start with my first ever alien abduction. Now, I have to just preface with the fact that I wasn’t consciously aware of the abductions that I went through when I was younger. You know what? I’m glad that I was not aware of my abductions when I was younger because I was already a weird kid, I didn’t want to be any weirder, so I’m actually really thankful I wasn’t that UFO/alien girl when I was a kid, because I’m going to be that alien girl for the rest of my life. I’m really thankful that those memories came later on, and it was actually three years ago, at the age of… I think around 24, where I got my first hypnosis regression session.

I let this hypnosis therapist know that there were memories that I knew I had blocked out from childhood, I felt like I only remember clips of childhood and I couldn’t remember all of it. I had a feeling, and it could have been anything, but I was open to understanding what was blocked out from childhood. So at the age of 24, I went back into childhood and she took me into this very, very deep trance-like state where I was able to release and let go of my ego, of my mind, of my present state of being. She told me to go back to the very first time that I had a memory relapse (that’s the way that she described it). I go back to the age of four, and I get this image, it’s clear as day, and instead of me being my four year old self in the image, I had two different perspectives. One was me at four and the other was this really odd third person viewpoint into my life.


So I was in my bedroom, but I wasn’t my four-year-old self, (it’s almost like I was floating around in the bedroom and just observing the scene). I had a first-hand view of things and I had an objective third-party observation view as well. So I thought that was really interesting to begin with that I could really tap into either state of being in that moment. I’m being put into this hypnosis, I’m going back to the age of four, and I’m put back into my room, my childhood bedroom. I remember the bed that I had, all of a sudden all of these memories start flooding back. And I had these teddy bears that were in tutus as wallpaper, right at the top of the ceiling… So all of these very finute details come back to me about my room and the placement of my bed.

I was sleeping, it was clearly in the middle of the night and all of a sudden there was this really bright flash of light. I actually consciously remember this, when I was a kid, I remember seeing this bright flash of light right outside my window. And I didn’t really think anything of it, but I didn’t remember anything after that bright flash of light.I specifically remember the blinds that I had and the way that the light looked coming in between the blinds, I thought that was just very interesting. In this hypnosis session, there was this bright flash behind the blinds and in that moment there were two short little gray alien beings who appeared in my room. I’m getting up in a haze and I see these two short beings beside my bed, and they telepathically speak to me. 

Without words, they’re speaking to me telepathically and in this moment, I can feel all of the feelings that I was experiencing at that age as well. The feelings were definitely fear, and shock, it’s definitely something that I had never really seen before in this lifetime. But at the same time I felt this overwhelming sense of calm and even validation. It felt like I knew them but I didn’t know where that feeling was coming from. They telepathically spoke to me, they said, “Elizabeth we would like you to come with us.” 

And at first thinking, I don’t know, I don’t know, my parents told me don’t go anywhere with strangers, so my first reaction was no. They told me very calmly, “You don’t have to come with us, but we want to show you something and you’re going to be safe.” They gave me this really overwhelming sense of love when they told me this. And so, I got out of my bed, my hair was a mess, I remember the pajamas that I was wearing, it might have been winter because they were very fleecy. I get out of my bed, standing beside them and I’m in first-person view, now I’m in the little body of my four-year-old self and I remember very distinctly that I was looking up to them. One of them reached out their hand, and they said, “go ahead and take my hand” and I did. 

I remember feeling the skin of this alien being. It wasn’t warm, like humans, but it wasn’t super cold like you would touch a snake, but the skin was very smooth, absolutely hairless. I remember looking at its hand and seeing only four fingers, instead of five. I lifted up my arm to take their hand, and in that instant we teleported to a ship. I don’t know how exactly we ended up getting to the ship because even in the hypnosis session, it was almost like we were in the room one moment, and then we were in the ship the next. I don’t remember getting beamed up, I don’t remember the time in between, I just remember from one to the other. Once I was in this ship, I was looking at this giant room, almost like an auditorium and the room was full of other children. There were maybe even close to a hundred kids, it was interesting to witness because they were all very clearly taken in the middle of the night. They were all in their pajamas, their hair was this way and that way. To my surprise they were all extremely attentive to the teacher who was at the front of the room. They were all different ages, some were five years old, some were 12 years old, and they were all in the same class. 

There was this teacher at the front of the room, the teacher was a tall gray, (like the gray beings that picked me up, but much taller.) It looked like there was a giant chalkboard at the front of the room, but it was more or less like a projector or a TV screen and the chalk was just his finger. So he would actually draw and write on the board but it was all electronic. I’m sure at four years old I had no idea what was going on, at 24 I definitely perceived that in a way that, oh yeah that was technology, instead of a chalkboard. They continued to do a couple of different tests on me to see what my cognitive ability was to put me in the right classroom. 

Astral Projecting

Now before I go any further, I just wanted to just plant the seed there, in that experience. I mean I could talk for hours about that particular experience and I have spoken about that experience on other platforms like YouTube and Facebook. So I definitely highly recommend that you check out YouTube and you check out my first abduction at four years old, and I go into telekinesis and being taught by another teacher and all of that. So if you want to continue that story, which I’m sure you do, definitely check out that video on YouTube. But I wanted to move on, I wanted to move on to my first astral projection into a cat.

I truly believe that after these experiences; being abducted by the grays as a kid and being taught in what I like to call “Earth school”. I was taught about vibrational frequency, quantum physics, consciousness, and humans. You know it was really cool. Five or six times between the age of four years old and 13 years old, and I was taken to this school. I think that really opened up my psychic and spiritual abilities. I was able to speak to my guides, see ghosts and spirits when I was a kid as well, and a couple of other weird things that I was very connected to. One of these things was the ability to astral project. Now of course, when I was four years old I didn’t call it astral projecting, I actually didn’t call it anything, I just thought it was cool. I distinctly remember, once again around the age of four, maybe five years old, being in the basement of my original childhood home, and we had a cat that was a long-haired fluffy dark brown cat. And the cat’s name was Lucy, so cute! One day I was just watching Lucy, just doing her thing; walking around, looking at all the things, jumping on counters, rubbing her face on corners and things like that. And in that moment, at four or five I wondered “is it possible to experience that? What would it be like to be a cat? Hmm, I wonder what it’s like to be Lucy?” And then in that instant I hopped into the body of my cat, no word of a lie.

And all of a sudden, I’m really low to the ground. I remember walking around on all four paws. What I remember the most about that moment was rubbing… This is going to sound weird but, rubbing my face on the bathroom corner. It was the corner of the wall, and I remember this because it literally felt so good. And it was like the feeling of scratching an itch, that you didn’t even know that you had. Right. So I felt what it felt like to be this cat, I didn’t jump on anything at that time, I was just popping into the body, rubbing my face all over something, and then back into my body. I thought that was really cool, and I didn’t have to be regressed in order to remember that, that’s a memory that has stuck with me for quite some time. Other channelers and other people also have the ability to hop into other people’s bodies and even hop into inanimate objects to receive the download or the vibration from that object or that person. Since then I don’t think I have hopped into another living thing, maybe once in a while I have hopped into the body of a tree, but definitely no other animal or human have I hopped into. Especially humans, you need permission to do that.

So then I want to move on to my first ever past life regression. I was 16, I was going through a really dark phase in my life, I was really questioning everything, really unhappy with life in general. Really unsatisfied with things, thinking that I was crazy a lot of the time. And my Dad suggested to me that I do something called a past life regression. And for those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s basically like hypnosis, it’s taking someone into a trance-like state where they’re able to let go of their ego, attachment, and perception so that they are able to experience simultaneous time. So that they are able to, with guidance, tap into past lives, which is also known as the Akashic Records. My Dad in University,  took some sort of past life regression course, which is pretty cool. So he was the one who took me into a trance-like state, to allow me to experience myself in other lifetimes. I went into about five lifetimes, but I only want to talk about one lifetime in particular, and the major clip that I got out of this lifetime. It was this moment where I had then gone through four lifetimes, I had understood that it’s possible to be incarnated in any location in the world, in any culture, speaking any language and in any body including both male and female. I was breaking through a lot of my own limitations at such an early age, in understanding that anything is possible and there is no such thing as an end.

The New Shawman

The very last lifetime that I went into, which was also the most impactful, was a lifetime where I was within the ancient Mayan or ancient Aztec civilization. I was a Shaman, you could call me, I guess in that lifetime. So I would do a lot of incantations and rituals, a lot of meditation, and channeling where I would relay information. Basically they ended up finding me, and they being I guess, the hierarchy of that civilization, they were looking for another Shaman and it was very similar to the Dalai Lama, they were looking at children who were born at a certain time who had a particular gift. So they tested me and they asked me to pick objects out, they asked me to intuitively choose which basket had a snake in it. They really tested my intuitive ability at around the age of eight years old, they determined that I was the next shaman and that I was to go to the temple and study. And this is what I did.

I meditated for a very long time in that lifetime, in order to gain access to the abilities that I had, which was  to channel information from the Universe. I was in my blissful state, and  I decided that I didn’t want to take on an apprentice, because I just wanted to basically be free and to receive the information that I needed and to allow others to be on their own path and expand at their own rate. The very last image that I got when I was in this past life regression at the age of 16, was me as this Mayan Shaman, and I’m walking into a room that is at the top of, I guess a pyramid type structure. It’s a pyramid but it has a very flat roof on the top, it went up as a pyramid, it had stairs at the front of it, but the top of it was just completely flat. There was this room at the top of the pyramid that was really dark, (it must have been nighttime), it looked like there were candles or fire, there was something burning in the room, but it was still very dim. As I walk into this room, I see about nine other Monks or Shamans that are there at the top in this room, and they’re all sitting in a cross-legged position around a circle. It was very clear that there’s one spot left in this circle and just intuitively I knew at that time in my life, that that spot that was left was a spot for me. I walk into this room, I sit down in my spot in the circle and I look up. As I looked up, I noticed that the flat roof of the pyramid, it was like a rectangular or a square flat roof, was actually completely open. It looked like there was a giant rectangle that was cut out of the flat roof so that we were all sitting, cross-legged in a circle right below the stars, it was like the open sky of this pyramid. It was really, really cool!

So I sit down, look up, and I connect with the stars. I look back down, I close my eyes and the weirdest thing happens. The second I close my eyes, I can feel my energy as this male Shaman, I can feel my soul move out of my body going into the center of the circle and then each and every one of their souls comes out of their body, in turn we all join our souls together… There’s 10 of us, we all join our souls together in the center as one acting entity, and we shoot ourselves into the center of the Universe. This is really interesting because when I was 16 and I was going through this past life regression and I was seeing that, the second that I connected with those other Shamans and we shot ourselves into the center of the Universe to receive information to bring back to our people, (and eventually that information would be carved on these big boulders in our society), I was not able to see the visuals that I was receiving as that Shaman.

As the Shaman I was receiving all of these visuals and connections and probably seeing aliens as well, in that realm but as a 16 year old, I was unable to get a clear picture on what I was connecting to. I did however get this overwhelming feeling of oneness within the universe, and I just started crying and crying and crying. My dad stopped, he’s like, “Are you okay?” And I said, “Yes,” I said, “It’s just so beautiful, this is amazing” I couldn’t even comprehend it, it was incredible and that was it. That was my first ever past life regression where I started to really open up and realize, there was so much else out there, and there was so much else that was possible. Once again, I discovered and realized that I was back in this lifetime, in this incarnation to do something very similar. To once again receive information from the Universe and to translate it in a way that can actually shift, change, and upgrade the consciousness of humanity. 

Thank you for reading.

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This Will Give You Chills

Hello again beautiful beings. Today I'm going to do something a little bit different instead of teaching, I actually just want to explain and go into detail about some really cool experiences that I've had in this lifetime. Even though I'm 26 years old at this time in this incarnation, I have not only lived many lifetimes on and off of this planet, but I have had many experiences in my short 26 years that has really allowed me to tap into other worlds, realms, places, dimensions, and vibrations which really allows me to have a full type of human experience.

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