My Visit to a Psychic Village

Hello again, beautiful beings. Welcome back to another blog post, with yours truly, Elizabeth April. Today, I'm going to be bringing you a very personal story. It's not going to be the usual information and learning. It's a personal experience story that I had that does have a lesson to it, and I hope that you gain something from it. I also hope that you understand my past and my history a little bit better as well.

Hello again, beautiful beings. Welcome back to another blog post, with yours truly, Elizabeth April. Today, I’m going to be bringing you a very personal story. It’s not going to be the usual information and learning. It’s a personal experience story that I had that does have a lesson to it, and I hope that you gain something from it. I also hope that you understand my past and my history a little bit better as well. 

When I was- I want to say I was around the age of 19. I know this because it was the first year, the first summer that I got my motorcycle. Other than tripping around with my motorcycle, one of the first things I wanted to do was take a longer motorcycle trip, and I only had a little 250 Yamaha Virago, so it was a tiny bike and I’m a tiny person. But yet, I wanted to take a trip five hours away or something. So, I packed up my camping bag and got everything that I needed. I didn’t even bring a tent, I just brought along a hammock. I rode my bike to New York City from Hamilton, Ontario, where I was staying at the time when I went to university. 

I went on this gorgeous bike ride up to New York, and I wanted to go to this village. This village is called Lily Dale. Now, you can go check this out online, it’s really cool. For those of you who don’t know, Lily Dale is a psychic community. It’s really awesome. My dad, of course, the engineer Catholic, also a past-life regressionist, has always gone to Lily Dale. He’s actually visited Lily Dale since we were kids, since we were babies, and even before we were born, me and my brother, my dad went to Lily Dale. There was always one psychic in particular that he would go see. He would go see a couple, but one in particular that he would see. She’s the one who mentioned that when I was just born, they went and they got a reading for my brother and I.

My brother’s reading was actually kind of scary for my mom, because she said, “I can’t really see any future for your son.” That really freaked my mom out, of course. For me, she said that I was going to be helping a lot of people in my lifetime and that I was going to be akin to Mother Teresa. She literally said that I was going to be the next Mother Teresa. Now that we know that potentially Mother Teresa was quite corrupt, I’m hoping that I’m not exactly Mother Teresa in that way, but more of that statement. Regardless, there’s been this deep connection to Lily Dale in the psychic community. 

When I was 16, my dad took me to Lily Dale. It’s all I wanted for my 16th birthday. He got me a psychic reading. She told me very similar things. I remember her telling me that I’m an old soul, that I’m here to assist humanity, that I’m here to help them. She said that I was going to be writing books, many books, many, many books, which is really exciting. So, yeah, that was really validating for me at that time, and really one of the last psychic readings that I think I’ve ever really received. I don’t really seek that information out anymore. 

Anyway, fast forward to 19 years old, and I have my motorcycle for the first time. I’m going to do this trip to Lily Dale, and I was very excited about it. At this time, I was really starting to step into my spiritual gifts. I was really starting to understand myself as such, but I would never call myself a psychic, which is kind of funny because I was getting glitches in the matrix and future visions and telepathy and you name it. Astral traveling, all of that stuff was really real and coming to me quite rapidly. At this point as well, I had already had alien experiences. So, I had pretty much a full picture of what was going on. I didn’t have all the answers. I still don’t, but I was pretty attuned. 

Then, I ride my bike over to Lily Dale. I purchase a campsite for, I think, four days, four nights or something. The beautiful thing about Lily Dale is they have these meetings. One of them is called a sacred stump meeting. Where everyone gathers in the woods, and it’s like a church, but you’ve got the pews, but it’s deep in the woods, and you all sit on these pews, and you receive messages from these psychics and these mediums. 

Also, I wanted to mention that all the mediums who live in the village are all registered. I don’t really know what that means. It’s like they’ve been tested and tried, and they’re registered to do what they do, so it’s pretty legit. At one of these stump meetings, I went, and the beautiful thing is, when I went there, my dad also came as well. He joined me on the second or third day. I went to one of these stump meetings. I met a couple of people who were there, and they told me that they’ve been going for years, and that they’re psychic themselves. I’m like, “Oh, that’s so cool. I’m just here visiting, getting readings,” whatever. 

I booked a session with the psychic that gave me a session when I was a baby and gave me a session when I was 16. I obviously coincidentally booked a session with the wrong psychic. There’s Patricia Price and there’s another Patricia, who’s a psychic, so I booked it with the wrong Patricia. Instead of it being a psychic, past-life, amazing, whatever reading, it was a mediumship reading, and I haven’t really experienced a lot of death or passing in my life. What she brought to me didn’t really give me a lot of answers, so I was a little bit frustrated and sad that I paid a ton of money to not really go anywhere, not really get anything. Which was fine, because it really made sense a little bit later on why that happened. 

Then, that night, I got invited to a secret stump meeting in the middle of the night, and I’m like, “What?” This woman said, “This is really only for the people who live here and the people who have been coming here for many years, but I just feel called to invite you.” I’m like, “Okay.” I was really debating whether or not to go to the secret stump meeting in the woods. I was laying in my hammock, it was getting late, it was getting dark. I don’t know why I didn’t want to go, I was nervous, da, da, da. I ended up going. Finally, I’m like, “Oh, just go.” 

I end up going. It’s perfect timing, because we’re all just getting there, sitting down. As we’re all sitting, pitch black, in the middle of the night, we were just sitting in these pews in the middle of the woods, it was so amazing. You could feel the energy, and no one was saying anything. Here I am, thinking to myself, “This is my first time here, what do we do? What’s the whole point of this? Where are we going to go with this?” It’s dark, and I spoke up in the middle of the night and I said, “Hey, everyone, my name is Elizabeth. I’m just stepping into my psychic abilities, but if anyone wants a reading, just speak up,” because I couldn’t say raise your hand, “but just speak up and let me know what your name is, and that gives me permission to tap into your energy.” Silence, just dead silence. 

Eventually, this one very brave man speaks up and he says, “Hi, yep, my name is Bill.” I could hear the apprehension in his voice. I’m like, “Okay, Bill. Yep, let me just tune in, give me a second here.” I close my eyes, not that I had to, and I tune into his energy and I’m taking a look and I’m like, “Bill, your heart chakra, it’s pretty damaged, and I’m really taking a look and I’m seeing a lot of this black tarry goo that’s sitting in your heart chakra and it just seems like there’s been a lot of trauma and I’m taking a look. In childhood, you were really battling with this father energy and you needed to forgive your father. You’re still holding that energy within yourself, and you’ve got to let that go. Does that resonate?” He’s like, “Wow, yeah. My wife is sitting beside me, and she just keeps poking my leg, because it’s so true.” I’m like, “Anyone else?” Of course, now I have like 10 people who are all saying, “Yeah, me, me, me.” I did another two readings for these people who are psychics and mediums themselves and it was amazing. 

Literally, after I’m done, I’m like, “Alright, well, anyone else wants to do readings or whatever you guys do here, go ahead.” Then people just start leaving. It was amazing. That whole night was just dedicated to me stepping into that, in the pitch black. It was safe. It was safe for me to do that. 

The next day, my dad comes, and we go to a stump meeting, like a legit one in the middle of the day and they allow the guest mediums or guest psychics to come to the stage and do readings for the crowd. My dad is like, “Go, you’ve got to go up. This is you, this is your time.” I think that’s pretty incredible because here I was, getting readings as a baby, getting readings at 16, which validated everything that I’ve been feeling, and now at 18, 19, getting readings, or giving readings to others. I signed up. I said, “Okay, put me on the list, I want to do these guest readings.” They said, “Well, are you a medium? Or are you a psychic?” I said, “I do both.” They’re like, “Okay, but we only do mediumship readings here.” I’m like, “Okay, cool. I can read dead people. Bring it on.” 

Typically, the mediums who do their readings on stage, do it a different way, like the old school– I forget what the show was back in the day, the TV show with the medium who would read the crowd. “Okay, I’m picking up on an older man. He was in the military, first name starts with a G.” That’s how they did it, the mediums who are at the village, that’s how they did it. I do something different. I got up on stage, so nervous, and here I am, like a little baby, 18, 19 years old, everyone else is at least twice my age. I’ve got the mic, and I said, “All right, who here wants a reading but hasn’t been picked?” And a ton of hands go up, because a lot of the time these spirits are so strong and medium after meeting, they all pick up on the same spirits, and you want a little diversity. I’m like, “Who here hasn’t gotten a reading, but wants one?” Ton of hands went up, and I just intuitively picked.

I said, “Okay, give me your first and last name.” Once again, that gives me permission to tap in. They do, and instantly I’m like, “Oh, okay, I’m feeling a sister energy over on the other side, and she’s very worried. She’s very worried because she’s not allowing herself to cross over to the other side. In a way, she’s actually stuck in this weird liminal in-between place. The reason why she’s stuck is because she feels you haven’t forgiven her for something. Does that make sense?” I’m asking the woman. “Does that make sense? Do you need to forgive her for something?” She’s shaking her head, and she’s bawling at this point. She’s crying. I said, “It’s time for you to forgive your sister. She says that she forgives you for whatever it is that happened, and that’s all that needs to happen. What I recommend for you is that you write a letter to your sister, you forgive her in the letter, and you say whatever it is that wasn’t said before her passing. That’s actually going to allow her to cross over. It’s going to free and liberate her soul. Your sister says that she loves you so much, and she’s grateful for the time that you guys did have together.” The woman’s crying and crying and crying. Then, I’m like, “Okay, anyone else?”

I did another two readings. They were really impactful, really incredible. One with a man, and he came through, he was a father of someone, and he had something that he wanted to give his daughter. I said, “He wants to give you something, it’s one of his possessions. Did he have instruments?” The woman’s shaking her head, this look of amazement on her face. I said, “Yeah, there’s some instruments that he wants to gift you and your siblings, and it looks like they’re in a closet. He’s pointing to a closet. Did you happen to find these instruments in a closet?” She’s shaking her head and she’s smiling. Then, I’m like, “One of the instruments looks like a tiny guitar.” She’s laughing. She’s like, “Yeah, the ukulele, he always wanted me to have it.” I’m like, “Well, he really wants you to have it.” She’s like, “I do have it.” It was just good. It was validation.

I did probably about three readings in total. Then, my turn was over, and they said, “Oh, you’ve got two minutes left,” or whatever. Then I get offstage, and I go back to sitting on the pew and my dad’s hugging me, like I did a great job. This man, kind of like the emcee of the stump reading, he walks over to the woman in the front row, who’s bawling about her sister, and he’s crouching down and tapping her leg and saying, “Are you okay? Are you fine? Are you traumatized? What’s going on?” I thought that was odd, because many other people were crying before me, and he never went over to them to check and make sure that they were okay. I thought that was weird. Then, this man, this emcee comes over to me. He says, “Look, you didn’t follow the rules.” I said, “Well, what do you mean? I gave messages and connected to loved ones and seemed to be impactful.” He said, “Well, you didn’t follow the rules. It’s really wrong what you did.” I said, “Well, sorry, but what did I do?” And he said, well, you’re only supposed to give messages from loved ones who have passed on. You’re not supposed to say that they’re stuck. You worried that woman. That woman is crying and bawling because she feels her sister is stuck in this place.” I said, “No, I didn’t just say that her sister was stuck. I gave her advice on how to liberate, how to bring freedom to her sister.” This man was quite upset at me for what I was doing and what I did.

In that moment, I started to realize that Lily Dale and the mediums and the psychics that were in Lily Dale, were very much so rooted and very much so stuck in tradition. I felt it extremely disrespectful, and I still do today, extremely disrespectful for mediums, in general, not all mediums, but mediums, in general, to be able to connect to the other side, to be able to connect to loved ones who have passed away, to just get a message from them and then to let them go. “Oh, cool. Thanks for the info. Bye.” It’s disrespectful to not say, “So, how are you doing on the other side? Have you crossed over? Have you found your bliss? Have you released the trauma of the past? Have you done the work yourself? Or, is there something that you need from me, because here I am having this conversation with you?” For most mediums out there, especially in Lily Dale, it’s very much so, a one-way communication, which I find and even still, to this day, quite disrespectful. A lot of these ghosts and spirits, they need our help. Finally, after waiting, potentially generations, after waiting, hundreds of years, after waiting a very long time, they finally get someone who can see them, they finally connect to someone who can hear them, and listen to them, and relay messages from them. And yet, these people are unwilling to help them.

I’ve actually been invited to be a psychic or medium on many different shows, TV shows, like Ghost Hunters and stuff like that, and it’s never really resonated with me. Every time that I get this opportunity, I always say, “Am I allowed to cross them over? Am I allowed to do the work that I need to do on these spirits?” Some of the responses that I’ve gotten back from these production companies are, “But if you’ve crossed them over, how are we able to go back and have another experience with them?” How sad is that? I don’t believe in these mediumship or ghost hunting shows, because it’s really sad what they’re doing to these poor, poor spirits, who are stuck on the other side. They’re using these ghosts and spirits, these poor lost souls who have been stuck in that abandoned building or that house, they have been using them as entertainment, which is not right. That is not okay. It really does anger me that people, even mediums who deal with these people, who deal with these spirits, do not have respect for them in that way. I just think that it’s not that they’re purposefully disrespecting them, just that they don’t know better.

So, I learned a huge lesson upon going to Lily Dale as a psychic myself, and honestly, I’ve never been back. Last time I went, and I think I haven’t been back because I don’t really believe in what they’re doing over there, and they didn’t really get me. Which is fine. A lot of people don’t. I went there seeking answers, and I left there understanding that I already had them all, for myself anyway. I also left there understanding that I was powerful enough and strong enough to receive these answers for other people myself. That’s when I started to do the full psychic work.

I got away from the past life regression in a structured way, and I started doing energy work, psychic work, downloading, channeling for others. The beautiful thing is that that day that I went to the stump and I said, “Hey, I’m Elizabeth, this is who I am, this is what I do,” after that Stump meeting. I had so many people walk over to me and my dad, and a couple people said, “Oh, my goodness, are you the same Elizabeth that came to the secret stump meeting last night?” And I said, “Yeah, that was me.” The one man said, “I’m the Tar Man. I’m the one with the tar in the heart chakra.” I’m like, “Oh, my goodness, Tar Man, what’s going on?” He said, “Oh, is this your father?” I said, “Yeah, this is my dad, his name is Mike.” And he’s like, “Wow, I just want to say, Mike, you have an incredible daughter, and she’s so gifted and talented. After she gave me my reading last night, I cried for a couple hours, and I did a bunch of processing, and I forgave my father. And now, I feel so liberated today.” It was so cute because my dad felt like a little celebrity because we would go places, and people would walk up to me saying, “Wow. You were so good at that stump meeting. Thank you so much for giving those messages,” and da, da, da. Once again, so validating for me, and just tears were brought to my eyes and still are today, and just thinking that I love helping people.

I love helping humanity. This is my mission. This is my purpose. It’s been my mission in this entire lifetime. It’s been my mission in every lifetime leading up to this one. I just want to say for all of you reading this and watching my YouTube videos and following me on Instagram, I just want to say thank you so much. I think a lot of you look at me as this Almighty– I don’t even know how you guys perceive me, but I’m assuming that you guys look up to me in a certain way and perceive me in a different way. I just live my life. I’m just a human. As much as I can channel inter-dimensional beings or go into past lifetimes, which is really cool, I still have to take a shower every day, I still have to use the bathroom, still have to sit and answer boring emails. My every day is not as incredible and amazing and mind-blowing as you may think it is. At the end of the day, I am just a human, and who you see on the screen is exactly who I am right now.

In the past month or so, I’ve been targeted by psychically attacks. We had a couple weeks where a bunch of people were either spreading rumors or creating rumors on YouTube that my assistant is reptilian, which is so ridiculous because she is the biggest sweetheart, and so shy and such a pure soul, just like my wife, just such a pure soul. Anyway, so that happened, and then three other YouTube channels, all said, they put out videos saying, “I’m going to expose the realism of April.” In my mind, I’m like, “What are you exposing? There’s nothing to expose. I am who I am. There’s no deceit, there’s no lies, there’s no embellishment, it is what it is.” Then, of course, taking a step back, realizing that this is just one psychic attack coming from a variety of different angles, to see how they were able to affect me. 

I don’t know why I’m talking about this, but I guess I’m talking about this just to let you all know that some of you may perceive my gifts as amazing. I believe that we all have these spiritual gifts and abilities, I don’t believe that what I can do is anything new or different, whatsoever. I also want to let you all know that I can be emotional, I can be vulnerable. In these past couple of months, I have been very vulnerable and very humbled and very emotional and feeling very attacked in a lot of different ways. I deal with all of that stuff. I am a very strong, confident, empowered, person online, but I’m also just a human as well. I think for that hour every week, you guys don’t see enough of my human. I try and be as real as possible, especially on platforms such as Instagram, and Instagram Stories, and stuff like that as well. I just appreciate all of you being here, holding space for me, holding space for yourself, willing to open your mind, willing to expand your viewpoint and your perception of the world, and just hear me out. It’s quite amazing.  

I even have a friend who she’s really been battling her own psychic attacks with her family. She reached out to me the other day, and she’s like, “Wow, I just watched one of my videos from the eyes of my family and I sound absolutely insane. I sound crazy. Can you watch this video and let me know if I sound crazy or not?” She was talking about light versus dark, and it was a very kind of, in my perspective, muted video, as far as– it was really good light versus dark and super important information, but it definitely wasn’t crazy. It was pretty bare-bones spiritual. I’m like, “If your family thinks you’re crazy, because you’re putting out that kind of video, what do you think people think of me when I put out a reptilian video, where I believe that giant dinosaur beings take over the government?” That right there I think is probably the craziest you can get, and I’m openly talking about it. All I receive really is love from you guys. 

I just want to say thank you all so much for being here, being a part of my journey and exploration and expansion, and awakening and teaching. I’m just feeling so privileged and grateful for being in this position at this time. This is the time and I’m finally being heard, compared to all my other past lives, and hopefully, you all are finally being validated compared to all of your other past lifetimes as well. 

Thank you all for reading to this. I hope that you’ve learned a lesson from my whole Lily Dale experience. I hope that the lesson that you’ve learned is something along the lines of even if the rules and the regulations that you’re listening to or following are within the spiritual realm, I hope that you are strong enough and aware enough to question those rules and regulations, to understand that you can create your own rules. You don’t have to have a certain diet to be spiritual. You don’t have to pull a certain amount of tarot cards to get messages. You don’t have to do anything in this realm. You can just be yourself and follow your heart, and no one else, not even in the spiritual community, has to agree or believe in what you’re doing as long as you do. 

Have an amazing rest of your day. Have a great rest of your week. Bye for now!!


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Are You ready For the Next Level of Spiritual Awakening?

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Exclusive Monthly Videos

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