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Hello again and welcome to another blog post with yours truly, Elizabeth April. Today, we're going to get into something, definitely a topic that I love talking about that honestly, I haven't really talked about in a while. We're going to be talking about aliens, and the impact of Alien Cosmic Disclosure on not just the world as a whole, but on our very consciousness. Information shifts your vibration. How does the information of aliens affect and shift our vibrational frequency? How does it change and impact our lives? This is going to be a very interesting blog, a very interesting topic for everyone today.

Hello again and welcome to another blog post with yours truly, Elizabeth April. Today, we’re going to get into something, definitely a topic that I love talking about that honestly, I haven’t really talked about in a while. We’re going to be talking about aliens, and the impact of Alien Cosmic Disclosure on not just the world as a whole, but on our very consciousness. Information shifts your vibration. How does the information of aliens affect and shift our vibrational frequency? How does it change and impact our lives? This is going to be a very interesting blog, a very interesting topic for everyone today.

The first thing that I want to say is that let’s talk a little bit more about knowledge and information, shifting our vibration. This is a silly example, but if it came out as the fact that when you go out on the street, you’re going to be followed by some government agency, and they release it to the public, and they say, “Hey, we’re watching you. We’re following you,” what are you going to do with that knowledge? With that information?” Before you knew that information, you were just living your life. Upon hearing that information, you may or may not take action on changing the way that you live based on that information. Information and knowledge only impact us when we integrate it within ourselves in either a positive or a negative way. Information is impactful, but you need to understand that you are the only one who is allowing it to impact you in one way or another. For example, you know the saying of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It could be the exact same knowledge, and two people can take it two very different ways, one very positive and one very negative. 

Say for example, and this is actually a personal example. But yesterday, I had a session with a client, and it was really incredible. She told me that her life has been really challenging recently, and there’s been this flurry of events, a lot of deaths, she went through a divorce. Everything that could have happened really happened to her in the past six months, the end of 2019. One of those things, one of those events was a car crash, a car accident. It’s crazy. Apparently, this woman just fell asleep at the wheel and rear-ended her, rammed into her. She fell asleep. It’s crazy, anyway. This woman, this client of mine, she tells me, she’s like, “Yeah, so, I got into a car accident and it really gave me a bunch of whiplashes, and I’ve been in and out of the doctors,” and whatever, but she instantly said, “This has been such a blessing in my life.” I said, “Oh, really and why is that?” She tells me that this car accident actually forced her to take care of herself. It forced her to go and get physio and chiropractic appointments. Guess what? It was all covered. It was all paid for. She’s like, “You know, Elizabeth, I don’t want to say this, but I called this in.” She’s like, “I don’t want to say that I’ve created this car, but in a way, I feel like I did. I’m so appreciative for it.” 

Anyone else or the majority of people out there are going to take that very same incident in a very different way, in a very fear-based way. Could be the exact same knowledge, and you can take it, and interpret it in very different ways. We can take all of the knowledge in life. The good, the bad, the ugly, the high vibration, low vibration, we can take it all in, and not really allow it to impact us. Essentially, when we find that middle ground, when we find that neutrality, when we find that zero point in between the high vibrational knowledge and the low vibrational knowledge, that’s when we can really master this reality. It’s when we’re not getting caught up in one side or another, because ultimately, when we think about source, or the universe, or God, or whatever you want to call it, that vibration, that pure consciousness is completely indifferent. There is no such thing as fear, and I think we can all agree with that. There’s no such thing as fear in the universe or in source energy. 

But likewise, and something that people have a hard time agreeing with, is that there’s also no such thing as love on source energy. It is both simultaneously. Source is everything and nothing all at the same time. When you’re able to find that zero point, that middle ground, that neutrality, not because you’re being stuck on the fence and you’re not choosing a path or direction, because that’s not good either. You’ve chosen both. You’ve swung to the dark side. You’ve swung to the light side. Now, you’re just chilling in the middle. You’re not necessarily attached or resentful for either side. That’s mastery. That is true mastery.

How does the concept of aliens tie in with all this? I wanted to preface with the understanding of knowledge affecting and changing your reality, if you choose to have it change your reality. The thing about Alien Cosmic Disclosure is that you don’t even need to take action on the knowledge. You don’t need to make a choice whether you believe or not. You don’t need to make a choice. If that knowledge is going to impact you. Hands down, the knowledge and information that aliens exist will impact you no matter what and here’s why. Deep down, you are an old soul who has lived many lifetimes, both on and off this planet. I don’t care how materialistic you are, how sensitive you are to this physical world. I don’t care, how old are the soul or young of a soul you feel. You’ve lived many lifetimes. I know that because of this planet is a mastery planet. It’s an experimental planet. You came here, all of you, came here with a strong motivation, a strong purpose, and a strong intention. You didn’t just wind up here. You didn’t just wash up on the beach and say, “Oh, I guess I’m a human on planet Earth now.” No, you came here with full purpose and intention. You came here to master, to become a master. 

Understanding that you are this old soul, you need to realize that deep down it’s never been a question of do aliens exist or not? Your soul already knows the answer. If we really think about it, it’s ridiculous not to believe in other intelligent life forms out there in the universe. How old are human beings? 500,000 years? How old is the universe? I don’t know. I don’t even know the answer to that question. 8 billion years? 80 billion years? 10 billion years? It would be ignorant of us to not believe in the existence of aliens, or I should just say intelligent life out there. We are also in the category of aliens. We are intelligent life in the universe. That’s it.

What happens when you fully start to actualize this concept is that you start to unlock the memories of those past lifetimes that you’ve had experiencing yourself as an alien or interdimensional being. Let me give you kind of a relative example, and I’m just trying to think of a good one. Okay!  This is such a silly example. Say for example, your father is a redhead, and you have dark hair. But when your friends ask you, “Hey, have you ever known anyone with red hair?” It’s such a silly example. You’re like, “Nope, nope. I have no idea. They’re probably evil.” I don’t know– Sorry, Rob, that’s my brother! He’s a redhead. Anyway, and so you’re literally denying the existence of your ancestors. You’re denying where you came from. To deny your father as a redhead to just avoid his existence, because you’re not into it is disconnecting you from your lineage. Likewise, if we apply that very silly example to believing in aliens, you are denying a massive part of your soul to say, “Nope, that never happened. Nope, that never existed. Nope, that’s a lie.” You’re denying a huge aspect of who you are to do that. 

The second that you’re like, “Mm, yeah, I could see that. I could see there being something else out there. I don’t know what, but I could agree.” When you really start to open up, and you let go of the resistance, the entire universe opens up to you. This is why the existence of intelligent life has been the number one biggest, blocked information in society. Every government organization in the entire world, every religious organization in the entire world has denied this very obvious fact. Even more mind-blowing than that is that we have been contacted since the dawning of humanity with these beings. The angels from the sky coming down on these weird spaceships. We have been contacted since the beginning. It hasn’t just been information that has been convoluted and passed aside, because no one really knows the truth. The truth is seriously out there. I don’t want to say this, but I’m going to say it. I do astral traveling and remote viewing, and there are a ton of documents in the Vatican that prove the existence of alien life. Tons of documents, believe it or not, that are there. It’s not just this passive, oh, we don’t know. We’re not going to make a claim. No, no, no, they know. They’re actively consciously covering that shit up. That’s what they’re doing. 

Why? The reason why is because if they were to come out with the fact that aliens exist, that they’re real, it would wake us all up instantly. Everything that we’ve ever been taught, everything that we’ve ever known is a complete illusion. When we think about the existence of aliens, we instantly go into the who are they? How did they get here? Why are they here? Why do they exist? What is their purpose? Are they commingling with us? Are they on this planet? Are they disguising themselves as humans? It really opens up a world of freaking truth. That world, even though maybe when you step in and dabble into that world of aliens, and that world is very new, and you don’t have any legitimate answers at all, just the process of questioning their existence will literally allow you to break through this illusion of a matrix reality. No doubt about it.

If someone were to ask me, what is the number one piece of information that could wake up the entire world, hands, down without a doubt, I would say, the existence of aliens. I wouldn’t say something like, “Oh, we’ll just heighten your vibration.” No, that’s not going to do it. That requires action on the part of the person. Just understanding or questioning the existence of intelligent life out there will wake us all up from this illusion, and what that means is that it starts to wake us up to the power that we have within ourselves, within our own DNA. Our DNA is linked directly to the experiment, and the gifts that we’ve been given as this weird hybrid that we are from other races. If we can understand that they do exist and the implications or potential implications surrounding that, then we open ourselves up to who we really are. We stop denying the essence of our physical self. 

Now, I talk about quantum physics a lot, and I talk about there’s really only two things that exist, which is the physical and the nonphysical. If you think about being a human and you think about these two components, you have your physical body, and then you have your consciousness. That’s a very spiritual, very third eye-opening concept, very great concept, awesome! But what if I told you, yeah, you have your consciousness, you have your soul, and you have your physical body. But your physical body is split into two different components. Also, a 50:50. If not, sometimes 60:40 and beyond. Those two components that make up your biological vessel or you’re human, or say, evolutionary neanderthal DNA, but then you also have interdimensional DNA.

What if I was just a fact? Thinking about it, we have tens of thousands of strands of DNA in our body. Yet, we’re only using 10%? Actually, I think the real number is 8%. We only actively use 8% of our DNA, and the rest that 90% is just junk DNA? I would say, how come no one’s ever questioned it. But ultimately, I know why. They have questioned it, and they’ve been suppressed in their answers, or in their questioning themselves. It’s wild, what that piece of information can do. It can open us up to everything. Whether you are on the train of alien life or not, all I’m asking you is to question their existence and to understand that deep down your ancestral lineage is directly connected to our cosmic brothers and sisters in the night sky. 

Thank you, as always for reading. Open, awaken yourself, you are ready, and question every aspect of this reality. Until next time, thank you as always for reading.

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