Opening and Closing Your Third Eye

Opening and Closing Your Third Eye

Hello again, beautiful Starseeds, and welcome back to another blog of Expand with yours truly, Elizabeth April. Today, I am addressing a very peculiar topic called “aphantasia.” Now, this is apparently a neurological issue and medically backed. I believe that a lot of Starseeds tend to have aphantasia for some reason. Let’s get into what exactly aphantasia is and why I believe it’s directly related to Starseeds.

The definition of aphantasia (*with APH not an F) is the inability to picture images in your mind. Now, I’m not necessarily saying that you have this, but this is something that affects a lot of old souls and Starseeds. Typically, as an old soul or a Starseed (a cosmic soul who has lived many, many lifetimes), you would assume naturally that we have heightened abilities. I believe that we do. One of those heightened abilities would be the ability to see visuals. 

I believe that I have the opposite of aphantasia, which is a condition called “hyperphantasia.” That’s an actual thing as well, where someone has extremely vivid mental imagery, almost too much. I also have something that is called “synesthesia,” which is the ability to mix up your senses. In particular for me, I can visually see sound, which is bizarre. It’s something that I definitely had as a kid, and then I rediscovered and identified much later on in life. Throughout the day when there are sounds, I’m not seeing visuals all the time. It happens when I’m in a really quiet headspace and my eyes are closed like when I’m just about to get to bed or meditating. If a loud sound happens in that situation, it will come through as an explosion of color and light. Every sound, pitch, and frequency comes through as a different color and even a different visual representation, and so that’s synesthesia. It’s like being able to smell a color or to feel a letter. I believe that a lot of Starseeds have synesthesia as well. Because we are not encouraged to talk about it and because this isn’t normalized, we usually suppress it. 

I just looked up “aphantasia,” and it is considered a condition. It’s not a disease. It’s considered a condition that was originally coined in the 1800s along with hyperphantasia, which is the opposite issue when you see too many visuals. I’d be really curious to maybe read some peer-reviewed articles on what is the comparison or the differences between hyperphantasia and say schizophrenia. Because I know that certain conditions like schizophrenia or psychosis involve visuals and clairaudient abilities. 

Aphantasia is the inability to picture images in your mind. This is not the inability to be psychic, the inability to astral travel, the inability to speak to your spirit guides, or anything like that. It’s the inability to actually picture things in your mind. I’ve had quite a few listeners and followers reach out to me and say over the years that they literally cannot for the life of them imagine or picture anything. For me, it’s a bit tough as a teacher, at least it was in the past, because I am so clairvoyant and see those images. I think because that’s what I can do and that’s how I describe my experiences, that people who follow my channel just assume that they also should be clairvoyant. Back in the day, I didn’t know that there were different kinds of clairs or clairvoyants. I didn’t know that everyone had their own ability, which we do. We definitely do. Now, I try to teach things from all different perspectives: from an empathic perspective, from a clairaudient perspective, from a clairvoyant, and from a clairsentient perspective. There are a lot of angles to spiritual gifts and abilities. 

Going back to aphantasia, it is a condition where you lack the ability to see imagery in your mind’s eye. An example that I often use in my YouTube videos is to picture a Christmas tree in your mind – a brand new one. This imagined tree is not one from previous years nor a memory from the past. I ask that you picture a brand-new Christmas tree. It can be anything you want it to be. It can be tiny, it can be huge, it can be pink, it can be green, or it can be white. What does it have on it? It’s a Christmas tree. Does it have lights and ornaments, and what color are the ornaments? Does it have presents underneath it? When you imagine a Christmas tree, what does that look like to you? You may be thinking to yourself, “Yeah, I can’t do that. I can’t just imagine a brand-new image in my mind and see it clearly.” Then you, my friend, might have aphantasia. I want to actually describe why you might have aphantasia, and why I might have the opposite – hyperphantasia. 

I believe through all of my exploration, my navigating, my research, my sessions, my past life regressions that we, as Starseeds, as helpers, as healers, as light warriors, and light workers, we were very open in many past lifetimes on this planet. We had clairvoyance, clairsentience, empathic abilities, emotional knowing, intuition, and precognition. We had extrasensory abilities. We had frequencies and  abilities that went above and beyond the five senses that we have been taught about. Because we have and have had those abilities in the past, we got to our mission from a very early age in past lifetimes. I’ve seen many lifetimes where there is a seven-year-old child in the 13th century giving healings, and this child is known as a prophet. They’re doing healings on animals, on plants, on crops, on humans at a very, very young age. As we know throughout history, the individuals who have tapped in and who have been connected have been persecuted in these past lifetimes. It is through our ability to see beyond that makes us a threat. Because we are recognized as a threat, we were persecuted, we were jailed, and we were killed. That is what has happened. 

If you have a hard time visualizing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a block or that you’re the issue. Most likely what it means is that you have been traumatized in past lifetimes, and that’s leading you to continual trauma in this lifetime. You may be retraumatizing yourself with these thoughts: to blame yourself, to think that you don’t have these abilities, to convince yourself that you’re not good enough, to think that you can’t tap in, which is not the truth. That’s actually a lie. You can tap in, you are good enough, you are psychic, all of you are psychic, all of you are clairvoyant, all of you can see that the reason why you may have aphantasia is because you are choosing to blind yourself. You are choosing that for a reason, and honestly, I don’t blame you for choosing that either. It’s hard being here, and even more difficult when we’re different and when we don’t fit in.

The only reason why we don’t fit in is because we want to give back. Because we want to help the collective. In a society, in a system, no matter what country you are in, that is seen as a threat. It’s a threat to the top 1% who want to control, who want to depopulate, who want to confine, and who want to suppress. You, my friend, have been a threat before. That is why in this lifetime, you play it safe. You purposefully shut off your abilities. You quiet yourself. You quiet your skills because you are scared. All you want is a nice life without ruffling feathers. You want to just be here to watch the ascension unfold, to grab your bag of popcorn, and just to watch the show in peace. Once again, I don’t blame you, my Starseed, for doing that. However, I’ll tell you right now, that you’re not helping the world or yourself by making a choice out of safety. That’s really the only other option that is presented to us in this crazy, fucked up world. It’s fight or flight or it’s safety, and the safety is running away from the fight or the flight. None of those options are good. None of those options help you speak your truth and stand in your power.

I want to let you know that just by understanding this condition, aphantasia, and the circumstances surrounding it, you may find some clarity. You have had many lifetimes where you have been tuned in and where you have been awake. Most likely, those lifetimes brought you lots of trauma, lots of pain, lots of doubt and uncertainty for yourself and your loved ones, so you chose not to go back there. I want to remind you that this lifetime is different. That you will not be persecuted, and that’s not to say that you won’t be tested. Because trust me, you will be. We are still living in a 3D polarizing world but not for long. The more that you remind your body, your human, but also your soul that you are safe to be free, that you are safe to speak up, that you are safe to expand, the easier it’s going to be for you. It will be easier to ascend to a new vibrational level and unlock that trauma that you’ve had in that third eye.

This statement and this understanding will have profound effects on how open or closed you are. It will allow you to let go and unleash everything that you have been holding back. This is your calling Starseed. This is your moment. With this knowledge, it’s time to choose. Don’t choose safety or conformity. Choose being your unique self. Choose expressing yourself over keeping yourself hidden. Choose empowerment over disempowerment. Choose your soul and your human in the highest vibration. Whenever you are ready to unlock this block, this condition, you can. You’re not locked into anything in life. All you have to do is say, I am safe to expand and that’s it. It’s really as easy as that. I am safe to expand. When you do, when you start expanding, it is going to be incredible. 

Now, if you start expanding or unlocking too rapidly, and your third eye is blown open, you may feel overwhelmed. You may be like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, I didn’t sign up for this. This is too much. Sorry, EA, I can’t go down this road.” If you’re feeling too overwhelmed, do not worry. All you have to do is close your third eye by making this statement, “I choose to close off my abilities for the highest good of all involved in this moment.” Doing so is not out of fear, it’s not out of past trauma, and it’s not a projection or attachment. It’s just based on your comfortability and intuitive levels at that moment. So never feel bad for wanting to close them off momentarily, and never think that just because you say “no” in one moment that means you are saying “no” indefinitely. That’s really important as well.

I’m going to leave you with that. I hope that you do a little bit of research on aphantasia or hyperphantasia. I believe that I am on the hyper side of the phantasia because I have dealt with a lot of the trauma from a lot of past lives for quite some time. I am to the point where I feel comfortable opening and accessing my abilities without hesitation, but I’ve also practiced for pretty much my entire life. I have practiced how to shut off my abilities and how to feel comfortable in my skill of opening and closing my third eye. That’s allowed me to feel as comfortable as I am today with what I can do.

Check out more about aphantasia, and just know that you’re not locked in for life to this condition. You are just experiencing a momentary delay. Understand that you are the only one holding yourself back from these abilities because of safety. Understand that you are safe in this lifetime to open up and expand. The dark side will not come after you, try to kill you or suppress you because they don’t have enough resources. It doesn’t mean that psychic attacks and other things don’t happen. It just means that we are 10 times more safe in this life than we’ve ever been before on this planet. 

As always, thank you so much for being here, Starseed. Keep up the good work. I am sending all of you so much love. Thank you to everyone from all over the world. Anyway, have a great week. Have an even better day, and I will see all of you in the fifth-dimension frequency.

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Opening and Closing Your Third Eye

Hello again, beautiful Starseeds, and welcome back to another blog of Expand with yours truly, Elizabeth April. Today, I am addressing a very peculiar topic called “aphantasia.” Now, this is apparently a neurological issue and medically backed. I believe that a lot of Starseeds tend to have aphantasia for some reason. Let's get into what exactly aphantasia is and why I believe it's directly related to Starseeds.

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