3D to 5D Relationships

Hello again, beautiful beings of light. Thank you all so much for being here. As always, I greatly appreciate your presence. 

I always love having names for situations that humans go through. Just today, I channeled a new situation that humans go through all the time. Whether you are in a straight relationship, a gay relationship, a fluid relationship, or just a relationship with yourself, you’re probably going to connect with the content in this blog, because it deals with masculine-feminine energies, not just male, female genders, it deals with energies. The word or the terminology that I came up with, associated with this syndrome is DID syndrome. I know it sounds super professional. Basically, it’s called Damsel in Distress Syndrome, DIDS. Ultimately, what this means is when you’re in a relationship, or you just have some sort of dynamic situation, connection, relationship with anyone else, there’s typically always a more masculine energy in that dynamic and a more feminine energy in that dynamic. 

The easiest dynamics that we can talk about are relationship dynamics. Ultimately, what it comes down to is when the divine feminine person in that relationship, which gender doesn’t matter in this case, when that divine feminine energy is in full flow of their own beautiful divine femininity, it typically creates this damsel in distress energy, which means that that divine feminine is very open, very floaty, very go with the flow, very empathic, very sensitive, very all of the things. The divine masculine energy in that dynamic or relationship will instantaneously need to have this overprotective, overcautious, over controlling type of vibration, type of energy. It’s important to know and to understand that this is what’s typically created between divine masculine and divine feminine energies in a romantic relationship. The problem with this is that the divine male will always try to be protective. If anything, the divine male will actually try to be more protective, which means more controlling, and more structured, and more logical and analytical, and more closed off, and more walls up. The divine feminine gets even more divine feminine. We need to realize that the more polarity we have within relationships, the more polarity we’re creating.

If you’re sitting at home, and you’re reading this, or you’re wherever, and you’re thinking to yourself, “Yeah, me and my wife, or me and my husband, we just can never get on the same page. We always try to communicate, but it’s always a hit and miss.” Most likely, it’s just because you’re communicating in one extreme polarity and your partner is communicating in another extreme polarity. It’s really important to realize that, in order to be balanced within the relationship, you must first be balanced within you, within yourself. The more feminine you are, the more masculine he’s going to be or she is going to be, because that divine male feels like they need to save you from yourself essentially is what it comes down to. 

As the divine feminine, the more you step into the power, take the lead, make decisions, prove to your partner even though it shouldn’t be done through the energy of proof, but prove to your partner and to yourself that you can do this, that you don’t need their help to solve your problems, the less and less that partner of yours is going to feel like they need to solve your problems and the more the two of you can communicate on the same even playing field, if that makes sense. 

Same thing with the divine masculine. If you feel your partner is very over emotional, very hysterical most of the time, very over-reactionary, and you’re pretty much cool, calm, and collective and very logical and analytical, then for you to be more vulnerable and more compassionate in your communication and expression style is going to allow space for your partner to once again step up, and take care of you. Instead of always having it figured out, instead of always knowing what the next step is, it’s really important that you let go of that a little bit, let go of that leadership, and allow your partner, your divine feminine partner to take care of you. This is really important. 

I believe that a fifth-dimensional relationship really comes down to a balance between both parties of divine feminine and masculine energies. A 3D relationship, which is singular, it’s linear, it’s polarized, it’s one or the other, a 3D relationship, which, especially if you have been with your partner for a while, really is the old traditional way of thinking. “Oh, you complete me.” “Oh, you’re my other half.” “Oh, you’re my better half.” Ultimately, that’s fine, but I’m telling you right now that it’s unsustainable. The reason why is because you will continue to feel there is a void, to feel there is a gap within you, to feel you need to fill that gap within yourself with the other person. The second that that other person is not in your life, guess what’s going to happen? You’re going to be scrambling feeling like you’re not enough without that other person in your life. 

A 5D relationship means that you step into the relationship as a whole individual, without any lack, without any polarity, without any gaps, you are stepping in whole and complete as you are, and then you attract an individual, who is also whole and complete within themselves. There are no missing links, there are no gaps. It’s just you and that other person, and then you can create a beautiful relationship where there is no lack, there is no filling voids, there is no even missing that person. I know it sounds awful. It’s like, “What? I want to miss my partner,” but it’s not. It just means that you’re whole and complete. I want you to ask yourself right now, are you the damsel in distress or are you the protector? Are you the divine feminine or are you the divine masculine? What roles do you play in your romantic relationship? What do you expect from your partner?

I want to give you all a challenge moving forward. I want you to play a different role. Honestly, if you’re a single person as well, I just want to include you into this. If you’re single, and you’ve been frustrated, because you keep attracting the same guy over and over again, or the same girl over and over again, once again, I want you to ask yourself, who am I being and therefore, who am I attracting? Am I whole and complete within myself? If you are in a beautiful relationship, that maybe isn’t always as loving as you’d like it to be or the communication is off every once in a while, then I want you to ask yourself, how can we recreate this relationship so that it satisfies and fulfills both of us to the highest vibrational degree. That’s really important as well. We are all being pushed and tested to move into this 5D place. This place where we can be both the male and the female, both the mom and the dad. 

I know I was pushed into that place when I went into a same-sex relationship. I’m like, “Wait, how does this work? Who’s who here?” A 3D relationship as well, you have your role and I have mine and you’re the man and I’m the female, and it just doesn’t work that way anymore. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, gray, or fluid. Ultimately, we’re being pushed into being whole and complete within ourselves. There will still be tension. There will still be resistance within your relationship if there is something within you that is missing, and then the expectation that your partner will fill that, which is an old and traditional way of thinking, and navigating this world. Ultimately, what do you want in a relationship? 

One more piece of homework that I’m going to leave you all off with. I’m going to give you homework for if you’re in a relationship, and I’m going to give you homework if you’re single. It’s going to be very similar. If you’re in a relationship, I want you all at home, in your own free time, maybe right after reading this blog, I want you to grab your notebooks, I want you to create a T-chart, kind of looks like a cross. On one half of the T-chart, I want you to say, “What is either my current relationship, or what have my past relationships been like?” Writing down all the characteristics, and all the traits, all the pros and all the cons of your old relationships or your current one. Then on the other half of the T-chart, I want you to ask yourself, what is my most ideal relationship? What do I really want? How do I become in the most harmonic alignment with a partner, and therefore with myself? 

I know that I’ve assigned this before to other clients and individuals who have been married for many, many years. They have apprehension in filling out the second half of this T-chart, and I don’t blame them. Their apprehension comes from the fact that they’re worried, they’re scared, and they turn to me and they say, “Well, Elizabeth, what if I want all of these things and my partner is just not that and they never will be that?” I say to them, “Have you tried? Have you even asked for what you want?” Or, “Have you been completely feeding into the consistency and the safety of the norm, of the right now? Have you even asked for what you want from your partner? Have you had that dialogue and conversation? Don’t just assume that they’re not willing to change, you need to ask for what you want.” 

For all of you single people out there, it is no longer time to settle when dating in relationships at all. I always tell my single friends and they always roll their eyes at me, but it’s true. If it’s not fire, don’t bother. Fire, what I mean is that passion, that drive, that connection, that spark! Sometimes, that fire is karmic. Sometimes, that relationship and connection is momentary. Maybe it’s a couple days, maybe it’s a couple weeks, maybe it’s a couple months. Sometimes, that fire is a life partner. Sometimes that fire is just a lesson, a very painful and stubborn and angering lesson that you have to learn. But if it’s not fire, why bother holding space for someone, again, on another date? I always get mad at my single friends. “What are you doing? You said you didn’t really feel it.” “Oh, I’m trying again. I’m just hoping that this is going to be the time.” I tell them every time, it’s not going to be the time. If it wasn’t there initially, you can’t build on that. You build on fire, and then you navigate, and then you see. Then just because you have fire doesn’t mean it’s the end all to be all. It just means that there’s something there that you have to experience together. 

For all of you who have been in long-term relationships, and you don’t feel fire with your partner, and you’re sitting there thinking, “Shit, what am I going to do?” You can create that fire again. I know you can. I’m saying this from experience. You can start a brand-new relationship with the one that you’ve been with for years. I know this. Once again, if you’re not willing to change, and you’re not willing to ask for change, then nothing will change. You’re reading this blog for a reason. You’re here for a reason. It’s time to live your best life in the highest vibration possible in a 5D relationship. But once again, you’ve got to have that 5D relationship with yourself first, and then you can start to have that with someone else.

Thank you all so much once again for being here. 

Keep up the good vibes everyone. I know it’s a crazy tumultuous time, but you’re here for a reason, you signed up for this for a reason and it’s finally time to live your best life. 

Bye for now!!

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3D to 5D Relationships

Hello again, beautiful beings of light. Thank you all so much for being here. As always, I greatly appreciate your presence.

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