All of us have to walk our own paths. Your journey will look very different from mine, and that’s okay! 

My individual participation in channeling answers from the universe is highly irrelevant. You are your own greatest teacher. You must find the answers you seek.

But since you’re wondering what got me to where I am today, I’ll share my ever-evolving life story with you.

Learn more about the different chapters of my personal journey, from extrasensory abilities that were awake in me since birth to the past life regression and alien visions that opened my eyes to the truth about my purpose in this crazy cosmos.


I always struggled to fit in. Many of us feel alone or like we’re missing some part of the “inside” picture.

I grew up with extrasensory abilities – clairvoyance & mediumship. I can clearly remember at age 3 talking to a being who I thought at the time was God. But since I was raised in a Catholic family, my main question was why this being was female when Catholicism told me that God was male?

As a child, I was able to see ghosts and spirits, energies, auras, and even feel other people’s thoughts and emotions. I had a deep understanding of how vibrational frequencies affected me and others. But being raised in a Catholic family, accepting these abilities was difficult.

The kids at school didn’t help. They made fun of me when I told them I was talking to things they couldn’t see. I was told that I was lying about what I was seeing to get attention – I still hear this, from people, even to this day.

It wasn’t easy to be a young person with these poorly understood abilities. I was too sensitive to everyone’s energy and was unable to go out to restaurants and other crowded environments. Confusion from my Catholic upbringing and feeling out of place in this world combined to create a deep depression and anxiety.

So at 10 years of age, I shut off my abilities. I devoted myself to sports. Since I became very good at any sport I tried, I ended up gaining acceptance.


At 16, I began to question everything in my physical reality. Nothing made sense. I was extremely depressed and began seeking help. I went to see councillors, psychiatrists, asked teachers and parents, and even tried to find answers to my questions through religion.

Yet nothing could give me the answers I was seeking. I mean, it’s kind of tough looking for answers when you don’t even know what you’re asking for!

I knew something was still missing. This led me to my first past life regression. During this regression, I discovered I had lived many different lifetimes. In some lives, I was a monk. In others, I was a healer, a philosopher, or an oracle.

Some lifetimes were difficult. I had been persecuted and enslaved. The storm of emotions that followed this regression helped me see I was so much more than who I thought I was. More than who society taught me I was.

Thanks to this past life work, I started waking up. I began to finally receive the validation that there was so much more out there, and so much more within me.


At the age of 18 I was consciously abducted by aliens.

Yup, thats right, I said it… Aliens!

Up until that point, I had never really considered the existence of aliens. After all, it didn’t seem that relevant to my life here on earth. Sure, I figured there was something more out there…I just didn’t think I’d come face to face with them!

After the abduction, I first had to come to terms with the fact that “holy fuck, aliens actually do exist.”

Then I had to accept through my own experience that not only do they exist, but they are here on Earth!

Finally, through some vivid flashbacks, I began to recall myself as one of these alien beings. I finally broke through the last veil of this reality. I had to accept myself, once and for all, as one of these inter-dimensional beings.

This newfound knowledge somehow reawakened my DNA. My psychic and clairvoyant/channeling abilities came back in extremes. I started astral traveling, lucid dreaming, reading minds and talking to interdimensional beings in my bedroom.

This life, for me, would never be the same.


My abduction was terrifying. Yet I give thanks for it daily, as it led me here today.

Since then I have made it my mission to help others in awakening themselves to the infinite possibilities.

I’m a cosmic channeller, public speaker, spiritual influencer and a celebrated artist. I have experienced the vibrational frequencies of truth and do the necessary karma of spreading it.

I have never been so happy, fulfilled and excited for the future as I am right now. I am truly living my authentic truth and I intend to teach people how they can get here too.


Now that your questions about me have been answered, let’s move on to what you’re searching for. The questions you’ve been screaming out to the universe in your mind, but never aloud for fear of being persecuted. Questions about your cosmic identity, space, and time. Other dimensions. Lifetimes. Self-Discovery and Soul-Awakening. There are so many lessons to learn. But let’s begin with this one.Let go of your expectations and attachments. Join me on this adventure we call life. Expand your consciousness.

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