Unlocking Your Soul Mission

  • May 2024

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In this video titled Unlocking Your Soul Mission, Elizabeth April discusses soul mission and life purpose. They specifically address the needs and questions of starseeds, individuals who feel a strong desire to know their purpose. Elizabeth April explains that starseeds often feel a deeper calling beyond their everyday lives and explore the idea of a higher mission. They emphasize that one doesnt necessarily have to know their soul mission to fulfill it, and that aligning with their purpose may already be happening unconsciously. Elizabeth April also encourages starseeds to follow what truly lights them up and not limit themselves to specific roles or careers. They highlight the importance of embracing ones current position and being open to where the universe may guide them. The video concludes with an affirmation that affirms being exactly where one needs to be.

62 thoughts on “Unlocking Your Soul Mission

  1. Elizabeth, thank you for putting out this video. I definitely align and resonate with it. I needed to hear this; it has been very helpful. Also, sending love to Nat and Bodhi. P.S. I watched this video after your Life Consc. Expo event. Soon you will have the new chant at the end of your videos. Can’t wait for that!!!

  2. Just the fact that everything you say resonates with me, makes me feel like home!! And as a starseed I’ve been feeling so alienated my whole life! Thank you for offering this safe space🤍✨ also looking for starseed friends on this platform🤍🙌🏻

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