March 2024 Video Schedule

Welcome to March Starseeds!! This month encourages you to thrive in the spirit of growth! 🌱 Embrace challenges and transitions as stepping stones for personal development. Set intentions for positive growth experiences and get ready for a journey of self-discovery. 🌷

March 2024 Message to Humanity
March 2024 brings opportunities for growth and new beginnings. Set your intentions for a journey marked by empowerment, ease, and grace. Let challenges be the stepping stones to creating your reality!

Membership Level: Seeker, Awakener & Creator
Release Date:
March 1st

Parenting A Starseed
Parenting a Starseed can be a transformative journey. Learn the significance of freedom, leading by example, and listening to your child’s inner wisdom.

Membership Level: Awakener & Creator
Release Date: March 5th

Empathic Protection Podcast
Unlock the secrets to shielding your energy! Get ready to navigate the world as an empath with strength and grace!

Membership Level: Creator
Release Date:
March 11th

How to Best Support Your Starseed Child
Are you raising a starseed child? Wondering how to provide the best support? Dive into the spiritual aspects of parenting, exploring deep questions, honesty, and meaningful experiences.

Membership Level:  Creator
Release Date: March 21st

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