April 2023 Video Schedule

Get ready for a month of creativity and self-expression with the Cosmic Society! This month our members will be exploring the themes of Art, Dance, Inner Child & Expression. From unlocking your inner artist to finding joy in movement and rediscovering the wonder of childhood, this month is all about tapping into your truest self. Get ready to feel empowered to express yourself fully and authentically. Join us in the Cosmic Society this April to explore your creativity, connect with your inner child, and transform through the power of self-expression.

April 2023 Message to Humanity
In this month’s channelled message for April 2023, we discuss chaos energy and the challenges taking place this month. Fear not, for amidst the chaos, there is hope to be found. Tune in to discover how to navigate these turbulent times with grace and resilience!

Membership Level: Seeker, Awakener & Creator
Release Date: 
April 1st

Who is Your Inner Child? 
Who exactly is your inner child? How do you connect with them? What are the benefits of connecting with them? Find out now!!

Membership Level: Awakener & Creator
Release Date: April 5th

Finding Expression and Joy with your Inner Child 
Have you been stuck in a rut and don’t know where to go next? Watch this video to get all the ideas on how to connect with your inner child and explore life at a whole new level!! 

Membership Level: Creator
Release Date: April 10th

Meditation: Connecting To Your Inner Child
In this meditation, we will be connecting to your inner child imagination but also clearing old inner child struggles.

Membership Level: Creator
Release Date:
April 11th

How to Clear Inner Child Traumas  
Some of the deepest, most profound healing I’ve ever had was through this inner child technique that intuitively came to me when I first awakened. Everyone deserves to be free from their past. 

Membership Level:  Creator

Release Date: April 21st

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