June 2024 Video Schedule

Welcome to June, Starseeds! ☀️
This month, we explore family dynamics and personal growth!
It is the perfect time to reflect and improve the relationships with our loved ones. Our family members are chosen souls that teach us and help us evolve.
🌟 Ready to strengthen your bonds and grow together?

June 2024 Message to Humanity
Step into a time of reflection and transformation this June! Explore the significance of family dynamics and the importance of tradition. Gain a fresh perspective and be inspired to make conscious changes this month!

Membership Level: Seeker, Awakener & Creator
Release Date:
June 1st

How Likely Is The Apocolypse?

Have you ever wondered about the likelihood of the apocalypse? Discover the true potential impact of rising sea levels, volcanic eruptions, and more. Stay informed and be prepared!

Membership Level: Awakener & Creator
Release Date: June 5th

To Label Or Not To Label Podcast Podcast

Uncover the power of shedding labels and opening the door to limitless opportunities from the universe. Ready to reclaim your power?

Membership Level: Creator
Release Date:
June 11th

How to Survive The Apocolypse

Knowledge is power, especially during an apocalypse. Learn essential skills, from sourcing clean water to building fires, and be prepared for whatever comes your way. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource!

Membership Level:  Creator
Release Date: June 21st

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