Activate You Starseed MISSION Conscious Life Expo 2024

  • May 2024

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Are you questioning your life’s purpose? This video might hold the answers you’re searching for. Dive into the mysteries of starseed missions, life lessons, and unlocking your full potential. Get ready to step into your power and make a positive shift in your reality! Also, despite this looking like it’s from the 90’s it was recorded at the 2024 Conscious Life Expo! I’ll be at the 2025 one as well!! More details to come!

27 thoughts on “Activate You Starseed MISSION Conscious Life Expo 2024

  1. Wonderful video loved it all and especially the laughs and smiles so cool how energy brings it all together so amazing 🤩❤️❤️❤️love to all and big thanks Elizabeth 🤗🤗🦋🦋

  2. Wow!! Loved it. Your energy, enthusiasm and much more is contagious. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you in this beautiful presentation. I have been watching you for at least two years. I feel I have seen your high vibrational times, low’s and in between. Love seeing this aspect of your wonderful personality. Thank you so very much.

    I am so delighted that this speech has found its sovereignty. I love it more for its human rawness. According to my unconditionally loving mum, Brianne (my middle name) is English and is the feminine version of Brian.

  4. Nanaste. I usually never respond to videos but in this case I am making an exception. I enjoyed listening to the Conscious Lif Expo 2024 but whoever was in charge of recording this conference obviously fell asleep at the wheel. Elizabeth was out of view for most of the video. I am not criticizing anyone, as there could be a good reason for this, but only responding from an observational point of view. I hope the future recordings are managed better than this one. Elizabeth, you did a marvelous job with your presentation. You’re a super gal. Namaste and fucka yeah!!

  5. I cried SOOO MUCH when you did the 3 from the audience, but i really got a lot out of this! Thank you SO MUCH EA!! I pretty much consider you as my leader, and I can NOT wait for the moment where I finally get to meet you! I would have been hugging you if my name got pulled for ANYTHING lol FUCK YES!! You ARE AWESOME!😎 🙌🏻✨🫶

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