Members Coaching Call: Transitioning Energy, Mediumship, Matrix & Mission Work, Manifestation ++

  • May 2024

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Awakeners & Creators of the Cosmic Society dive into topics like: Transitioning Energy, Mediumship, Balancing Matrix & Mission Work, Manifestation, Shift Your Vibe and so much more!!

51 thoughts on “Members Coaching Call: Transitioning Energy, Mediumship, Matrix & Mission Work, Manifestation ++

  1. I do not know if it is me or not, but this coaching call seemed absolutely incredible. As usual, the guests were wonderful and definitely served the group. Also, on about the twelve minute ten second mark to twelve minute twenty second mark, what was the light? At first, I thought maybe it was just a camera issue. But I think it was something else. What was that? Also, powerful group message. Thank you, Elizabeth and thank you to all the guests.

  2. THIS CALL WAS OFF THE HOOK! One of these days I’ll take a day off work to attend LIVE and you’ll choose me!!!! I’m sooooo freaking excited! THANK YOU for your no BS authenticity and rawness!

  3. Thank you again soo much for calling me up and for the amazing advice, Elizabeth! Already putting it into action 🙂 I need to get as good as you at balancing mama duties and work! Sorry all for the wobbly camera, should really have put my laptop down!!

    1. I’m so relating to you Zoe and where you are at. I’m a busy mama too and do exactly the same! I have so many balls in the air and things I want to try-but no time for it all let alone myself. This was such a valuable coaching call but especially I feel you. (Side note-trying to be an author too this coaching call really spoke to me! ) bed to luck to you. Let’s keep envisioning that 5-10 year place where we are both bestselling authors and have time for everything we want 😊

  4. Did anyone notice the “orbs” next to me at 12:16? What is that? I wish EA could tune in to check what that was! Regardless, I’m so grateful to have been picked and even more so for the message relayed. Thx again, Elizabeth. I’ll be emailing you soon! ❤️

  5. Oh, yeah. It’s like when it all works out after spending so much time giving out, and within giving that out you start to see where those shots go to. And then you not only see it from you, but from the other also

  6. Amazing how with each coaching call that I feel the connection so deeply so soulfully that it helps me so so much to keep going on my dream to become omg a writer! Freedom wow I am starting that and I need to move on my 5 year goal yep that exactly what I am doing. As I am listening to this video I am having a huge I have been here before moment so much validation which I am so grateful for so thankful for the energy felt by us all❤️❤️ Big thanks Elizabeth and everyone and yes the change of higher vibration is happening ❤️❤️ Love to all see you all in the 5D💗💗💗💗💗

  7. I missed it the timing it was wrong, sorry I don’t want to add more pressure I see everyone saying something similar, but it felt weird as if I shouldn’t be there maybe not for me this time. Sending you love EA and her team

    1. At least you’re getting the alerts, I have not been getting them at all lately and I could not get into this live coaching call yesterday. Again 🙁 I’d love to get multiple alerts at this point, hehehe!

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