May 2024 Message to Humanity

  • May 2024

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In this video, Elizabeth April addresses the month of May and discusses the concepts of shifting and stabilizing. They explain that individuals may experience a sense of constant change and shifting between frequencies, leading to a higher vibration. Elizabeth April suggests that this is an opportune time to set intentions and manifest desires. The video concludes with a reminder to explore related content on soul mission and purpose.

54 thoughts on “May 2024 Message to Humanity

  1. Hi EA😊 and Community! ✨ Yes, I agree….a lot of “shifting” in the ethers and 3-D at this time. Going Forward! Finally! 😊 Much Love to All as We ride through May 2024. 😊✨. See ya on the Beach.❤️

  2. I had a quick energy work session the other day and have been purging heavily. Gut purging and sensitivity. Definitely feeling time dilation and exhaustion.
    But I know these things happen when we are shedding that old energy.

  3. Hey EA Community..
    Is this May Message to Humanity not for all members, including Seekers??
    I cant seem to watch more than a couple minutes of it?
    It shows all levels, above the video, suggesting it would be for all of us?
    Can anyone assist/ shed any light on this for me?

    Huge thx in advance! 🙏
    Viktoria (from London UK)

    1. Hi Viktoria!! You can try watching it on another browser like incognito browser if it’s not working with you. Moreover, you can message on the support chat if there’s anything else.

    2. You can watch it no matter what level of membership you have. Like what Chin Chin said, kindly try to open the video link in a different browser like incognito. Hope this helps!

  4. The ball dropped for sure!! Interesting to see literally everything not what it once was. Fighting to keep my immune system up because my energy system does feel weakened, but there’s also so much good in sight. Hold tight, fam…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

  5. Is it bad when EA says there are two ‘s’ words for this month and I hear myself thinking $h!+ storm?! I guess a lot of shifting happens that way too!! 😂 Thanks EA!

  6. EA thanks for the May update
    Please include a “Know your Mission” creators meditation this month
    I am missing these meditations a lot and one dedicated to know – remember my mission will be epic! Thanks for all that you do 💙

  7. Ahhh this is why I randomly started meditating again tonight and setting some intentions for self-love. I love doing something and then having something confirm the reasoning, like this video🥰 Thank you for posting! I’ll be waiting for the next one x

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