In the grand tapestry of existence, each of us embarks on a unique journey, and that’s a beautiful truth to embrace. Remember, my dear friend, you possess the power to be your own most profound teacher, to unearth the answers you seek from the depths of your own being.

Yet, if you’re curious about how I arrived at this moment in my extraordinary life, allow me to share the ever-evolving narrative of my existence.


From the earliest days, I grappled with a sense of not quite fitting in, a sentiment many of us know too well. Raised in a devout Catholic household, I bore the weight of extrasensory gifts – clairvoyance and mediumship

As a child, I communed with the unseen realms, glimpsing ghosts, sensing energies, and delving into the emotions and thoughts of others. My understanding of vibrational frequencies ran deep. Yet, this path was laden with challenges. My peers at school ridiculed my encounters with the unseen, labeling them as cries for attention. Even today, I occasionally hear such skepticism..

Navigating these poorly understood gifts in a world unprepared for them was no easy feat. My sensitivity was overwhelming, making crowded spaces a struggle. A clash of my Catholic upbringing and feelings of displacement plunged me into profound confusion.

At the tender age of ten, I made a pivotal decision. I muted my abilities, seeking belonging through sports and the approval of my peers. From a world of ethereal senses, I catapulted myself into a physical reality, where I finally found camaraderie and acceptance.


By the time I turned sixteen, existential questions plagued my mind. “Who are we? What’s our purpose in this vast cosmos?” Desperate for answers, I sought guidance from counselors, psychiatrists, teachers, parents, and even a priest.

Yet, no one could quench my thirst for understanding. It was then that my father introduced me to the concept of past life regression. With little knowledge but unwavering curiosity, I embarked on this journey and unearthed a tapestry of past lives.

In these previous incarnations, I took on roles of monks, healers, philosophers, and oracles, tasked with transmitting wisdom to benefit humanity. Some lifetimes were trials, marked by persecution and enslavement. The emotional tempest that followed this revelation shattered the illusion of my limited self, revealing a greater potential beyond societal constraints.

From this experience, I emerged with two profound certainties: reincarnation’s reality and the illusion of linear time. Armed with this newfound wisdom, I felt a calling to awaken others to their own boundless potential.


At the age of eighteen, my life took an astonishing twist as I found myself consciously abducted by extraterrestrial beings – yes, you heard it right, aliens!

Until then, I had scarcely contemplated their existence, deeming it irrelevant to my earthly existence. Little did I know that I would come face to face with this profound reality.

This encounter set in motion a relentless quest for answers. Who were these beings? Why had they descended upon our planet? Were they benevolent or malevolent? Every waking moment became a pursuit to unravel these mysteries and comprehend the universe’s intricate systems.

My DNA stirred awake, and my psychic, clairvoyant, and channeling abilities surged to extraordinary heights. I embarked on journeys through astral realms, engaged in lucid dreaming, read minds, and communicated with interdimensional entities in the sanctuary of my own room.

My life was forever altered.


My abduction, though terrifying, became a catalyst for my transformation. I express gratitude for it daily, for it paved the path to my present.

Today, I proudly embrace the role of a cosmic channeler, a public speaker, a spiritual influencer, and a celebrated artist. I have glimpsed the vibrational frequencies of truth and commit myself to disseminating that wisdom, fulfilling the karmic duty of enlightenment.

Never have I felt such profound happiness, fulfillment, and anticipation for the future. I am living in harmony with my authentic truth, and my mission is to guide others toward this luminous state of being.


Now that you’ve glimpsed into my journey, let’s delve into the queries that have been echoing within your soul. Questions about your cosmic identity, the dimensions beyond, the tapestry of lifetimes, self-discovery, and soul awakening. The lessons are myriad, but let’s begin with this one.

Release your expectations and attachments, dear friend. Join me on this odyssey called life, where we expand our consciousness and uncover the boundless possibilities that await.

Welcome to the TEAM Starseed; you’ve found your rightful place in this cosmic dance. Embrace the journey with open arms.