The Galactic Gathering Workshop

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🌟🔮 Sharing light codes, clearing the residual and opening to the potential across all dimensions 🌟🔮

Welcome to The Galactic Gathering Event – a groundbreaking journey of transformation at our in-person 2-day workshop hosted by Elizabeth April!

This extraordinary gathering is designed for starseeds, lightworkers, and those hungry for genuine in-person community connections & incredible activations. The Galactic Gathering is more than an event; it’s a cosmic portal designed to clear residual energies and activate untapped potential across all dimensions.


  • Learn powerful techniques to release and clear lingering energies, creating space for transformation.
  • Unlock your dormant potential across all dimensions through guided practices and insights.
  • Gain tools and understanding to align with your highest path, setting the stage for your optimal life journey.
  • Establish meaningful connections with like-minded Starseeds, building a supportive and lasting community.

Who Is This WORKSHOP For?

  • For cosmic souls ready to amplify their energy and align with the universe.
  • Calling all lightworkers passionate about illuminating the world together.
  • Dive into transformative experiences and genuine spiritual connections.
  • Join us for in-person connections and a supportive judgement-free community.

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