Who is Winning World War 3?

  • September 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of World War III and its connection to a hidden battle between the shadow government, humanity, and the Galactic Federation. They explore the idea that the enemy in this war is largely unknown and manipulate us because of our lack of awareness. Elizabeth April expresses frustration at the lack of understanding of the enemy and emphasizes the importance of awakening and being vigilant. They also touch on the idea of a new Earth where power is shared and the darkness is eradicated. Elizabeth April concludes by stating that while the war has already been won on a higher level, there is still a need for awareness and discernment in the ongoing battle.

91 thoughts on “Who is Winning World War 3?

  1. Hi Elizabeth great video as always 🙂 To me the real enemy is AI. It has no soul no connection to Source and absolutely hate everything organic. Every day when I mediate I send out the intention to heal everything organic in the Universe from the soulless AI and everything it touches in one way or another.

  2. Hmm, this topic is a very complex thing I feel. You know… How to put this into words? I’ve been trying to get my mind around what’s going on in the world and the possibilities that I have as an individual to become a part of a solution. Gandhi has always been a motivation to me to be the change that I want to see. After a decennia of going through deep cleansings and learning directly from plants and Eastern traditions, I came to realize it the war within that each individual needs to handle. This is just something that I discovered for my own process. Each individual is free to make their choice that all create their unique experiences that they signed for before entering this life’s experience. Without the shadow side we wouldn’t be able to recognize the light side and without knowing the light, shadow won’t have any form or part in existence. Because it would be just one thing that is the same for everyone. Today I understand that this is important to understand and experience the whole spectrum. Polarity is in essence the engine that drives creation into existence as we know it from our human experience. By practicing this balance and embracing the full spectrum I noticed that the conflicts are slowly disapearing because all parts are becoming more accepted for the rolls they have in my individual creation. Micro and macro perspective.
    Like you say EA, we came here to graduate on mind bending level from the biggest university in our universe. Souls are on a waiting list to come down here and yet we are here going through these wild opportunities of growth. So I can only find gratitude and start to love even the darkness for without them these opportunities wouldn’t even exist. So now our collective is going through a massive awakening that grows each day, more and more people are starting to see and so the game comes to light. Things will seem very bad because it is in the middle of the spotlight now. Only we never noticed how dark it was when we were sleeping. And yes it looks ugly, but now that e can start to see things as they are I trust and feel that we can all start to see from a more complete perspective to grow to another level of awareness and so our creation will become more in tune with that perspective the more souls are waking up.

    And I totally feel you on the human reaction and getting angry with your guides and the whole story. But I guess it is all part of the education that we wanted to get on this level of duality and transmuting it into unity again. Will duality no longer exist? I believe not because it we need an engine that drives to basic energies for the creation that we call life.

    Thank you for sharing this EA, I really love that your raw and honest with your own human experience and that you share this without any shame or resistance. Thank you for being you!

    Blessings to all of you here in the community and ace the exams and crazy test of this elite university!

    Love and gratitude,

  3. How do you know that the GFO isn’t part of the Matrix? They could be inside the AI bubble surrounding us, thereby covering the Original Earth (which you call the New Earth). I believe in angels, but aren’t they outside of the Federation? Can you explain contracts? I’ve heard they’re part of the Matrix too, meant to keep us going in circles on an illusory karmic wheel. I have so many questions, as I appreciate what you say and what David Icke says. You two are my best sources on the subject.

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