Membership Announcement!

  • September 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April addresses their members and announces some changes to the content and schedule for 2024. They explain that they are streamlining their content to be more efficient and focus on quality. The changes include moving the public podcast to a creator-only podcast, replacing the creator download with a creator how-to video, and adjusting the live events to have two coaching calls and one Q&A session. Elizabeth April also mentions that they are working on developing an app for the membership, with features like offline content viewing. Overall, they express gratitude to their members and emphasize the importance of the awakening movement.

70 thoughts on “Membership Announcement!

  1. So happy about the app I was going to ask you a while ago but I had a feeling you were on it anyway and you were. Thank you for mentioning to use the computer rather than iPhone I do get overwhelmed by how much there is and I love it but sometimes I don’t know where to start I’m very knew here.

  2. Sad because like the Q & A more.
    I listen to these before sleep and nicer to listen to one stable volume voice.
    But well nice that ppl are getting helped more personally also.

    1. I like QandA more also. I can see the ego of people who are selected and they try to get so much more than one question answered. I do not usually watch the coaching calls and do prefer the QandA.

  3. Hi Elizabeth! I’m a creator and wanted to say that it is a lot of content but not because it’s overwhelming but because, for me (if I listen deeply), it’s powerful. I have to stop and let points Land, resonate and change me. So I am actually pretty ‘behind’ at the moment (not that I care) because I’m really taking it in. It isn’t too much (or too little). I just like to digest it slowly. 💕Hilary

  4. You bathed and look fresh and festive today!! ✨👍🏼❤️🌈😘 the down n dirty sweatshirt days are great also…Thank you EA for all the fascinating information you consistently share!! Much gratitude to you and your content is amazing, whatever & however works best for your creation is always appreciated ! 🌺 AloooHa!!

  5. I’m so sad to see the Creator Download go! That was my top, top favorite. Always the most provocative one in the bunch for me! I never ever thought it was too much content, but I’m also ALWAYS the outlier on majority opinion, ha. Well, as it goes. “the only thing constant, is change.”

  6. Downloading videos onto an app would be a very useful function, Netflix has the same function to watch shows on your smartphone or tablet later when you don’t have an internet connection.

  7. I’m not new here so I don’t feel as some do, that there’s too much content. I caught up a long time ago so on an ongoing basis it is very easy to watch all your videos and take them in. So it doesn’t seem so much a switching up to me as a cutting back, especially as a Creator. We are loosing the Meditation, a podcast, a Q&A and now the Creator download. I understand you are needing a good work/life balance but are you going to reduce the membership fees as well? I am sad as I am going to have to consider if it is worth the cost as it is a big expense for me.

  8. AWESOME! Looking forward to the app!
    One thing to note about playing videos on the phone, make sure they can play in the background while the screen is off like the way YouTube videos can play when the screen is off. I like catching up on the videos while I’m busy doing things but when I use the phone to access them from the website I have to keep my screen on for them to play. Once the screen goes off the video stops.
    Hope you can make that work. Peace and Love to you all!

  9. Can we have a timeframe for when the app will be available or is it available now? I just searched for it in the Apple store and don’t see it. Is it Android only? Am I searching for the wrong thing?

    Also, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your example for work life balance while still trying to get the message out.

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