Starseeds of the Galactic Federation: Earth Incarnations

  • September 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the Starseed Earth missions as communicated by the Galactic Federation. They explain that individuals can join the Galactic Federation either by recruitment or by application, and they undergo rigorous testing, including frequency and genetic testing, to determine their suitability. Elizabeth April then goes on to describe different Starseed Earth missions such as healer, teacher, pillar, light warrior, grid worker, rebel, and retired. They also address the possibility of this being a persons first or last life on Earth, highlighting the symptoms and characteristics associated with each. The video aims to provide insight and validation to Starseeds and their missions on Earth.

161 thoughts on “Starseeds of the Galactic Federation: Earth Incarnations

  1. I for sure resonate with Satelite! It makes so much sense now! I am with EA and still 50/50 if this is my last or first life, but I am only 28 and
    I think more things will become clearer to me over time. (But holy shit I hope this is my last life or if it’s the first I hope I only have to come once!)

  2. def on the “This in shit” level. Ive been told by other spiritual teachers its my last life (I can sure feel that) and that im a healer . Can you be a healer and retired ? As always THANKYOU EA. I love your book (excited for the next someday) and really love this video as well. =)

  3. Im convinced my mission is to simply observe. I observe and people/humans dont understand my observations. I have perspectives others dont seem to share. And it makes so much sense to me that instead of sharing my observations I use them for myself to grow now.

  4. I feel like I’m a pillar and retired ! I think I’m in my last life and I woke up at age 42 and spent the first half of my life battling depression and self medicating with drugs not knowing why I didn’t feel good of feel right and just not normal then I overdosed in 2012, Suspect NDE and walk in partially and after that I appeared to have cleaned up my life being sick and tired of being sick and tired but I slowly started getting off the drugs and felt such a shift different than all the prior overdoses where it was more of the same ALSO I NEVER WANTED CHILDREN / no motherly instinct and never knew why but nope no way! lol meet my husband in 2014,: most calm stable Normal simple man opposite of me and really SAVED ME AND just let me BE ME stay home and work on my mevtsl health and I’m still here but in 2020 is when the awareness of the awkajebibg process ! I’m like WOW IM A TOTAL HYBRID FROM ARCTURUS lol and maybe ALCYON I feel like I had to clear out that karma plus I went through like surface level karma like being “ pretty “ and “ skinny” but struggled hating my inside ! Then I got fat and was not my normal body and face HOWEVER that is when I worked on my inside my dark knight and it was flip flopped ! Then last year I lost the 100lbs I gained and I all of a sudden look the best I ever have PLUS IM SO CONTENT and my children I Shoulc say are’ ‘plants and animals and my 4 cats but I’m so connected now to plants trees birds squirrels eat out of my hand and my cardinals “ visit daily” I see angel numbers all day every day since July 16th 2021 – I really need to gain

  5. I was obviously recruited by the GFL, im not surprised at all.
    I’m definitely a satellite, some what rebel, and super retired lol haha.
    My life is a drag lol.
    I’m also expected to have a starseed child that has never been to Earth before with my DM.
    This was helpful, and keeps me on track with the GFL.
    Thank you, you are very lovely.

  6. Thank you for your clear downloads, EA!
    I’m 78, awakened at 18 began my conscious life by rebelling against the church. I have cleared all the karma, my heart has fully opened after years of being armored, and I live in a frequency of neutrality now. During this life, I re-experienced briefly every single mission listed, and have lived a truly remarkable life, again! My first lifetime on Earth was in Lemuria (pendulum tells me that was real and not a simulation and I’ve always felt like a very old soul).
    I took part in the Harmonic Convergance in 1987 as a first wave of increasing consciousness. Life got really intense and I drove to the cliffs of Pismo beach in my 40’s and when I asked to be taken HOME I felt a huge energetic hand on the top of my head and the voice in the back of my head said, “My daughter, you ARE always home.” I’ve carried that “Peace that passeth all understanding” inside me in every cell since. I have NOT given up on humanity…and neither will my great-granddaughter who was born against all odds last month.

  7. Yep- last life- text book for what you have described ! I have studied and trained in 15 different areas of life and about 20 healing modalities- I get bored and know I know it already! I have so much to offer but I don’t seem to be seen! Had to reconcile a past life in rome by being abandoned as a 3 day old baby and all the years of emotional healing since!
    I often sit outside and talk to my family in the andromeda system – I often sob and cry out I want to go home!
    I feel humanity will succeed in becoming ‘one’ but I don’t have the energy to drive change and I sigh because I feel it’s a 250 year transition process ( I’ve seen it as a strong timeline) and I don’t want to come back for any more of the transition! I’ve been a Buddhist monk I’ve been drowned as a witch for healing I’ve died in the snow as a young child in the Industrial Revolution I’ve lost family and everything as a wealthy French merchant- I made ego decisions which cost the life of my sons as a Native American … I abandoned my wife and son in Rome … and the list goes on
    I have been tuned in all this life time but only fully awoke in my late 40’s!

    I can’t wait to go home
    Thanks EA!

  8. Last life and I feel like I was tricked into coming back. Definitely living through so much life trauma hence karma. It used to depress me but now I know that it is the last time so make it count. The older I get the more excited I get to knowing I’m going home and ascending from here.

  9. I love your content EA! I can see how one person can be or act in different ways at a specific time, moment or depending on the person you’re dealing with. I’m not so sure that one starseed is just one of these or has just one specific task/mission. For me, it’s been grid work, closing portals, healing, teaching/learning, grouding/pillar, even dealing with ET children…. all depending on what is happening on Earth, the times presented, the person am connecting with….

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