How to Discern Fake News vs. the Real Sh*t 

  • September 2023

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In this video, the creator discusses the importance of discerning between misinformation and reliable information. They emphasize the need for open-minded exploration without attachment and suggest listening to oneself and detaching when information becomes overwhelming or detrimental. They also recommend finding sources of information that present various perspectives objectively, allowing individuals to make their own informed choices. Additionally, the creator touches on the idea of a shadow government and encourages focusing on solutions and higher vibrations rather than getting caught up in fear and confusion.

44 thoughts on “How to Discern Fake News vs. the Real Sh*t 

  1. I get it, not for or against, and that you’re not using your influence by pushing one side. But personally, I don’t trust this experimental medicine to be put into my body. I’m against vax but not against the people that take it. I am pro-choice and against forcing it but if anyone feels fine about taking it, why not?

  2. It’s troubling to see EA judging things she doesn’t understand and admits she doesn’t know much about it as she’s dissing it. I’m talking about truths that exist within religion and the Q movement. It seems like she has some pretty hard bias and I’m saying that as a member whose been following her for years.

  3. It basically comes doen to intuition right ? Sorry I don’t have enough dosh to buy every little piece of info here.
    I already give away plenty of free consultations in my herbal business so yeh tithing pretty hard here lol. ☺

  4. I’ve only been awake awake for almost a year now! I’m already saying I’m done living in this world and ready for the new world! I need to just enjoy the ride instead of rushing it! My gifts and 5d self will be here soon and I just need to start living in the positive mindset

  5. I do not go looking for anything since that never worked for me – All that I have ever needed finds me including those who have info for my growth – I have been very protected all my life so I trust what comes – if it feels good, it is a good fit and you and Delores Cannon fit very well – Thank you for finding me and taking me to higher levels.

  6. You are right, EA! After all, Yeshua taught us that God will leave NO Soul behind! That means no matter what happens to them eventually they will be brought to their true selves in the LIght. In other words, we have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. All we can do is continue to be the best people we can be, and help Gaia and humanity to the best of our ability, and see the Christ in everyone who has a soul (not sure about those that don’t have souls! 😮 ), judge not lest ye not be judged, and remember that all of us were bad guys in past lives! God, I’m SO SICK of judging people!!! Aren’t you all?? Isn’t it tiring and exhausting?! I’m really done listening to anybody who is clearly judging even the bad guys. It simply does nobody any good, and it causes harm to boot.

  7. Thanks Elizabeth appreciate your openness to share your knowledge. Validation is a word that comes with your videos. I’ve been feeling and discussing these views for a while as I believe we must keep an open mind to feel and see the big picture for our earth and universe💖💖💖💖to restrict ourselves is the limit our ability to choose ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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