Meditation: Neutralizing Fear

  • September 2023

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The video titled Meditation: Neutralizing Fear guides viewers through a meditation practice to find inner peace and release fear. The instructor encourages deep breathing and letting go of thoughts that no longer serve us. The meditation focuses on bringing awareness to different areas of the body and releasing negative emotions. The video also emphasizes the importance of neutrality and observing emotions without judgment. By surrendering to the present moment and embracing light and darkness, viewers can achieve a state of balance and alignment. The practice concludes with a reminder to carry this sense of peace into everyday life.

41 thoughts on “Meditation: Neutralizing Fear

  1. My first time in one of your meditation, I was able to concentrate but suddenly it was hard for me to swallow my sílaba. My throat got very tight, I didn’t give up and finished the meditation. I believe something got liberated through my throat. Thank you EA 🙏🏻💜

  2. I don’t have fear, I never been in a lockdown, I have never worn a mask, I never notised any of ” cv19 ” my self. I’ve taking care of probably a couple of hundreds of incidents with leatal wepons, no fear, I have done that as a private citizen since I was 16…I have saved lifes since I was 5 with no fear of my own life, just a quick calculation what needed to be done.

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