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Introducing Aaron Doughty’s Monthly Coaching Program 
Are you ready to bridge the gap from where you are… to your DREAM life? 
(If you are on this page then my guess is YES!)
The Key is Changing Your Identity. Your Identity is NOT Permanent and Once you Break Free of it, a WHOLE New Reality Opens Up
I Will Teach You Step-by-Step How to SHIFT your Identity into living Your Dream life. 
I promise you that you will never be the same…
“outer reality” is a reflection of your inner beliefs…I will show you how to go BEYOND beliefs
and into BEING and how to become FREE in every area of your life


There is a max of 10 participants per group session. Each participant has the opportunity to submit 2 questions for EA to answer during the Group Session. During the session, EA will read each question and channel LIVE to provide answers, advice, and guidance from your higher self and spirit guides. 

The sessions will be recorded and available to each participant within 24 hours after the session is complete. 

Approximate Time: 90 minutes 

Note to our Australian & European Starseeds:

Every week we have alternating times which will service all of North America as well as our European and Australian Starseeds. Please use the timezone converter to see which one will work best for you!

Check Your Timezone Here!

Possible topics or questions you can ask:

⭐ Unblocking Chakra/Energy Blocks
⭐ Releasing Past Lives
⭐ Deeper Understanding of Interpersonal Dynamics
⭐ Work/Career/Mission
⭐ Cosmic Connections

**Please Note: The zoom links and group session confirmations will be sent to the email you have logged in with, please make note of this, it is your responsibility to check your email for the links.

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  1. Cynthia NOUHRA

    Thank you Elizabeth April for being part of the awakening and enabling awareness in your mission.

    1. LynP

      Let’s help EA to spread the light❤️

  2. Andrea Ortiz

    I haven’t attended this session yet but it was easy to purchase. Looking forward to the experience.

    1. LynP

      See you there🙏🙌