The Secret to Reprogramming Your Neural Network

  • March 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the importance of reprogramming our neural networks and offers insights into how to do so. They explain how trauma can impact our brains neural connections and how neuroplasticity allows us to change these connections. The main method suggested for reprogramming is bringing awareness to our thoughts and behaviors, utilizing the prefrontal cortex as a filter for our actions. Elizabeth April also mentions the potential benefits of plant medicine in clearing out neural pathways. They conclude by mentioning courses they offer to support individuals in reprogramming their brains.

28 thoughts on “The Secret to Reprogramming Your Neural Network

  1. I can say from experience magic mushrooms HAS changed my life especially my depression/mental health. I also micro dose every other day to help as well. I also love smoking js of marijuanna daily too! lol all the plants please .

    as always ThankYOU EA

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Great video again. Thank you so mucht! You mentioned (15’00-15’35”) plant medicine being used for reprogramming the brain, or rather ‘allowing the neural pathways to being cleared out’ and you ask for validation.
    From what I have heard, and I’m not an expert in this area by all means, when a trauma occurs your microbiome in your gut changes, and therefore the chemicals being produced that affect the brain. And likely sending you into a depression, ptsd of anxiety issues.
    When the microbiome is not corrected, your brain continues to be in that state.
    When taking plant medicine, it shifts the proportion of ‘healthy’ bacteria and the not so healthy bacteria, bringing the microbiome back to a normal, healthy balance and by doing so, there will be more normal and happy hormones/ chemicals produced which makes you feel better. Or at least back to normal.
    This is as to how I’ve understood it works. I hope it makes a bit of sense.

    keep up the good work! <3

  3. I just heard sb say that they found out women taking the pill ,which causes a simulation of a pregnancy in the womans body,makes them choose partners in a false way.The hormons that flood the brain make them think the man is perfect, but in truth it’s mostly not reality.

  4. Thank you EA!
    This is awesome!
    I started to practice this ( just cause it came to me a couple years back and I went with it ) involving the brain, nervous system and DNA. The more I put my awareness to an area in the body the more information showes up.
    I asked for the areas where I have patterns or low vibe system stored and like travelling in an animation movie I saw it forming and highlight what to change. Than I called in Pure Source Light and the frequency that assists to align with the highest good possible.

    My body heals faster. My clients body and mind heals faster. I’m more aware, my skin is nicer, I got flexible and stronger more than I ever was and my downloads are more potent and clear.

    I give huge blessings and thanks for it every day.
    However I know it’s just scratching the surface compared to what’s possible.

    It’s on the way…

    Have a magical day, everyone!

  5. Reprogramming the mind over the past couple of decades has also been an obsession of mine. EA has such a great amount of intuition and wisdom to add to the journey. Much love for all of this healing/expansive content.. that you can actually use and apply to live in a more powerful way ❤️

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