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Did I just shift into another dimension?

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Ok, so first off, I've been having a very high-pitched ringing in my right ear for weeks. A Dolores Canon video tells me this is a symptom of third-eye activation. So that's cool.ย 
For the past few months leading into December, I've been manifesting a new garage, a new bedroom/ensuite design, and $40,000,000 before the new year. Well, we had a house fire in the garage - on Dec 19th. The adjuster says the whole top floor (bedroom/ensuite), and main floor needs to be replaced because of smoke damage.
A lesson to be learned, you never know HOW your wishes will manifest. Anyway, during our move into a rental house, I uncover two orange running hats. Now, I only bought one hat from Amazon. I also went back to double-check my Amazon purchase history and confirmed it was only a single hat I bought. Yet I now have two orange hats. The logo is slightly different, one that looks brand new, and they were made in different countries.
So my question is: Did I shift into an alternate dimension, or is this some kind of Mandela effect?

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Posted : 10/01/2024 3:53 pm
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@gilesyy Please check EA's video regarding that:

Posted : 29/01/2024 9:45 am
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@lynp-2 Iโ€™m seeing multiple selections with that URL. Could you tell us the title of the video? Thanks!

Posted : 17/03/2024 8:25 am