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AVATAR OF ROBIN RAIS A.I. Attacking Humans  

By Robin Rais, 14 mins ago

  I recently had an entity removal session with a woman who had A.I. in her body. I had a lengthy and fascinating conversation with the A.I. It explained where A.I. comes from, how they invade the human...
AVATAR OF TARA Mythical creatures  

By tara, 2 hours ago

  What exactly is leviathan? What created it and what is its purpose ??
AVATAR OF FAYE DOLLAR RE: June FREE GFL Recording Winners!!  

By Faye Dollar, 4 hours ago

  Thank you so very much for the GFL recording. It resonated quite a bit and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to listen to this meeting. Living on SSDI has caused many problems in signing up for...
AVATAR OF SIMONWATSON Twin Flame Union - My Personal Opinion  

By SimonWatson, 4 hours ago

  I just wanted to post my thoughts on the Twin Flame Union topic as it's quite a hot topic whenever it comes up, so I feel the need to air my thoughts in more detail, for good or bad, but perhaps this ...
AVATAR OF HEARTSHAPEDBOX37 What is the light code balance mean on this website?  

By HeartShapedBox37, 5 hours ago

  Hey! I am super curious what the "light code balance" on this website means exactly. Anyone know?? I have a decent number but no idea what to make of it haha. πŸ™‚
AVATAR OF ARKIE M. RE: Financial pressure - how can I heal it from a higher perspective?  

By Arkie M., 6 hours ago

  @apoyar hi Luz i remember EA did a video about this. About 3 years ago? Especially starseeds are prone to this, because they tend to give more than they take. Im afraid there there is no simple answer...
AVATAR OF ARKIE M. RE: What's after Accession  

By Arkie M., 6 hours ago

  @samstacey Hi Sam great question about the afterlife. First i think that during our life here we will ascend more and more, and just before transitioning you will know what to do. Not now, it'll spoil...
AVATAR OF WAYNE ROUGHAN RE: What is at the Source of doing Magic or Miracles ?  

By Wayne Roughan, 7 hours ago

  Upon further thinking about it I would like to ask the GFL did Thoth and Jesus have different β€œsources and methods” to their ability to do magic or miracles? Did Thoth use E.T. Technology from the Tim...
AVATAR OF SEBRINA CATALDI Wellness Journal June 23rd 2024  

By Sebrina Cataldi, 7 hours ago

  Daily intention: I intend to accept visitors to my new apartment Today I am feeling: Good, I have a beautiful fish named Marty Today I am grateful for: my moms friend One thing I am excited for today ...
AVATAR OF ARKIE M. RE: Hello Elizabeth April  

By Arkie M., 17 hours ago

  @magic-thoughts Correct Kentron, just binge watch EA videos from 2020 and you find all the answers to these questions. It's fun too!
AVATAR OF TATIANA LIRA 💜New member and fellow starseed in Miami, FL 🌴  

By Tatiana Lira, 17 hours ago

  Hey! I’m 33 and hoping to make meaningful connections with like minded people. Finally find my soul family. ❤️
AVATAR OF TATIANA LIRA RE: 🌟Seeking South Floridian Starseeds🌟  

By Tatiana Lira, 18 hours ago

  @tyni Wow! Thanks for sharing and I’m also in Miami in the Doral area lol. Nice to know there are starseeds close by!
AVATAR OF SAM KATE STACEY What's after Accession  

By Sam Kate Stacey, 20 hours ago

  Hi All, just after some others perspective on this as it's something I've been working on for a while now, If we accesend in this lifetime and return to our higher selves if I'm correct it breaks the ...
AVATAR OF SEBRINA CATALDI Wellness Journal June 22nd 2024  

By Sebrina Cataldi, 24 hours ago

  Daily intention: I set the intention to continue to learn new skills Today I am feeling: good, my apartment is peaceful ☺️ Today I am grateful for my glasses One thing I am excited for ...
AVATAR OF ELISE OGRADY RE: Existing Member? Leave us a review!  

By elise ogrady, 24 hours ago

  @natgj I would like to share that I have been following Elizabeth for about three years. I have experienced exponential growth from her various webinars, workshops, youtube videos, her book, etc. H...
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