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RE: Replies to negative opinions  

By Joseph Franck, 26 mins ago

  Well said.
RE: dating online  

By Joseph Franck, 28 mins ago

  Yeah I've never been on pof tinder or whatever lol
Narcissist and Empath or Angel/Starseed and Lizard Person  

By sarahreilly708, 30 mins ago

  To balance the light and dark or to have polarity are Narcissists and Empaths or Angel/Starseed & Lizard People often in relationship with one another? Also does the GFL ever help out some of us ...
RE: water  

By Joseph Franck, 32 mins ago

  Before you drink water or anything including food. You can charge them. In your minds eye say I transmute or charge this with source frequency. I do this often now
RE: How was the GFL created?  

By Joseph Franck, 36 mins ago

  Gfl was formed during the draconian expansion through the youniverse,reptilians. Some of these reptilians eventually fled to earth in a failed attempt to usurp the throne.the draconians would give yo...
RE: What are your thoughts on the existence of Reptilians, Annunaki, and other extraterrestrial beings in our cosmic universe?  

By Joseph Franck, 48 mins ago

  What's interesting is I'm sure I've never been abducted by aliens.i have a buddy who said he was abducted by aliens as a child actually I've known him as long as my buddy who hung himself last year
RE: What are your thoughts on the existence of Reptilians, Annunaki, and other extraterrestrial beings in our cosmic universe?  

By Joseph Franck, 50 mins ago

  I've always felt like an alien in a human body. I wasn't surprised to hear I've lived past lives in the January 21st coaching call. I'd be lying if I said my mind wasn't blown when I found out I was t...
RE: How do you approach the idea of self-love and self-care?  

By Joseph Franck, 56 mins ago

  All of the above comments. unconditional love in your heart will follow
RE: Why is gold important to aliens ?  

By Joseph Franck, 59 mins ago

  Like silver it has electro magnetic properties.enki was sent to earth, later enlil came.the annunaki wanted gold to try and fix their atmosphere. It can be broken down and help reinforce Nibiru atmosp...
RE: How old are civilizations on earth  

By Joseph Franck, 1 hour ago

  Sumerians are the oldest recorded ancient civilization. The annunaki were here before that.i think around 15 million ago.only thing I'm not sure of is the time frame
RE: How was the GFL created?  

By Arkie M., 2 hours ago

  @foxyrach26 Good question Rachel! I did try to gather more interesting facts in this topic About the GFL

By Arkie M., 2 hours ago

  @viakovacs1 It is so accurate, at first i used it on a daily basis. Now every month! Make sure you choose the right alphabet when giving in your name.
RE: My Astrology and numerology  

By Joseph Franck, 2 hours ago

  Month day year plus time of your birth.i had numerology report done last year.
How was the GFL created?  

By RachelG, 9 hours ago

  Hi EA! When was the GFL created and who created it? Do they answer to anyone? If so, who?

By Via Kovacs, 14 hours ago

  @lighthealer_arkie Thank you so much for the links. (numerology and the Android app)
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