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Channel this month ? Dogs new mystery respiratory illness?

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Can you channel this month why all of a sudden there is a contagious respiratory illness spreading across the US just for dogs? It seems sus like they may have done something to affect our dogs to know that it will lower mass amount of peoples vibrations by attacking the heart of our souls and instilling fear and sadness. I also received an email to go vaccinated my dog for this illness spreading which also seems suspicious. I donโ€™t live with fear but my intuition is telling me something seems off about this situation. My dog has CHF and coughs everywhere we go and itโ€™s like covid ptsd for people looking at me with judgement like my dog has the contagious virus ย 🤦 🙄ย 

please help clear this up Im sure for a lot of us?

much gratitude 🙏 if you can 🤗


Posted : 01/12/2023 8:21 pm
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@austinchic Thank you for posting your questions!

Posted : 04/12/2023 6:07 am