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I'm still dreaming (I think)

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So last night I had a very unusual dream for me except it involved me dreaming about being asleep and having a vivid dream.ย  This was it:

Last night I think I had the most thought provoking dream I have ever. It came in a series since I had to get up a couple of times. The location was sort of in a small house that was 2 doors up the street from the house in which I grew up.ย  The first thing I recall is I was having a very intense dream.ย  I kept feeling something in the center of my brain "light up" and then I felt a kind of quivering inside my head and like I was having lightening in my brain.ย  I realized in this dream I could not move.ย  I also remember trying to yell so I would wake up.ย  I could not make any noise or atย  least I did not think I could be heard. So I decided since I was dreaming I should see what was coming next. Sometime after that is when the conversation began.ย  In my dream's dream I was sleeping on a cot in the corner of a small room then I was sitting on the side of the bed.ย  I began having this conversation with what I originally thought was my late brother who I see regularly in dreams.ย  But I could not see who was speaking to me and realized it wasn't my brother. I asked where they were and he (I think) said he was sitting next to me on my left and was touching my shoulder. He said he was looking after me and that I would be able to see him at another time. I also felt more "Light" in my brain but I wasn't sure whether it was in the dream or not. I was struggling to determine which level of consciousness I was at.ย  I could not tell if I was in the dream on the cot, dreaming about the dream on the cot, or in a light sleep in my own bed. Then I woke up on the cot and realized there were several people sharing the room with me as if they also had to sleep there.ย  It is then I realized this place belonged to my oldest brother (not the deceased one), who often had lots of people at his place. But this was no celebration.ย  I simply don't know why we were all there. Perhaps hiding maybe.ย  Then I walked into the next room which was the kitchen where several people were there drinking coffee, making something to eat, or just talking. There was a guy who had an enormous beard that was a wide as his shoulders and below his beltline. People were listening to him very intently. I didn't see my brother and I remembered my dog was with me but I didn't see him.ย  So I opened the screened door and went outside to find him. The backyard was a clutter of tall bushes and weeds and a clothes line like most people had when I was growing up. My brain was still lighting up and I could "see" blue and white lights going from my left side to the right back and forth.ย  It seemed to move as I moved. I don't understand how I could see inside my brain, I just understood I could see inside my body somehow. Then I got frustrated I could not find my dog and "something" told me he was nearby but on the other side of the neighbor's chain link fence playing with kids.ย  Then I literally woke up in my own bed. It was 3:33 am.ย ย I got up, went to the bathroom and came back to bed.ย  Apparently I went right back to sleep and that's when it felt like I was being bumped around and I could feel a shuddering through my body but I could not move. Not being able to move is very upsetting to me. The shuddering is pretty bad sometimes and I try to yell out even though there is nobody to yell to in my house except for my dog (who went downstairs during that time, by the way โ€“ he never does that).ย  I then realized my mother was in that little house and was trying to go somewhere.ย  I am not sure where she wanted to go but she was not happy about it. I wanted to help her because she was going to walk and she left while I was looking for my dog.ย  I followed her on foot for some time but never caught up with her and lost sight of her. I woke up again, I think.ย  I spent some time thinking about the dreams. I'm not sure why this may be relevant but my mom passed away 10 years ago.ย ย ย 

That's as clearly as I can remember my dreams from last night. I'm very curious if anyone has had similar experiences.ย  The voice and the lights in my brain are a new thing for me.ย  I'm going to put it to the power of suggestion with all this talk about lightworkers.ย  I don't know what to make of the shuddering and immobility. I will try to revisit the scene again tonight. Wish me luck.

Posted : 07/02/2024 7:33 pm
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@corkymitchell Wow! Thank you for sharing this! Goodluck😊

Posted : 08/02/2024 7:24 am