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Beauty, cosmetics

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I think this topic never have been discuted before, and I never hear EA talking about it.

I'm so curious about her vision of beauty, and cosmetics (Makeup, skin care, hair, nail, shampoo, etc..).

She also use makeup, and do dye her hair. I would like to know her point of view on this topic. Because, we all know that beauty industry is corrupted, unhealthy, full of chemicals and this topic touch so many of us. I also want to know the type of products she us, and some recommandations ?

do she use more natural or ethical products ?

I don't use makeup anymore, because I feel too bad knowing about all the chemical there's in makeup. and also skin care routine and shampoo. I try to use more natural products.


Posted : 18/12/2023 7:20 pm
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@acara16 Thank you for your questions!

Posted : 17/01/2024 6:02 am