Reptilian Shapeshifters 101

  • July 2021

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In this video titled Reptilian Shapeshifters 101, the creator discusses the topic of reptilian shapeshifters. They provide their own channelled information and personal experiences with these beings. They explain the history of reptilians on Earth and the connection to human DNA. The video emphasizes the need to approach reptilians with compassion and love, rather than fear. The creator also shares tips on how to interact with them and protect oneself energetically. They conclude with a merchandise sale and ask for donations.

3 thoughts on “Reptilian Shapeshifters 101

  1. I’m new to the scene but am curious and open to believing in this stuff, and as such I’m doing the research on both sides. EA says in this video she doesn’t do any research on reptilians and her info comes from direct channeling, but also at 18:00mins she says she previously has researched reptilian theories such as David Icke, so wondering which came first in her life. And yes I am still skeptical about channeling and astral travel knowledge as reliable source cause you never know these days, lots of great actors/storytellers out there. But I am open to believing in this as EA has a very positive and bright vibe but just have healthy skepticism moments that prompt me to ask questions. When I research the other side that debunks the basis of David Icke’s reptilian theories, those also seem pretty sound.

    1. Welcome to the community🙌 It is totally ok to get a lot of questions and confusion at this stage but a good thing as early as now you are already using your discernment. 🥰 Welcome to the awakening journey❤️✨🙏

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