REPTILIANS. The Truth, It’s Time

  • July 2021

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses their personal experiences with reptilians and the information they have received from the Galactic Federation. They talk about how reptilians have been on Earth long before humans and how they have manipulated and controlled society. Elizabeth April also shares their own encounters with reptilian shape-shifters and the psychic attacks they have experienced. The video ends with an affirmation to dismantle the reptilian DNA within oneself.

22 thoughts on “REPTILIANS. The Truth, It’s Time

  1. The GFL told the reptilians they were no longer allowed to interfere with the humans. They did it anyway, for thousands of years. Why were they allowed to mess with humans all this time with no consequences?

  2. Omg AE- thank you so so so much for this video. As you were talking about your experience dating the reptilian shapeshifter my humans little heart was so racy. I had an incredibly similar experience with an ex. I saw his eyes change all the time when he would be yelling… they would go completely black. I have grown so much and stepped into my power since then but now I see the full picture of what was going on. It’s so validating to hear another light worker talking about this experience because at the time I knew it was something dark but couldn’t put my finger on it (also because he was doing a ton of brainwashing and manipulation I was so confused at the time). I have more I could say but maybe later. I’m a new member and all your work resonates across the board. Thank you for all you do.
    Love and light

  3. Omg EA, I’m so happy to hear someone else had a similar dating experience to mine! I dated someone a long time ago and they were definitely a Reptilian. I didn’t know at the time (I wasn’t aware of reptilians yet) but something was always off and I didn’t feel good about myself while I was with them! it makes me sick thinking about it but I was young and naive and thought they really cared about me when they really only cared about themselves.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and giving us all this information – super helpful!

  4. I have so many questions! What happens if they are seen by humans? Do they pose any physical threat to us…. like would I be able to ward one off if it tried attacking me? (i’m about 6′ 200lbs and can handle myself in hand to hand combat with humans my size or larger. lol) Are they aware of this video you made?

    Given that they control us through the media, politicians, hollywood and music, do you listen to any music? do you watch any movies? I understand the desire to not expose yourself to potentially be manipulated by these beings but not listening to music would make life such a drag for me! I get inspired and connected every day listening to great artists. I have tons of movies I love as well….

    Anyway, cool video, thanks!

  5. I have a reptilian parallel and he is a beautifully loving aspect of me. I transformed into him while astral traveling. I also have had experiences with many loving reptilians. So I’m familiar with both the light and dark of the species.

  6. I am so excited to hear your talks about Reptilians. I’ve had personal experiences, and talking about it somehow allowed more people to talk to me about their own experiences. It is fascinating. And not all Reptilians are bad. I believe we are learning from each other. So thank you so much ♥

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