Members Q&A: The Firmament, Timeline Hopping, Pharmaceuticals & Awakening, Manifesting ++

  • January 2023

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In this Q&A video, Elizabeth April shares updates on her recent trip to Mexico, discusses her experience with anxiety on planes, and explores topics such as the firmament, pharmaceuticals and their impact on spiritual growth, timeline jumping, and manifesting. Elizabeth April offers insights based on her own experiences, channelings, and observations and provides advice on various topics raised by viewers. She also encourages viewers to submit questions and participate in the community forum for more in-depth discussions.

Awakeners & Creators dive into topics like: The Firmament, Timeline Hopping, Pharmaceuticals & Awakening, Manifesting, Curses, Elite Karma, Feeling Lonely, Cold Sensations, Snoozing Spiritual Gifts + so much more!!!

24 thoughts on “Members Q&A: The Firmament, Timeline Hopping, Pharmaceuticals & Awakening, Manifesting ++

  1. Hmm, I heard there could be nanobot or microscopic implants among other things in pharma stuff like totally not mind/mood/body/spirit! control. It ruined my body, erased my memories and felt numb and blank slated… praying and doing yoga and eaiting right helps bring things back into alignment though. The real meds seem to be organic and what can be traced to Source as it’s a vibrational match with the morphogenetic field of human genetics. The one most useful med that truly helped and made a difference for loved ones and myself when it was introduced to me just a few years ago was mushrooms which are good to boost mood and feel connected to life and the planet which makes for compassionate happy people in unity consciousness! They are also aerosolizing it in sprays now whcih is nice if organic (non-gmo of course), effective and harmless. This stuff is out in natire, free and is made from God code like all sentient life similarly on Earth. And since all living organisms are tied in a unified morphogenetic field linked to planetary consciosuness, the vbrational organic match of natural based meds are usually better for the body I feel.

    There are also Three Founder Races that are the co-creators of this universe in this Universal Time Matrix consisting of 5 densities/harmonics with 12 time fields in 15 dimensions of divinely coded space time from the primal light of source that for Earth, is based on the Diamond Sun DNA Silicate Matrix blueprint that is the basis for ascension back to Source. The Three Founder Races/Rays are Cetacean, Avian Seraphim and Feline/Lyran Elohim with the Three Rays being Magenta (15D-C), Gold (14D-AS) and Aquamarine/Emerlad (13-FE). The universe and Earth that was created are also NOT* false light matrix systems based on ai bi-wave architecture contrived to trap human consciosuness in a consumptive vampiric model by the Fallen Angleics, Lucis and Satnists, but based on tri-wave trinitized modeling that is based on open source divine coding that is intelligent infinity itself as it can always be traced back to source and regenerate from it unlike the “death sciences”, Flower of Life (“Daisy of Doom”/Fibbonaci sequence based) closed loop parastic world systems constrcuted to cannabalize and dumb down human consciousness since the dawn of time on the planet.

    Are there no dangers to timeline hopping then? If something is done to quantumly entangle and materially change the outcome somewhere else, isn’t that kind of like cheating karma and does that not violate the divine Law of Cause and Effect bc everyone must transmute individual karma to ascend in consciousness? So this being could be a prisoner stuck between the border of two timelines in space/dimension somewhere to have compassion for the spirits whose lives it changed and wasn’t allowed to complete their life run to learn the lessons needed in that incarnation mb. idk.

    Hey, Elizabeth means “God’s promise” and Bodhi means compassion in Buddhism, like the infintiely wise compassion of the bodhisattvas… such a good pair of names here. : ) Prayers help to smooth the ride and delivery too and can mitigate karma and is most potent in utero when the little one is very susceptible to sound esp. Goodluck and will pray all goes well there. 🪷✨

  2. Thank you so much for answering my question on manifestation. I didn’t mention in my question that I want to manifest financial abundance but that’s the direction you went in – you must have picked up on what I wanted to hear, love it! I’ve taken on board what you said and going to follow your instructions. Take care EA ❤️

  3. I swear we are alinged you us the members.. are you reading my mind?¿ ?😉😁🙃… I’ve been wanting to ask almost all of these questions and even before u read it i thought it… it’s truly amazing to finally know you’re not alone when you are alone… 💜 I have always felt this way my entire life and never voiced it.. and I found you maybe a month and a half ago and honestly you are probably saving my life right now.. I’m sorry I’m saying this here… I’ve wanted to try to connect with you.. but im not sure if that’s possible or even right of me and if it is idk where I’m suppose to do this.. I know you see these cmments…

    I’m just truly grateful for you. You are a beautiful soul and you have total understanding.. I’ve seen others say what u say on GAIA but they seemed like
    theey were trying too hard to sell it… I know they weren’t but in the moment i wanted to. Believe but it was difficult because it felt forced. But thr grace of your delivery and your understanding and acceptance is just well you know.. it is a shame that not everyone can be.. but we have freewill and I wouldn’t ever wish someone to not have that.

    Just know you truly have saved me in this life. I I feel like I’m finay alingeing to where I’m suppose to be.. because of you, I can finally see that what I always hoped/believed is the truth.
    We all love you EA!👽

    Plus the baby weight is looking great on you!! you’re glowier🫠😇🤭🤰👼

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    -💜Mel ro👽

  4. I really enjoyed this Q&A – thanks EA. Most of these questions have been heavily on my mind for a while so it’s awesome to hear them addressed in this way. Sending love to all in this community! If you’re like me, it’s been an exhausting time both in 5D and 3D and I’m going through the motions.

  5. hello there, sweet Elizabeth…just know that being pregnant IS in a way being a shuttle…and that makes it even more special, and yes eat in little bits….it’s a loooong while ago but I still remember. Glad you enjoyed Mexico so much. The two of you, in fact the tree of you deserve the very best. Thanks for this Q&A. Save trip home. Loving greets from Belgium.

  6. Things on the astral are not concrete. For example entities can change their avatar and visuals. Also even remote viewing something produces infividual distortions.

    Also round is 2d circle and sphere or egg is 3d.

  7. Thank you, beloved EA! Not that anyone is reading this, but I’m pretty sure that the flat earth concept was created by Enki the ai god to deceive us. Just FYI, my Uncle Loren was Payload Specialist on the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1985 (the shuttle that later blew up in 1986). I assure you, he saw our very glorious round earth with his own eyes!

    1. Someone channelled the issue of Flat Earth some time ago (sadly I don’t remember who and when).
      The gist is, that it is merely a matter of the collective.
      If the majority believes the Earth is flat, so will it be.
      Apparently there was a timeline in the distant past where the majority did actuqlly believe in a flat Earth and in that timeline it was indeed flat. However it has been round for quite some millennia in the current timelines. And is bound to stay that way.
      Current Flat Earth supporters are not fully wrong, but they do remember (or rather connect to) another lifetime in one of these ancient Flat Earth timelines. They have such a strong connection, that it bleeds over into their current timeline.

      1. Hi it has nothing to with timelines . Earth has never been flat in any timeline because it’s a matter of geometry . All the physical reality we perceive as reality is created from 6D. ( I wrote a lot about it on my FB). And Source divided itself just like the Zygote cell divides itself to create a human body.

        “As above, so below” is there any microorganisms flat or in you ? Or an Atom or any particle flat ?
        No Sorry.

        If people would study geometry, math, biology and or sacred geometry they would understand it was never flat. Go to a cliff and observe the boat on a far horizon and they will see it comes in a curvature angle; first they see the funnel of the ship first before you see the deck. 🤓

        Timeline is simply a vibration field or imprint we can tap into. And no trauma was left about that … if anything all ancients like Atlantis then Egyptians knew it was a sphere then the Greeks re-wrote about it on the 5th century BC… Then in the Middle Ages a lot of knowledge was burned down by the Church and flat Earth theory came around for a bit … but even that time it held no energy imprint around it to create a so called “timeline” we could tap into today.

        The only reason people want to believe conspiracy like that is because they want to experience that. We all have gone though the experience of being “fooled” or been a “victim” etc at some point and then we realize the other side of the coin, duality at some point. ☯️ People simply are experiencing “confusion, Being lost , being fooled etc ”

        It’s like not wanting to let go of believing in Santa etc . It’s all just an experience . Let them be and one day when they are done experiencing that, they will outgrow from it … and maybe decide then to be experiencing the other side of that coin, that duality ☯️ They might be the perpetrators instead of the victim , and they themselves will be writing conspiracies instead 😉🤗

        Much love ❤️
        At FB @CosmicMessengers

    2. Very cool Judy! Yes I wonder even why something like flat earth would be created by the elites? Like why bother? Just misinformation I guess to confuse humanity… what else is new lol 😂

    3. Sorry Enki “Ai God” is simply a conspiracy. So, no Enki did not create “Earth human made” conspiracies like the flat Earth”. Why blame an ET for human created issues ??? Does that honestly make sense dear one? I sense anger and frustration in your delivery. He was was here around 370k till around 3.8k thousand years ago!

      If you read the Sumerian scriptures or listen to what many scholars have said and Channelers too, like myself Enki is the good ET, a geneticist. Enlil was the regressive one… even a quick read like wiki … portrays him as the bad one ..he was banned to the underworld etc.

      Glad to hear you are clear regarding the Earth being a sphere like EA focused to mention the part you said was correct. Thank you for sharing your family experience 🤗

      At FB @cosmicmesengers

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