The Equation for Happiness

  • January 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of happiness and its importance in life. They emphasize the need for acceptance and appreciation as key factors in achieving happiness. Elizabeth April shares personal experiences and suggests that by accepting challenges and changes in life, while also practicing gratitude, one can find true and lasting happiness. They believe that happiness is a choice that individuals have the power to make for themselves.

24 thoughts on “The Equation for Happiness

  1. Feeling the heavy message at the end of the video 22:22 when you said “you deserve happiness” Yes yes yes. More happiness please. Acceptance is a new practice for me, as is this journey in general. I find the more I accept it becomes easier to see other things I need to accept. Baby steps lead to big leaps here. Feeling happier and more myself than ever.
    Thank you for this message EA! <3

  2. Thanks for the video! ❤️

    I think acceptance and gratitude is the equation for inner peace. It is work to achieve this space, it is our job to try to maintain this space. It is a prerequisite for attaining longstanding happiness.

    Happiness is the feeling byproduct of giving and recieving love. It is the feeling of joy that comes with loving your partner, your kids, the sunrise, etc. Happiness is fleeting without peace to hold space for the happiness.

    For example, inorder to tap into source energy, the ultimate unconditional love experience, you need inner peace to open up the space and let it in. But inner peace does not necessarily mean you tap into love from source either. You have to give love to recieve love, offer your love to source. Stay in peace. Wait for the “love” responce which is blissful happiness to fill the space you created with peace.

    Those who desire this utmost in happiness, drunk on source energy of love, seeing christ consciousness on a daily basis, can do this. You CAN be happy all the time. It was shown by example through guru’s and masters. That is the ultimate goal. Finishing chapter. It is then our job to share this love with others.

  3. @Elizabeth , the quote on change that you may be referring to may be this one, from Héraclite of Éphèse. He is one of the main greek pre-socratic (about 500 before christ) philosopher.

    “Nothing is permanent except change.”

    Still wondering why does ‘change’, and consequently life scares us. Is it deeply rooted in human beings ? Or is it due to our history, some kind of collective unconscious.

  4. thank you. I think in development countries life is basically too good in ways, and in Russia and other places like South Africa when you have to walk 20 miles a day for water it’s very easy to appreciate the small things in life that make us happy. Basically, we have an abundance issue already. Personally, I do not think more abundance will make most people happy. I just need a physical relationship with a nice woman that’s all the motivation I need. Any ideas?

  5. In my humble opinion, “acceptance” still involves judgment. Like: “I know you are like this and that (judgment), but I accept you.” “I accept your nice and crappy sides.” It judges things as good and bad.
    And there is also a hint of superiority in “acceptance”.

    If we take judgment and superiority out of the equation, we get “allowance”. E.g. “I am in allowance with you, whatever that might be, however that might look like.”

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