10mm Elizabeth April Channeled Angel Sacred Geometry Limited Edition Cosmic Species Stretch Bracelet


The Limited Edition Elizabeth April Channeled Bracelets are here! These beautiful bracelets were created to help you expand and shift to your highest vibration. This project was in the works for OVER A YEAR! We wanted everything to be perfect. The specific beads in each of these bracelets are the highest AA grade beads we could find, chosen from a variety of places worldwide. We provide 6 epic species bracelets, all channeled by EA, as well as one limited EA Awaken Bracelet! Want to take the quiz to find out what species of your cosmic family you resonate with? >

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The EA Channeled ANGEL Species Bracelet! This combo of rare Mother of Pearl beads and Canadian Howlite are the perfect channeled pair to be included in the Angel bracelet. Mother of Pearl is a rare bead, another first in the Lily Rose collection, matched with the marbled duality of the gorgeous Howlite.

Mother of Pearl carries the incredible healing power of the ocean. Bringing a sense of calm and deep peace. It is known to stimulate the mind, increase intuition, psychic abilities and imagination. Embodying the Angel species, Mother of pearl brings forth a motherly protection by transmuting negative energies into energies of abundance and prosperity. This energy calms any fear or anxiety, while opening a person up to express their love freely. Another very angelic stone, Howlite, enhances relief from pain in the physical, spiritual and emotional body. Howlite brings peace and overall happiness by transmuting the negative energies that other people might try to project. Angel Hybrids tend to be taken advantage of because of their good-hearted pure nature. Howlite is a crystal that will block these effects by being a powerful attunement stone connecting to the higher spiritual realm. Be prepared for higher wisdom and connection with your ancestors who want to provide you with infinite beneficial wisdom.

10mm Elizabeth April Channeled Angel Sacred Geometry Limited Edition Cosmic Species Stretch Bracelet $55.55