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Prime Creator, Meditation, at death, Earth Changes

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  1. Who is the Prime Creator of the Earth?  How many Prime Creators exist in this universe? To whom does the GFS's leadership report?  Are they accountable to or have access to the Prime Creators?  
  2. When we meditate, we are invoking the spirit beings in the spirit world of the Light in the highest realms - we may be asking for answers to life's needs, for healing, wisdom, guidance, protection and more. Is this in synch with the GFS and other species of the light in the universes?  Do they call on the spirit world for their support?
  3. When we pass over, do we pass over to the level of consciousness in the spirit world from which we originated or maybe we go further depending on how we "grew" in this life on Earth?  Does every species in the universe "die" and pass back to the spirit world at some point?
  4. We are aware that the "Earth Changes" are imminent - 2024 looks to be a very challenging time for mankind - Can you share insights for star seeds that might give more comfort and reassurance in the "awakening process"- also how to prepare more adequately.  
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Posted : 02/12/2023 4:11 pm
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@transtec You can check EA's video regarding that topic:

Posted : 04/12/2023 5:02 am