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Light flashes in the house

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Has anyone been experiencing and seeing light flashes around? And do you know what is it? Its been going on for few months now for me and getting more intense. Its like literaly light beams and flashes all around, sometimes looking like a movement and sometimes like a spiraling portal vortex that quickly dissapers. I only see it in my house and house of one other friend that sees it too. Nowhere else for now. I would really like to know what could that possibly be. Recently those light flashes have literally started dancing around me at moments. They are not orbs,its different. Its not upleasent but just super weird.ย 

Posted : 02/01/2024 5:01 am
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@universeisyou5 Thank you for posting your questions!

Posted : 02/01/2024 7:21 am
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@universeisyou5 Next time when you see the flashes, try to massage the temples on your head. That is,ย  if you want to get rid of them. Something inside your house is triggering it. Same for your friend. You could say it's related with releasing some old trauma and thusย  an ascension symptom. During the massage say some assuring words to yourself. Like "it's safe here; all old trauma is processed and understood". Your body is linking some old trauma with the house where it took place. The house becomes a trigger.

Posted : 11/01/2024 4:39 pm
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@lighthealer_arkie Interesting perspective, thank you ,I will try that.

Posted : 11/01/2024 4:57 pm
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