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New energy technology

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Hey, EA/Cosmic society have you seen the plasmoid thunderstorm generator tech that was open sourced recently ?

According to some of the info if seen it supposed to be an attachment/modification for fossil fuel engines. It extremely improves efficiency using water and air to manifest energy. It uses the plasmoid unification model of energy, which reconciles energy, sound, light, and sacred geometry into one diagram. Supposed to only need fossil fuels to achieve initial plasmoid heat requirements then runs off of water. I feel that this is a step toward free energy sovereignty/unity of our species.

This is A Randall Carlson clip discussing it on a podcast.

Love and light


Posted : 21/01/2024 8:06 pm
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@ascenderll555 Interesting! Thank you for sharing!

Posted : 30/01/2024 6:27 am