Does the government know about Inner Earth?

  • July 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the topic of whether governments are aware of and have interactions with Inner Earth, a concept that refers to civilizations located beneath the Earths surface. They mention that governments have been aware of Inner Earth for a long time and even visited the main entrance in Antarctica. Treaties have been established, allowing the inner Earth keepers, chosen individuals, to guard the entrances and exits to Inner Earth. There are restrictions on extracting resources from Inner Earth, but certain areas can be dug for various reasons. Elizabeth April describes our governments as brutish, but Inner Earth civilizations are familiar with the reptilians who control them. However, Elizabeth April states that it doesnt matter what the governments want because the Galactic Federation is ultimately in charge and will intervene if necessary. Additionally, there is a treaty prohibiting interactions between inner civilizations and above-ground civilizations.

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