Atlantis & Lemurian Starseed Activation

  • July 2022

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Liberia, specifically focusing on their connection to Palladian star seeds. Elizabeth April shares information about the history, downfall, and division of these civilizations, as well as the impact it has on present-day individuals. The video emphasizes the need for awakening and healing, and encourages viewers to remember their roots and forgive themselves for past traumas. Elizabeth April also highlights the importance of activating DNA and aligning with the crystalline energy to transcend current challenges and elevate consciousness.

15 thoughts on “Atlantis & Lemurian Starseed Activation

  1. What if I just have a “Fuck It” necklace, but no tattoos or piercings? I’m 53, a woman, an artist, former fine arts professor at the Maryland institute college of art and George Washington University in DC, I quit in protest of corruption. I’m def an old fuskcing soul. I say this with a sense of humor, of course, but also, with some curiosity. I am pooped. I’ve had enough. When do ai get to go home? Love you, your work, your lovely light.

    1. Stay in your strength. All systems are corrupt: our government, education, religion, financial…but there are good people fighting back, sometimes just by being. I’d buy that necklace if you make it.

  2. Love this video, thank you EA 💗 I’m a Pleiadian starseed and this video resonated with me so much. I’ve recently been told I was a lemarian, and also lived in Atlantis working on the Pleiadian council. Thank you for this Information, I’m eager to learn more and remember. Also I’m a cosmic retiree returning 😉🥰

  3. I had a reading yesterday and was told I was a Lemurian starseed and that’s what has bought me to this beautiful video. It has helped me integrate the learnings and although there’s still a bit to process, I am confident that it’s go time in 2024 after a very rough 44 years! Thanks so much EA for being the guiding light to help activate us! Lots of love 💫🥰

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