Navigating Family Contracts as a Starseed

Now at first glance, this may not be a big deal, may not even seem like a big issue in your own life, but trust me, as we break this down, you are going to see exactly how this affects you, and why it’s so important to understand this concept. 

Before we begin, let me define what contracts are, and how other people’s contracts will or will not affect you. A contract is a blueprint Before every incarnated life, we design soul contracts. Think about it as a blueprint of what lessons you want to learn, your biggest challenges, and your biggest hurdles to overcome in this lifetime. 

So, just a reminder. It wasn’t your spirit guides who created your life, it wasn’t God, it was you .

When we’re talking about contracts, we’re talking about very confrontational issues and things we deal with on a day-to-day basis. When we start to awaken, all we want to do is awaken the ones that we love. Awakening allows us to have a new and fresh perspective of the world. Awakening allows us to experience, maybe for the first time ever, what true happiness is. So, During my awakening process, I tried to override everyone else’s contract by telling them what they needed to know before they were ready to know it. We’ve all been there. 

A lot of the time when we share information before someone is ready, it actually takes away and removes from their journey. What got me out of my frustration, my exhaustion in trying to help and awaken friends and family members back in the day, was understanding they’re in a place you once were, and that’s totally okay.

There was a customer in the coffee shop I worked at,  and one time I was telling him about my frustrations. He turned to me and he said, “Well, you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” That is an age-old saying, but in that moment it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh, my goodness. These horses need water, but it’s not my responsibility to force-feed it to them. 

Though we should be conditionless, I created a condition in my life; I do not give information unless people ask me. Of course, a couple of years later, it got to a point where too many friends and family were asking me for too much information. I love helping, I love assisting, but I was giving way too much, and I needed to create healthy boundaries. 

I want to backtrack for a second.

Just this morning, I meditated with the intention of having some download, or message, or experience that anchors me into sharing that experience and knowledge with everyone else, but I had no idea what needed to come through. It doesn’t always happen in the shower, but It’s in the shower, that’s typically with water is where I usually get a lot of downloads and connections. I was very open to anything unfolding. 

Recently, I’ve been really in a quantum space of getting timeline flashes and pre-cognition future flashes to a crazy extent. Thankfully, I’m grounded enough to be able to navigate these crazy timeline switches. 

So, I was in the shower, and seemingly out of nowhere, I get this flash-forward of maybe 10 years from now. I was on a farm with my wife; we had two children, one boy, one girl, around six and eight years old. That’s really truly my dream, and we’re really building up to that. 

Then something happens where my little girl dies. A horse tramples her, something you just can’t predict or control. 

In that moment, of course, a part of me is like, “Oh, well, I should have never let her out.” Then I think to myself, “Do I just never let her out for her entire life to avoid that?” 

Seeing that potential timeline, I see all of the unfolding that takes place after that accident, the mourning process between me and my wife, the pain that we were going through, and the confusion I felt understanding that death is just an illusion but losing this child just hurts so much. The questioning of, “Why me? Why us. Why her?” She was such a lightworker, she was here for a reason. 

Then she comes back to me as a spirit. and she says, “Mommy, don’t worry. I’m in a really good place now. This all happened for a reason. These were my contracts.” 

Speaking to her and yearning for the ability to hug her one more time, it’s crazy what I tapped into. She explained things to me that she was destined for and what have you. 

Then my career takes a bit of a turn. All of a sudden, I start speaking about the grief t parents go through. I start speaking about grief and grieving, loss and death and rebirth, and beings over on the other side. I become some sort of parental activist for that cause, which is really wild. 

An aspect of me stepped away from the whole lifetime, and I asked my higher self, “Why am I seeing this right now? Why am I experiencing this?” 

My higher self said, “You need to understand that this was one of the potential timelines that is not going to take place. But there is a lesson in this you needed to experience to gain access to that knowledge so that you don’t actually have to experience it in this lifetime.” 

You would think that it would be extremely traumatizing, that I would even question or doubt having children. But deep down, I know that that’s not going to happen. Even if it does,  I have the tools to help me navigate through that.

The main lesson I’m taking from the experience I had is to be in full surrender of your loved one’s contracts. You can’t change them, you can’t help someone who is not willing to be helped. You can’t awaken someone who is not willing to be awakened. 

I go through this constant battle with my wife, trying to help her learn those lessons without helping her or intervening in her contracts. Do I tell her what’s going on, or do I let her trip, and fall, and scrape her knee, and have that realization?” Part of me knows I’m in her life to help her learn, navigate, realize and ascend; and then part of me knows it’s not up to me to get her there. 

To be honest, there’s not an easy solution to this problem. Just like my future daughter that has not been born yet, I need to fully embrace her contracts. As painful as it is, I need to fully succumb to and understand that whatever is meant to happen, whatever she wrote in her own blueprints. I have to not necessarily agree with it, but I have to accept it. You need to accept your loved ones for exactly where they are, even when they are putting themselves into suffering, even when it is towards their own detriment. 

Moving forward, you’re going to have to find that appropriate balance for you as well. Yes, you are in these people’s lives for a reason, you are the lightworker in your family of darkness; but also, you’re also learning the lesson of non-intervention. You’re going to have to constantly check in with yourself. If you’re giving too much you’re going to feel drained, you’re going to feel annoyed, you’re going to feel constantly triggered and reactionary. You’re just going to feel overwhelmed and essentially frustrated with that person in your life. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you think, “Well, I give up because you’re not willing to do these things.” Truly is you, who is not willing to learn your lessons. 

When you’re giving too much they’re not ready for, they will never change. You’re going to continue to hit a brick wall, and there’s just going to be this repeated cycle of frustration on both ends, because you’re expecting them to meet you at where you’re at, and they’re expecting you to meet them at where they’re at. It’s just a lot of missing each other, a lack of communication, and a lack of being on the same page. 

On the other end would be not giving enough, just letting them learn all of their own lessons and not really stepping up as the Starseed that you are. You will find that you’re playing too much of their game, which means you’re giving your power away. If you’re interested in energy, aliens, and other dimensions but it’s all too much for them; and instead, they like talking about politics and the weather every time you get together with that person, it’s actually not serving anyone at all. All of a sudden, you’re feeling like you’re not being seen or heard, you’re feeling drained, maybe, even a little bit nauseous because you’re lowering your vibration to be around your friends, your family members, the people that you love. 

The healthy balance is to be in your power to not push anything on anyone but to likewise not succumb to their vibrational frequency, by lowering or suppressing your own true vibration and intuition, just because you’re around them. It’s really important to check in with ourselves and ask, “Where am I at with this relationship?” 

Not every conversation needs to be spiritual. Sometimes, it’s nice for me to take a little bit of a spiritual break and just be a human for a conversation. So, just know that it never has to be all one or all the other. You have to really listen to yourself from moment-to-moment. You are an empath, and it’s very natural for you to feel everyone else’s vibration, and to want to either play their game or to help them go to a new vibration. It’s your mission to do that, whether you’re a carpenter, or a garbage lady, or man, or a painter, or a psychic. It doesn’t actually matter what you do for a living. You are here, planted in the position that you are in, reading this right now in this moment, because you are here to change the planet, and you can best do that by standing in that vibration. 

You just are the way you are. Allow your family to think you’re batshit crazy because they need to experience that sort of polarity in order to come full circle. Then they will actually start to realize that you are thriving, happy, self-assured and that you are a completely different person than who you used to be. 

At first, when you’re changing, awakening, and transitioning; you don’t feel confident in your new self. You don’t know what’s up from down, or what’s going on in your own reality or the world, you don’t have to stand in that. If you were to stand in your spiritual truth, while simultaneously holding doubt against it, you’re going to not only attract doubt from other people, but you’re going to get sucked into their doubt.  

When you’re coming into your spirituality, I recommend you actually keep it to yourself, that you don’t start to talk to others about it until you feel good about it, until you feel confident in it. If you do it too soon, you’re just going to attract a whole slew of projection and doubts from others, and that’s going to elongate the process. But once again, it’s not up to me to help you navigate that, because you have to go through the experiences you’re going to go through. Maybe when you do go through those experiences or you’ve already been through them, you have something to reference, “Oh, yeah. EA said that in her blog, this is just a spot that I’m in within my own awakening.” 

This is all very normal and natural. Don’t push yourself to navigate right away, because you feel everyone needs to know who you are now. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’ve gotten the backlash. I went through being called crazy by my friends and family, and then I anchored it in. And I said to myself, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. It doesn’t matter what the trolls on the internet think. These are truly my experiences. 

For me, there’s no denying them. I can’t pretend to deny something I have had full frontal contact with just because someone hasn’t had that experience. So, it’s really been a learning journey for me. It’s really incredible how rapidly people are waking up, questioning, developing, and aligning. Stuff that took me years to discover and go through, people are doing in days or weeks. So, I think the vibration is aligned. 

I’ve had so many people reach out recently saying that their child or their parent has an addiction, and that’s no easy contract to go through. That is a lot of suffering. And truly, truly, that is a very old soul, a very powerful soul to put themselves in that place to deal with that energy. What I found time and time again is that every time I back off from trying to help a loved one learn their lesson, they end up learning it that much faster. 

Sometimes, we impede people’s growth by giving them too much all at once. That’s why I’m cautious about the information in my content. I have full trust that whoever finds my content, finds them for a reason at the right time. However, if people share my content with other people who aren’t ready, it could do more harm than good. That’s what I mentioned about my Galactic Federation videos. Anyone can share the link, but I don’t recommend it, because it creates a disharmonic vibration. It gives people too much they’re not ready for. We have to trust that the right people are going to find this content organically. Because they’re asking for it. Once again, you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

And that, my Starseed friends, is the entire embodiment of understanding, respecting, and accepting other people’s contracts. All we need to do is just to be our beautiful, divine lovely self in that moment and trust that our vibration, which is being reflected in everything that we are, is enough to help that person on their journey and path. What’s beautiful is that they know you are a wealth of information. They know when they are done with this physical reality, and they’re ready to question beyond these four walls, they can come to you, and that’s huge. Ultimately, that should be enough.

I love all of you so, so much. I am so grateful to each and every one of you, and you’re here for a reason. I will say that again, and again, and again. It’s not about finding your purpose. It’s about being in the know and I’m excited that all of you are here now with me. Have a beautiful and amazing rest of your day. Yours truly, Elizabeth April. Bye for now.


Navigating Family Contracts as a Starseed

Now at first glance, this may not be a big deal, may not even seem like a big issue in your own life, but trust me, as we break this down, you are going to see exactly how this affects you, and why it's so important to understand this concept.