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What does your card mean to you?? How can you apply this mantra to your current situation?
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Card 1 – Cheetah
Crystal 1 – Blood Jasper
Key Words 1 – Solar force, action, achievement, masculine energy

The Cheetah is the epitome of the solar forces at work. The sun doesn’t shine onto the cheetah, it shines from inside this great creature and expands outward to brighten the Universe. The energy within a cheetah’s personality is palpable to others, and they naturally attract an audience to bear witness to their remarkable achievements. Purpose and passion are the best fuel for a Cheetah’s forward momentum, so if you’re lacking in those areas, reconnect to the why before you start running.

When in balance: Achieves anything, boundless energy
When out of balance: Impatient, competitive
To bring into balance: Reconnect to purpose

Card 2 – Panther
Crystal 2 – Peacock Ore
Key Words 2 – Annihilation of the unnecessary, purging

The Panther won’t stand to see our growth or energy stagnate, Instead, it pounces into our lives and causes all kinds of havoc… with the ultimate intention of bringing us toward more fulfilling lives. It’s unexpected, uncomfortable, and sometimes feels devastating, but after all the dust clears it’s easy to see the Panther’s wisdom at work. We’ve all been through these experiences, and they’ve made us better people. Trust that the Panther’s journey always leads to a brighter place.

When in balance: Brave, productive
When out of balance: Self-destructive
To bring into balance: Get rid of the unnecessary

Card 3 – Firefly
Crystal 3 – Tiger Iron
Key Words 3 – Inspired and fantastic, yet fleeting

The Firefly contains the light of a thousand stars. It’s pure, radiant, and illuminating. This high-frequency charge cannot be sustained for long, therefore the Firefly card indicates a moment of inspiration of awakening that quickly fades if we do not catch it. There is Firefly energy behind every poem, song, and invention… our job is to be ready to harness this creative spirit when it graces our path. What can you do to support this precious and elusive light?

When in balance: Writes, creates, brainstorms
When out of balance: Burnt out, Feels dull
To bring into balance: Write a poem, draw

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✨ January Cosmic Oracle Reveal!! ✨

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