Shocking Climate Change Conspiracies Exposed 🔥

  • September 2023

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In this video, the host discusses shocking climate change conspiracies and explores various aspects of the topic. They mention three factors contributing to climate change: human activities, weather manipulation through HAARP, and the pole shift. The host delves into how the powers that be manipulate the narrative of global warming to control and deceive the population. They emphasize the importance of spreading awareness and taking collective action to bring about change and expose the truth.

73 thoughts on “Shocking Climate Change Conspiracies Exposed 🔥

  1. This is tricky, because many things can be true at the same time… polar shift AND climate change can be true, and if we deny climate change that gets weaponized as an excuse for oil and gas and other destructive practices to continue status quo. I believe we need to heal the planet and drastically change how we use resources and if we deny “climate change” environmental overhaul may get stifled. We need to believe that many narratives are true and not get sucked too deeply into any one thing.

  2. October is coming around and we’re still having temperatures of 25°C here in Germany. Summers are getting quite noticeably hotter and longer, while the last few winters have been exceptionally mild, with warm spells of 15°C in December and January! I think there is also enough scientific evidence to show that global temperatures are rising, and the rise does seem to correlate with atmospheric CO2 levels. A shift in the magnetic poles should not cause any significant warming.
    However, I no longer believe that global warming is a terrible thing that leads to lots of disasters and famines, so I could well believe EA that the reptilian elites are deliberately causing some of them. But there are also many well-intentioned people who have been exaggerating the risks of the warming while neglecting to mention the positive sides, because they think that they need to get other people to take action. If you told the public that actually, we can’t really predict too well what effects global warming will have, we know that a few effects will be bad but also that the planet will become much greener because plants grow better in warmer climates with more rain and more CO2, then many people would not bother to try and reduce their CO2 emissions. Or they might even go and emit more on purpose because they like the idea of living in a warmer climate, and if you look back in earth’s history then you can see that the planet is actually quite cold right now and atmospheric CO2 levels are pretty low. In fact, by digging up lost carbon and making it available for plants to use by emitting it as CO2, we are saving earth from dying of cold!

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