Shocking Climate Change Conspiracies Exposed 🔥

  • September 2023

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In this video, the host discusses shocking climate change conspiracies and explores various aspects of the topic. They mention three factors contributing to climate change: human activities, weather manipulation through HAARP, and the pole shift. The host delves into how the powers that be manipulate the narrative of global warming to control and deceive the population. They emphasize the importance of spreading awareness and taking collective action to bring about change and expose the truth.

73 thoughts on “Shocking Climate Change Conspiracies Exposed 🔥

  1. such an important topic! was it just me or was much of the audio garbled? (i was listening in the car so could totally have been my connection 🤷🏻‍♀️as always EA thank you for the reminders!

      1. The audio was quite messed up for me as well… It didn’t align with the video half way through and many times it is muffed. And I’m on a strong WiFi connection, so no connection problems there. Hopefully that will be fixed for the next live video, together with the quality of the video. It makes these videos even better, as the message is so powerful!

  2. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    Very interesting.
    We are having a struggle in Australia between rich and poor Indigenous. Putting it to the white man’s vote 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    So much manipulation and lies😭😭
    Stay strong 💫💫💫💫

  3. Ok, i have been listening to you, ea, for as long as you have been around, i tried sending you $$ by the supporter thing that you doo and more and more, but i just couldn’t keep up cuz i am jist too fucki g poor, and it pisses me off to be ripped off of knowledge just cuz of $$ and i tryed to voiced out my concerned to you but i keep, for some weard resonse, being baned, so now pls listen to me, tell your followers that theres one thing that is free for helping your coz and that pisses the “powers that be” alot and its NOT VOTING, wen ever theres an election going on, go cancel your vote, or even jist vote for yourselfs, but dont vote for any of them and dont ingnore the votings, pls pls pls!! Do so, and tell everyone!! Pls ea, i know you need $$ to keep doin wath you do so you cant do all you work for free but at least tell tthis trick to all your followers!!!! PLS!!

  4. I’m following you for quite some time. But after watching this video I took the action to becoming a member.

    Good to show some anger as well. It does resonate with mine regarding Maui. Yet we should indeed not feed “them,” so I’ve lit a candle for Light on Maui.

    Warm greetings from Amsterdam.

  5. My sound/video was off too. Had to just listen 👂 instead of watch cause the timing Was off. Sending love to all the power center/vortexes in the world! I feel like Tulum Mexico is now targeted as is Glastonbury. Special light & love sent to those places especially. And of course much much love sent to mama ❤️ Maui. Much love to the earth, the trees, waters, & all of us beautiful light workers. Stay strong 💪now, it won’t be long now.✊
    I too loved the guided meditation on Maui. That was very powerful. Thank you & more of those please. Maybe get ahead of their nefarious plans instead of trailing in their wake. We could all meditate on a certain area like the UK BEFORE they try to take over. Ask the GFL if they know where the next place to be hit will be. Maybe Get ahead of the game. We could all focus love there & maybe they can’t put their darkness & hate on it cause the vibe is too high. Maybe travel around the 🌎ley lines, stopping at the portals along the way. Making sure those big shadow dark dudes aren’t there. Love to all you light workers.❤️

    1. Yes, i agree with your comment! As far as i know, Matias de Stefano seems to be doing these ley lines portal activations in the physical up front. There is probably much more help from the light workers all across the globe than we know of. <3

  6. Dear Elizabeth, thank you for this information. I just want to say that I heard your message 💞and I will continue to do my work. I trust a lot of beautiful people from this community heard your message as well and continue doing their work. My teacher said to me once that we can’t make others to hear the truth but we only can do our work properly and hope one day they do hear. You do an amazing work and I feel so greatful to be able to hear all this information you share💞.
    It’s ok to feel angry, healthy anger can bring a huge change. Lots of love💞💞

  7. I definitely understand your frustration. I retired from working as a nurse for the last 30 years after I was told that I would either be vaccinated against covid, or would be fired from my job. I chose to quit rather than accept that ultimatum. But I watched almost all my co-workers accept this and do as they were told. Out of thousands of nurses at the hospital I worked at, probably less than 1% said no you will not tell me what I will do with my body. And that is why the powers that be control the narrative, because the majority of people will do as they are told. I was just dumbfounded
    Co workers would say to me, “oh you are so brave, I wish I had your courage”, because very few wanted to be used as a guinea pig, but that is truly how the majority lives. It definitely made me question humanity in that moment and I was so angry for a long time for the way it made me feel helpless to make any type of stand or change. It is of course a blessing for me now, because I would have continued to work myself to death if I had not had to face that challange and make the decision I made. The majority of humans are happier living in the matrix ,like an ostrich with their heads stuck in the sand. So how do we combat this human condition?????

  8. I 100% feel your anger!! Daily I feel the way you are expressing.
    I agree it is up to us BUT!!! Keep in mind these evil shadow oppressors also have majority population BRAINWASHED. NOT FAIR!!! They have done their job well flouridating, medicated, sickened through food, from the skies, through devices and dumbing humans down. So it feels beyond unfair to expect ” sleepers” to wake up. We need HELP.
    Do they have to intervene? No, its up to us but give us at least a chance.
    The playing field is not fair!
    Thats what is MOST frustrating!

  9. I was just perusing through the comments. Yes, about halfway through, my audio was not in sync with the timing of Elizabeth’s words. However, thank goodness everything still came through. I also agree with the person who suggested more meditations, etc. for situations like Maui. These could be held regardless of the calamity, whether it is earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. Elizabeth, I also feel a bit upset with the GF. It does not seem fair that we could be manipulated to this degree, for enough people to die to result in depopulation, etc. Yet, I also see their perspective. Somehow, we need to get more people to be open and receptive to this kind of information.

  10. I so agree with your frustration in opening up people’s eyes so they can see the reality.
    Even when I mention about chemtrails, vaccine injuries, faux ‘climate change’ people think I’m bonkers. I can’t even begin to think what their response will be with reptilians and ‘aliens’

  11. Most of my people are not awakened and I have to tread so damn lightly around them about the truth!!! UGG…so anyway, what I have learned is when you can’t reach someone’s 3d self…go deeper….reach their soul and talk to them there,,,,they won’t know where it came from but all of a sudden they are more receptive with out even knowing why!! great success!!

  12. I echo what you say about not giving up hope. Holding the higher vibration I have noticed so many people around me changing their perspectives, opening up and importantly are questioning what’s going on. I hold a senior role in a corporate and what a gift it is to be able to support those that are coming out of the fog. I also encourage everyone to play their part. It doesn’t have to look like a far reaching platform like Elizabeth’s – it can be just helping your immediate ecosystem around you. This is the time. Let’s all be brave to share our voices. Aho.


    That book series was the start of my journey here. Its been a long way of questioning things and finding the rabbit hole of what the world truly looks like and ‘waking up’ already but thank you EA for all your help, its us teachers of this planet that now need to step up in our jobs and you have made that so much easier. We all need a little more hope and cant feed into the low vibrations, we need to lift each other up and educate those that are beginning to awaken!!! ❤️

    Much love to you from a Starseed that has been on earth way too long, the time to act is now, I want to help Earth and then go back to Andromeda to finally live in peace again 😂

    I am also trying to contact the GFL myself, any tips would be absolutely amazing 🙂

  14. EA thank you so much for focusing on this topic this month. It’s really the clarity thats needed right now. For me personally and as you know, collectively. You are a true leader in these times. Thank you for your big beautiful heart!

      1. Yeah, the explanations are a bit shallow. I have also come to understand that most of their work is in the Arctic and Antartic regions. So, why Hawaii? I realize it was January 2023, but something is very fishy about the whole thing….

  15. October is coming around and we’re still having temperatures of 25°C here in Germany. Summers are getting quite noticeably hotter and longer, while the last few winters have been exceptionally mild, with warm spells of 15°C in December and January! I think there is also enough scientific evidence to show that global temperatures are rising, and the rise does seem to correlate with atmospheric CO2 levels. A shift in the magnetic poles should not cause any significant warming.
    However, I no longer believe that global warming is a terrible thing that leads to lots of disasters and famines, so I could well believe EA that the reptilian elites are deliberately causing some of them. But there are also many well-intentioned people who have been exaggerating the risks of the warming while neglecting to mention the positive sides, because they think that they need to get other people to take action. If you told the public that actually, we can’t really predict too well what effects global warming will have, we know that a few effects will be bad but also that the planet will become much greener because plants grow better in warmer climates with more rain and more CO2, then many people would not bother to try and reduce their CO2 emissions. Or they might even go and emit more on purpose because they like the idea of living in a warmer climate, and if you look back in earth’s history then you can see that the planet is actually quite cold right now and atmospheric CO2 levels are pretty low. In fact, by digging up lost carbon and making it available for plants to use by emitting it as CO2, we are saving earth from dying of cold!

  16. This is tricky, because many things can be true at the same time… polar shift AND climate change can be true, and if we deny climate change that gets weaponized as an excuse for oil and gas and other destructive practices to continue status quo. I believe we need to heal the planet and drastically change how we use resources and if we deny “climate change” environmental overhaul may get stifled. We need to believe that many narratives are true and not get sucked too deeply into any one thing.

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