The Prophecy of Planet Earth

  • October 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the history and significance of planet Earth in the universe. They explain how Earth was chosen as the birthplace of a hybrid species meant to end the war of all wars. Elizabeth April delves into the involvement of different extraterrestrial civilizations, including the Anunnaki and reptilians, in the creation and development of humanity. They also reveal that humans have the power to choose between light and dark, and that our ultimate mission is to utilize our free will to make choices that bring unity, accountability, and responsibility to the world. The video concludes with the suggestion that the true choice may be to embrace neutrality and hold both light and dark within ourselves.

209 thoughts on “The Prophecy of Planet Earth

  1. The window of this video does not show up (there is no image and no button to launch the video) on my computer on this site. I added the site as a safe site in my virus protection (AVAST) but it didn’t make any difference.

  2. Hi Fellow Starseeds, There is a Creator-series “Arcturian Message to Humanity” video that is available to watch on YouTube! It’s right in line with additional enlightening information that compliments the recent, “Prophecy Of Planet Earth”. Thank you, EA, for putting this video on YouTube. 🙏 Blessings to all, Glory

  3. Hi I would just like to share something in regards to this video and what ea said at the end of the video. I have been involved with the martial and healing arts and Tom for about 40 years give or take a few. To bring about a balance to the whole one must first understand the yin and yang or light and the dark then you may bring the whole or cosmos back to a balanced state of harmony. For if we were to just to delete the dark state we would be no better then what the dark or yin state is doing. So a big high five ea I agree with you. Take care all.🙏

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