5 Things I’ve Learned Talking to Aliens 👽💥

  • October 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April shares their journey of channeling extraterrestrials and highlights the top six important pieces of information they have learned. Elizabeth April discusses how planet Earth is special and our actions impact the rest of the universe. They also reveal that humans are hybrids and share similarities with extraterrestrial beings. Elizabeth April emphasizes that the shift on Earth affects extraterrestrials as well. Additionally, they discuss how our thoughts and focus create individual and collective realities. Lastly, they explore the idea that corruption on Earth is contracted as part of our collective contracts to understand darkness in the universe.

60 thoughts on “5 Things I’ve Learned Talking to Aliens 👽💥

  1. Hello Elizabeth, its only me. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey and experiences, and Being the brave and beautiful souls (and parents?) that you and partner are. Arrived today on your batting team, after 50 years of teaching lovely folks to transcend thought and Be- and now we are in strange times. Not sure this old ’50’s construct can teleport to the heliport in Vegas- am eyeballing the other team here in China (again), but hope to catch up sometime and say proper hello. Meanwhile will try to do what is possible- and impossible- to help and support you in the mission, with blessings….🙏

  2. Thank you so much Elizabeth for sharing your wisdom with so much joy that keeps on trying to remind us to remember who we are and our true potential and purpose. Not able to see how to thumbs up if can guide . Love Paul

  3. Elizabeth,

    Thank you SO much for everything you’re doing for us, humanity, Earth, the aliens… You are an absolute gift – especially in these uncertain times!
    Your videos and website have transformed many lives in the most authentic, incredible way.
    I stumbled across your book a couple months ago and immediately felt connected to it. As I was reading, my entire body went through a euphoric state of relief, hope, and understanding. Everything made perfect sense. Especially with what I had been personally experiencing throughout this lifetime. I grew up in a Catholic household although I always felt in my heart that I was spiritually connected to something else. Within my family I was known as the free spirit, rebel, black sheep, weirdo, or crazy one. It hurt me deeply so I promised myself at a young age that I would follow my own path while helping others do the same.

    I had my first intense spiritual awakening 2 years ago. Ever since then, my perspective and relationships have changed drastically.
    My husband grew up in a strict, “Christian” household although he’s always believed in something else as well. His family is negative, judgmental, and verbally abusive. There is a lot of pain and fear within those dynamics that is hard to explain. We have felt a lot of sadness and tension from family throughout the years that we’ve been together.
    Your videos, knowledge, and experiences have given us such light through the darkness! I can’t wait to learn more from you and the Galactic Federation. I’m sure you get a lot of comments from random people sharing their long stories 😂 my apologies but we really appreciate your bravery and perseverance to make the world a better place.
    Thank you again for everything you do!! Sending good vibes and love your way.


  4. Some 2 yrs ago, when I didn’t think about aliens and UFOs at all at that time, I did shamanic meditation session with amazing drums-Honest Guys on YT. I asked about my spirit guides, I expected some humanlike being, with maybe some personal message. Instead, I saw ancient tiger, message was- “Protect The Earth”

  5. What we are seeing is the unveiling of the corruption. Love that sentence. Beautiful presentation. Also sharing that I have bought your book. Absolutely loved it. Anyway, I complete resonated with everything you said. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for being here you are an eye opener to us. To know better who we really are. You are really amazing person. I was very curious to know about aliens since I was in my 20’s now, Im 46. Some people said its not true. I believe its not too late to discover myself. I also feel Im gifted person. After I watched your videos I found myself as a healer. I read many differents stories about aliens abduction in reality every night before bedtime. Since, I’ve follow you and I became a seeker. My beliefs and my questions to myself about aliens are now have answered. You also enligntened many people’s life. I already ordered your book. Im excited to receive it. Please take care of your yourself.

  7. I just purchased episode 5 and I’m so excited to hear about alien shit, pun intended.

    Side note, I listened to the audible version of your book while I was at Burning Man this year alone in my car the first night mudpocalypse happened and you couldn’t even walk anywhere. I finished it on my flight home. FANTASTIC! I pretty much forced/enticed/persuaded two of my friends to buy it too just so I could have someone to talk about it with lol.

    I only discovered you in February of this year, but damn have you made an impression. And I’ve been researching aliens and spirituality for over 20 years. Weirdly enough I think I was meant to find you and hear your story about dating a reptilian so I could realize that I too had stupidly manifested a reptilian boyfriend to come into my life. Fun times indeed! I took a coffee bath with him but I doubt even a coffee waterfall could remove his attachment lmao. I’m trying to manifest a Pleiadian or Lyran boyfriend next. 🤞

  8. This video was SO needed, thank you Elizabeth! I’ll try not to make this too long, but when you mentioned Dr. Brian Weiss, my jaw dropped. Many know his work. I personally had an incredible synchronistic experience with him. I’ll try to do short notes: Bad relationship in 1997. (Looking back, I sincerely believe he was a hybrid “shit disturber” as you call them.) I would literally hear him yelling at “someone” in the shower sometimes. A girl tells me about the book, Many Lives, Many Masters. I highlight it like crazy, and it helps me finally leave him after 3 1/2 long years.

    Soooooo many details I want to share that tell me now he was in fact, a reptillian hybrid. I move to another city. I learn about 8 months later he passed away. It was extremely unsettling what the coroner told me. I was so distraught, trying to make sense of it all. I found a regression therapist. He actually studied under Dr. Weiss. He never put me under hypnosis, as I was not quite ready then. After that last relationship, go figure. But we did do some EMDR.

    Over the next few years, my ex who crossed over, came to me in dream state, profusely apologizing. Each time as if to say, “That wasn’t me!” Every dream went the exact same way. He apologized. I forgave him. Then realized he was not alive and that I was dreaming. I would say that to him, and then suddenly wake up.
    Until the last dream I had where he said, “I never died. It was all a hoax. We will be married on _______.” Needless to say, I woke up in a COLD SWEAT that time. And every year on that day, my head was on a swivel. It scared the hell outta me.

    In February of 2018, I was a caregiver for a lovely couple. She was a therapist. He was a Vietnam Vet with Parkinson’s. We’re sitting at the table one morning and the wife asks, “So Melody, are you spiritual, or religious?” I said, “That’s a GREAT question! There’s this book I read in the late 90’s….”
    What happened next was mind blowing.
    I mention the author and BOTH of their faces light up. “OMG, Brian and Carol have been our best friends for 25 years!!” I instantly started getting teary eyed. The husband slowly, yet excitedly goes to their room and comes out with a shoebox. He takes out a photo of him and Brian many years ago. We were all absolutely beside ourselves!

    THEN… they tell me Brian and Carol are coming to town for one of his conferences, and staying at their house. “You should come over and meet them!” At this point, I just cried… as calmly as I could. I accepted. That Saturday, I came over with my book (of course). He signed it. We took photos. We talked about certain experiences and what they could mean for this life. THEN… I was invited as his guest to the conference. He called on me twice. I only “kinda” went through the door. I was way too amped, lol. But the energy transference stories and regression experiences several people shared were INCREDIBLE!

    Lastly, in 2020, I was on a hike and felt “nudged” to go sit under my favorite tree and start talking. I had no idea what I would say. I just trusted. I called the video, “No More Fear- We are Overdue.” From there, I made several other videos trying to quell fears and awaken anyone who would listen. I never claimed to have all the answers. I just trusted what I was being given. Being told to sit with ourselves was a GREAT idea. 🙂

    As my channel was gaining momentum, especially one video entitled, “Mainstream Media is OWNED”, I would become friends with a guy who I ended up dating 8 months later, only to eventually learn he was a codependent covert narcissist. In fact, he had certain familiar traits of the ex. The kicker, is we decided to intimately “bond” on THE DATE I was told in my dream. Which I forgot about until later. AND, while we were out in the middle of nowhere camping, I noticed a frisbee in a planter. It had a bull on it. The bull is the sign of Taurus. My ex who passed was a Taurus. After dating this last person for 8 months (I wasn’t keeping that number in mind, I swear)… I finally saw through his B.S. and left. Barely. My soul felt just as dark and empty as when I left the other one, years prior. I’m finally feeling like myself again. Only, MUCH stronger.

    I’ve also been meditating the SHIT outta my third eye haha. Keeping my energetic force field super strong. All I know is, whatever “it” was, has been sent away forever from this Starseed. And so it IS!!

      1. They really were! As Dr. Weiss confirmed to me that day, and Elizabeth reminds us of every time she speaks…. we are ALL powerful manifestors! I never consciously said, “I’m gonna meet that guy one day.” Yet, his work was so profoundly healing for me, it seems my heart drew in the experience when it knew the time was right. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing your story! I too have read the many Lives Many Masters trilogy, it has impacted my life too. But especially thank you for sharing your story because so many people have/are going through similar and may be thinking they are just immagining what is happening right in front of them.

  9. Much appreciation for EA and the community! I will order her Book this Friday! I’m excited! I will also look into Brian Weiss. Excellent summary of six key points of education from other multidimensional beings, EA!

    Much love goes out to EA and the community as well as Earth and beyond. Earth is special because it consists of inhabitants who are passionately determined to penetrate and be the balanced fulfillment of light and darkness. Old souls to cells on Earth are strategically destined to be a vital beacon of hope. The Evenstar song and scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is a monumental masterpiece of how we and energy itself paves a way through dark times of doubt and despair, not just love. We are here for each other, unconditionally – each angle, no matter the physical circumstance and spirited energy. We are strong warriors for each and every ray of shadow and beam we carry and emit. Also, Earth is unique not only for our microcosm of sunshine and abyss, but for the macrocosm of divine masculine and feminine forms.

    Thank you EA and all for the support! Huge hugs for everyone ⚛️🫂♾️

  10. Thank you so much Elizabeth for that video. I needed to hear it…I believe it… And I want to be on part of the greater good. I will follow you and I hope I can transcend the darkness. I need much personal healing. I am working on that. I would love to go to a medbed…maybe you can help us go to one. Thank you again…I will be tuning in on the 11th of each month.

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