The Great Reveal

  • October 2023

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In this video, Elizabeth April discusses the concept of hidden truths and revelations in our reality. They explore the idea of authenticity and responsibility in navigating the shift from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. Elizabeth April also mentions examples of hidden truths being revealed in various aspects of life. They emphasize the importance of self-reflection and alignment with the highest possible timeline.

54 thoughts on “The Great Reveal

  1. I need to never get behind on videos again!!!! THIS would have helped me a lot more in Oct hahahahahah ALWAYS speaking as if you read my mind/soul <3 . The best 6m in my professional life have been H E L L non the less *eyeroll*

    1) I HATE SEEING ANGEL NUMBERS (11:11, 222, 999 etc) when life is DEF NOT going well in anyway!! I usually end up yelling at the universe not even kidding hahaha I DIED WHEN you mentioned it LMFAO =)

    2) Q (I should prob post there where EA may see it) HOW do you rid of the toxic thing you KNOW isnt well for you (your job) as you need it for survival… ?!?!?

    I cant afford a major pay decrease as a single income with zero help family or supports. I ask the Universe everyday to give me someone I can ALSO FACE this world WITH <3 its a lot, for someone with a decent job.. SO MANY live in tents in my area. I cry daily SO thankful for what I have (came up from nothing, not rich but im surviving something I was never able to do before). so trying to change jobs is really not an option and THATS soooooooo frustrating (ive been trying and having interviews)
    worth a shot asking =)

    AS ALWAYS THANKYOU EA much love & mad respect !

  2. Hi Elizabeth April, I found you, yeah! I am brand new to your channel. 🌟 Could you please tell us who / what Greek Philosopher you were in a past life? I love Philosophy and studied it in school and am really curious. I too always wanted to be a Philosopher. Also, when is the shift to 5th dimension frequency starting and ending (reading energy probability)? Is this shift going to take lifetimes to complete or can it happen relatively fast, overnight so to speak? Thank-you! Love you! πŸ’œπŸ˜‡πŸ™

  3. You just now fully de-constructed me EA. I feel like a jumble of jig-saw pieces on the floor – all from different jig-saws! But, I will hold on to my core truth and authenticity, and I WILL re-assemble in 5D – just manifesting that super-glue.

  4. You like Adam Apollo?? C’mon, the guy is a total fraud. I have a degree in physics, so it’s obvious to me that he does not really understand the physics he talks about. Ok, I guess that’s not so obvious to people who don’t know much about physics. But even then, if you listen to his self-aggrandising stories for a little while, you should start to see the ego behind them. Well, maybe you haven’t listened much to his stories yet. I hope this conference will give you the opportunity to do that and begin to see through him.

  5. I quit my 3d job June 24th and sold my house. I bought a trailer and parked it on my parents property temporarily until I know what’s next. All I know is I cannot sacrifice any part of my soul for money or survival anymore!!

  6. So right on about everything been dealing with all that was mentioned. Mentally I’m exhausted 😩 but I know this is all needed!
    Sending love and light πŸ’–πŸ’–Thanks Elizabeth β™₯️β™₯️

  7. First, let me say, Elizabeth, you look especially pretty today. Those colors are becoming for you. Next, I will not be there in person at the Las Vegas event, but I am excited for the group of people that will be there. I am a fan of Adam Apollo, etc., etc. Wishing you for the best for that event. Also, love this – about what is hidden will be revealed – on a micro level as well macro. I was thinking of the first, but not last, UAP hearing (held on July 26). Whistleblowers are definitely coming forward. (as far as ET disclosure). Of course, there are many other things. As always, a beautiful presentation. I thought you explained everything very well. Thank you for this video, and thank you for supporting us, your viewers.

  8. The theme is “I’m on to you.” 11:11 is showing up more than ever. I call it the great leaf shed. Just like leaves on a tree, its all falling. I’ve had some nightmares, some suicides at my work place, but at the same time some odd magical shifts. I watch the darkness come and go and realize it’s not part of me. I’m watching the storm and leaning into it without fighting it. Im used to the storm anyways. We are starseeds in boot camp.

  9. You’re amazing thank you for always being such a genuine and authentic soul. It shows, and I forget how much I appreciate it when I do see someone actually being a genuine human being πŸ˜‚ anyways thanks for all you do. ✌️,🫢, and πŸ‘½

  10. This gave me chills. 5 years ago during my awakening I felt compelled to start a business called Flipside Mind and center it around this topic. The first training i developed was called Perception is not Reality: building perspective. Well, yesterday I was just invited to speak at a conference on this and it has reinvigorated this topic for me. It just feels so validating to know the universe is in alignment with this message being shared. β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ

  11. Yes, authenticity rules the new 5D Earth. And I love this “super authentic” Christ teaching downloaded right from what Jesus himself wrote on your forum 3 days ago… The difference between perception and perspective, as well as what exactly is responsible for the so called instantaneous manifestation. Damn, maybe this video will also crumble 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣.

  12. I’d love to see all Reptiloids suddenly lose their ability to hide who they are. Kind of like everyone getting those sunglasses that can see all the aliens and their propaganda (They Live – 1988).

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