War In The Middle East

  • October 2023

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In this video, the host shares a conversation she had with a Pleiadian being named Kinetic from the Galactic Federation about the war in the Middle East. They discuss the reasons behind the conflict, its impact on the world, and how individuals can help. The Pleiadian being emphasizes the importance of awareness and choosing a positive focus to create the desired reality.

74 thoughts on “War In The Middle East

  1. thank you thank you THANK YOU for your input!! my spiritual teacher keeps telling me to not look into these things so that i don’t contribute to the darkness (i get super duper emotional) but i just end up obsessing over not knowing what’s going on and end up feeding it my energy anyways. your content gives me a sense of peace just knowing what’s ACTUALLY happening so i can actually focus my energy on my own healing and holding my vibration. also thank you so much for the timeline info!! i feel like i recently catapulted myself into a radically different timeline and what you said about individual people being able to separate far from the current timeline is really affirming to hear. please do what’s best for you and your own wellness but just know that there are those of us who find your reports on the battle between light & dark really helpful🤍

  2. sweet that EA gets so emotional about that, and kinda sometimes disagrees with the neutral observed point of view of kinetic / the GFL. i really didnt expect that from her, and i think, thta s point, she should work on…. getting back to a more neutral point of view, as it is all contracted , and as it leads to the change. as EA said in the november prediction (november message to humanity), this crazy chaos time, where everyone is mind fucked, is the perfect time to manifest . so keep the focus on manifesting the new earth frequency, your personal paradise on earth, etc etc this is (my opinion) the best we can do for the whole / the planet / the universe. oh yeah, i can highly recommend EA s manifestation bundle (or wealth manifestation bundle?) . however, works for all kinds of manifestations. super great motivating infos, i think it costs 10 dollars. totally recommend it, especially for this time, because this chaos energy makes manifestation super effective (as she explains in Nov. message to humanity). so, best wishes, my friends so glad to be here 🙂

  3. does anybody know the logical sequence of these upcoming changes~reversal of earths rotation ~relocation of geographical plates~ Marshall law~Purification of evil and unhealthy entities and harmful chemicals~solar flash .you would think dsclosure should come pretty quick to give humanity a fighting chance to figure out things. I AM IN A FAMILY OF 50 AND ONLT 2 OF US HAVE BOTH EYES OPEN.I

  4. Thank you for your information, sometimes i think that i am a conspiracy theorist, but without ever made contact to any allien forms of life, that all make perfect sense.
    Thank from Portugal.

  5. Contracted to ‘replay’ it, in order to ‘clear’ it? This is NOT how intergenerational trauma works imo. It takes generations without war to clear the hate. It makes no sense, sorry. I’m speechless about this ‘replay’ to ‘clear’ it theory.

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