Overcoming Chaos & Mastering Your Reality

  • November 2023

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In this video titled Overcoming Chaos & Mastering Your Reality, Elizabeth April discusses the experience of chaos and overwhelm in life, especially for empaths and sensitive individuals. Elizabeth April emphasizes the importance of consciously connecting and disconnecting with the world around us, practicing vibrational navigation. They suggest starting with the five senses and gradually expanding to consciously navigate emotions, relationships, and external influences. By doing so, one can gain mastery over their reality and create space for higher connections and alternate realities. Elizabeth April also mentions the upcoming four-year cycle shift and encourages viewers to address disharmonies in their lives before 2024.

57 thoughts on “Overcoming Chaos & Mastering Your Reality

  1. SO THANKFUL for EA, Im a bit behind on the vids (ill be caught up soon!!) but truly speaking everything my soul feels…HELPING ME accept I’m OK and right on tract and it is very much in fact this world thats crazy pants <3 (my medium also confirmed ill never feel home here) SO THANKYOU for doing exactly that on this wild Earth ride


  2. Oops, I didn’t mean to post yet. I messed up too. My husband is 6’4” and I’m 5’’1”, my ego disappeared after going thru round after round of junk. I didn’t even know who I was for a while.but this is a huge help. I worry about the world and really about our politics. I need to let go because it never gives me peace or joy. I could neutralize the political scape by thinking of the world I want. Perfect timing for this video!!

  3. Great video! Another excellent way to overcome chaos is to reduce our screen-time on electronics. Our CNS (central nervous system) gets fried with all the incoming data, and then there is a loss of serotonin production in the brain, which Dr. Patricia Conrod has studied extensively across years – Beginning around 2020 with thousands of people. Over time after using electronics, it led to serious symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Average people spend 9 hours/ day on electronics.The suggested time is 1-2 hours/ day or less.

  4. Ostensibly, there were 15 feet tall Dracos harvesting energy in the recent stairways to the stars conference held recently from 10 Nov to 12 Nov 23 from the attendees during the mass meditation. What is your feedback on this?

  5. There are some psychics that claim that the mass mediations at the conference were used for energy siphoning. She even claims that there were reptilians at that convention that no one else could see. I don’t know how true this is and I question this psychic a lot. Could you shed some light?

  6. I’m struggling with anxiety and being triggered by noises (esp birds, sniffling, etc), so this really hit home. Would love to know which episode you talk more about “vibrational navigation”, or maybe you could even do a more detailed video on it? 🙏🏼

  7. WOW Elizabeth congratulations on your Shungite Pyramid award how cool is that!?! Well deserved! It kinda looks like the “black pyramid” underground in Antarctica ~ oooooh I really want to know if you have channeled any information on this said pyramid too please?

    Anyhow, with regards to the rest of your messages in this video, I resonate with all of it! SOOOOOO MUCH!

    I’m super sensitive, empathetic, highly emotional and spiritual being a Pisces also! And I just get soooooo overwhelmed.

    I’ve had a spiritual awakening in 2012 and then again in 2016 and again in 2020, which kinda validated the 4 year cycle ~ collapsing the old, shedding what no longer resonates and stepping into your highest timeline.

    2012 I was seeing orbs, connecting to spirits, started researching everything and anything spiritual ~ my relationship ended too.

    2016 ~ I got breast cancer ~ but I still needed another big impacting ego death to make me who I am today and so I ended up getting it twice!

    2020 ~ manifested the man of my dreams, got our dream home and all was going amazing

    Now ~ Boom 💥 ~ I get covid, hospitalized 3 times, I’ve handed my notice in at work I’m giving up my job to just concentrate on making our home a happy home. Cleaning, cooking, washing, my partners business admin – I also get time to actually heal and do the creative things I love to do.

    I need to slow down. I need to stop. I need to heal.

    I’ve learned to love myself, regardless of having no breasts, scars and health problems.

    I’m finally seeing myself as so much more than this human body.

    But it’s taken me all these years to appreciate that aspect of myself.

    We get so caught up in the mundane human chaos that we forget who we truly are, at the core.

    Thank you so much Elizabeth, you are such an inspiration to me and I am a creator and support you all the way.

    Much love to you ❤

    Love, light & shadows,

    Gemma ~ Wiccan Elements xxx

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