The Great RESET Is Upon Us!!! 😱

  • March 2023

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This video discusses the concept of the Great Reset, a global initiative proposed by the World Economic Forum. Elizabeth April explores financial changes, cosmic disclosure, control dynamics, and the confusion surrounding the Great Reset. They highlight the systemic changes currently happening, such as destabilizing financial markets, creating distractions, taking away rights, and controlling the disclosure narrative. Elizabeth April emphasizes the need for positive change and empowerment, urging viewers to focus on the best possible solutions for the collective.

33 thoughts on “The Great RESET Is Upon Us!!! 😱

  1. reverse the vision of the container; shift the perception and the focus: the 1 % is not powerful, the 1% is fearful of us, the 1% is about to collapse and the viewpoint of their system is about to collapse. The 99 % is going to decide what is next

  2. Dr Steven Greer (who I am sure most people know) also makes some good points on how the disclosure (when it finally does happen) is going to be twisted/controlled by military; firstly they will admit that ET’s are real and they are a threat, even going as far to stage attacks using ARV’s (man made alien replica vehicles) so that fear can be used to once more control everybody (convenient for the military industrial complex, keeps them in business and gets them more funding to deploy weapons in space as a justification).

  3. There’s going to be a planetary adrenachrome harvest coming soon. The children are in big trouble. The adults will be outsourced. The aliens will come, take what they are owed akin to the Mafia collecting the vigorish. Leaving the smart cities alone which already have the children in them which have chosen to live as a transhuman. Locked into a digital world they will never escape

  4. I get that you don’t want to be on YouTube, but please don’t completely stop posting there because that is where I found you and I’m so glad I did otherwise I really doubt I would have found you and your channel. ❤️ Thanks for being you. Many blessings for your expanding family.

  5. Yes yes and yes:))
    I have a question, will your wife be bringing out her course on ‘Cryptocurrency’?
    I’m not sure weather it’s even the right time to get into it now. However if she is still bringing out the course I would love to buy it to have some guidance 😌🙏🏽

  6. ( this comment has been repeatedly removed from YouTube When I mention her name! Very revealing!!!)

    Dad mum or anything higher dimensional with compassion please read this…. please can anyone help, im really suffering in a unbearably boring a-sleep dimension if i can say that, there seems to be beings studying playing with me but enshrouding me, sensing main purpose seems to be to stop any connection with aware real dimension people, likely related to my ultra awareness, (awareness and connection to people , which keeps getting higher the more away from these beings i travel by faster movement in different locations.. , Please can anyone look into whats going on???? Xxxx sorry to add more weird infomation, but there seems to be a being who is called BEAM (soul capture device entity) also may have the name Allison Duettmann who is an AI Speciallist and President and CEO Of Foresight institute dot organisation in Germany ( she may or may not have been tricked/used into performing soul capture procedures into AI realities) , but i dont think she/it has my best interest at heart, please anyone a reply would be really appreciated ???? Please i beg you anyone reading this Please if they can look into this? !!!! ♡♡♡

  7. Make a shorts reel of the 23:00 to 25:00 and put that all over the platforms that do reels. Trim it up nice and tidy of course but yeah, that is the meat and potatoes that society doesn’t understand. Spread the word far and wide.

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